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Found 26 results

  1. Trying to add GPS for A-10C in RHS mod. To do this, I modify the "VehicleSystemsDisplayManagerComponentLeft" class. (Code below). But after that the class parameters (screenshoot #1) are removed (screenshoot #2) class CfgPatches { class RHSplaneFIX { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"rhsusf_main_loadorder"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Plane_CAS_01_base_F; class RHS_A10 : Plane_CAS_01_base_F { class Components { class VehicleSystemsDisplayManagerComponentLeft { class Components { class MinimapDisplay { componentType = "MinimapDisplayComponent"; resource = "RscCustomInfoAirborneMiniMap"; }; }; }; }; }; }; before patch: https://imgur.com/a/ZZY318j after: https://imgur.com/a/VFbh1M8
  2. Hello everyone, I was able to learn a lot in the last few weeks by browsing through many posts here and also asking about it. It's really great how much input you can collect here as a beginner. I would like to retrofit the Cayuse helicopters with a GPS from the SOG CDLC. Addressing the basics for this with a class name, creating and integrating by own mod also works when I just "activate" the first two Helis from my actual config.cpp. But now, as a non-programmer, I'm getting to a point where determining parent and child classes becomes very abstract to me with all the 7 Cayuse want to integrate. Attached is my current code and the error message I get when I start the game. I also understand the reason for the error. But I'm a bit confused as to how to come to a solution now. Am I on the right track if I use the BI Wiki as a guide when it comes to external base classes? And which way is the next one then? Orientation using the example of two or the Implied child classes? Actual Code - Config.cpp Classes and Rootpaths of the Cayuse Helicopters My Error Hint by Starting Arma Ideas for the next step to solve BiWiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Class_Inheritance#Basic_config_concepts Thank you for your ideas and help and a push in the right direction!
  3. What I began on my current AR project is to create a tool class with methods that make me some things easier. In this case I show how to create an easy to use CreateVehicle and a DeleteVehicle method with overloaded argument lists. Which just means that you can have different parameter syntaxes as known from various Arma 3 commands. I created a new script file in the newly created folder MyProject/scripts/GameCode/Tools according to the AR directory structure as I understand it^^. I named the file SaRo_Tools.c - this file will contain the class with my tools methods. What do I have to do when spawning a vehicle without that tools class? Something like this: Now instead of doing this we create our tools class which does most of this automatically: Now you have 2 easy methods to spawn a vehicle: IEntity vehicle1, vehicle2; //1st method using resource name and spawn position vehicle1 = SaRo_Tools.CreateVehicle("{DD774A8FD0989A78}Prefabs/Vehicles/Wheeled/M998/M1025_armed_M2HB_MERDC.et", Vector(1288.93, 0, 766.7)); //2nd method using resource name, an existing entity and a position vector relative to that entity vehicle2 = SaRo_Tools.CreateVehicle("{DD774A8FD0989A78}Prefabs/Vehicles/Wheeled/M998/M1025_armed_M2HB_MERDC.et", someEntity, Vector (0, 0, -15)); //spawns 15m behind someEntity Maybe I did some mistakes in this post because I did write it out of my mind partially. But I ll validate, expand and edit it if Im at home... Deletion methods will be done then as well EDIT: to get this done, I also added 2 entity deletion methods to the tools class. I just post those 2 methods and not the CreateVehicle methods from above again although they are in that class: Now you have 2 easy methods to delete an entity: //1st method delete using the entity ID SaRo_Tools.DeleteVehicle ( SaRo_BMHQ01MenuBaseClass.camoNetID ); //2nd method delete using the entity itself SaRo_Tools.DeleteVehicle ( someEntity ); Now YOU know how to build an own tools library class and you also know how to overload class methods. Its your turn to create more methods that way to get things a bit easier for you...
  4. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    Hi, I would like to know, how to get information about building type - such as military, industrial, civilian etc. I can read the building class (name) - but is there any function that returns what type it is? Or is it coded in building name? _nBuilding = nearestBuilding player; hint str typeOf _nBuilding; thnx
  5. Hi, I will post this because i havent found so much info related to class compartmentsLights. I have been helped by reyhard on the Arma 3 Discord. - Requieres the "points" to be defined in the model.p3d Memory LOD. - Requires compartments defined for all: driverCompartments = Compartment1; cargoCompartments[] = {Compartment1}; // and gunnerCompartments = "Compartment1"; in his respective turret class And this in myVehicle class: class compartmentsLights { class Comp1 // first class is asociated with Compartment1, second with Compartment2,.... { class Light1 { color[] = { 100,100,100 }; ambient[] = { 100,100,100 }; intensity = 0.1; size = 0; useFlare = 0; flareSize = 0; flareMaxDistance = 0; dayLight = 0; blinking = 0; class Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 1; quadratic = 70; hardLimitStart = 0.15; hardLimitEnd = 1.0; }; point = "light_interior1"; }; class Light2 : Light1 { point = "light_interior4"; }; class Light3 : Light1 { color[] = { 300,0,0 }; ambient[] = { 300,0,0 }; point = "light_interior2"; class Attenuation: Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 1; quadratic = 70; hardLimitStart = 0.5; hardLimitEnd = 1.5; }; }; class Light4 : Light3 { point = "light_interior3"; }; }; };
  6. Hey, I am currently working on an Arma object and now want to implement the ladder function on to the model. But it´s not working and I don´t know why. Tryed out several things, but still not working... I also surched for a thread about it but could not fined one. Here´s my object class class Static; class Pro21_Autobahnschild : Static { author = "Prodeath21"; displayName = "$STR_Pro21_autobahnschild"; scope=2; model = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\autobahnschild.p3d"; //icon = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; editorCategory="Pro21_Addon"; editorSubcategory="Pro21_Objects"; //editorPreview="\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\I_Boat_Transport_01_F.jpg"; //picture = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; //vehicleClass = ""; ladders[]= { { "Ladder_1_start", "Ladder_1_end", 2.5, "Ladder_1_action" } }; }; I configured: Ladder_1_start -> Memory LOD -> at the start of the ladder Ladder_1_end -> Memory LOD -> at the end of the ladder Ladder_1_action -> Geometry LOD -> geometry selection of the ladder I looked it up here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#ladders But the player option to climbe is still not showing up ingame.. Am I missing something? Pls Help Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey, I am currently working on an Arma object and now want to implement the ladder function on to the model. But it´s not working and I don´t know why. Tryed out several things, but still not working... I also surched for a thread about it but could not fined one. Here´s my object class class Static; class Pro21_Autobahnschild : Static { author = "Prodeath21"; displayName = "$STR_Pro21_autobahnschild"; scope=2; model = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\autobahnschild.p3d"; //icon = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; editorCategory="Pro21_Addon"; editorSubcategory="Pro21_Objects"; //editorPreview="\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\I_Boat_Transport_01_F.jpg"; //picture = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; //vehicleClass = ""; ladders[]= { { "Ladder_1_start", "Ladder_1_end", 2.5, "Ladder_1_action" } }; }; I configured: Ladder_1_start -> Memory LOD -> at the start of the ladder Ladder_1_end -> Memory LOD -> at the end of the ladder Ladder_1_action -> Geometry LOD -> geometry selection of the ladder I looked it up here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#ladders But the player option to climbe is still not showing up ingame.. Am I missing something? Pls Help Thanks in advance. Transfered to other section --> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/231663-problems-with-ladder-class-config/
  8. Virtual Arsenal is not working. It returns an Error on Initialization and its Inventory is not full. An Error may be seen on the Screenshot. The Inventory lacks at least the 'Mk200' Weapon. The Screenshot of an Error: Text of an Error: Sample Script Code which demonstrates the Effect: Thank you.
  9. Hello there Arma community (and developers)! Is there any way to assign costs directly to groups (of units) such as OIA_InfSquad and so on? Well heh, actually I know that it is possible: you just declare the costs of individual classes in the cost table and then call it with bis_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; That does work so long that when I place a vanilla infantry squad for example the CSAT one, the individual costs I've set will get summed up and then subtracted from the total amount of available Curator (Zeus) points. Why is it then that when I declare individual class costs for a game modification such as Iron Front lite placing individual soldiers works as intended (the set points get subtracted) but when placing a group that consists of those same individual soldiers no curator points get subracted Shouldn't the game handle modifications the same way as it does with vanilla game's groups? That is, when placing a group of units -> sum up all the individual costs and then subtract the total amount. So what gives? Might this be an issue with the base game or the modification I'm using.. or maybe I should declare some additional stuff somewhere that I just currently don't know what to declare and where. I even tried to declare cost (0.9) for LIB_GER_infantry_squad in the very same list where I have set costs for the individual soldiers but that didn't help much. By using the module Set Costs - Soldiers & Vehicles it is possible to circumvent the behavior I'm struggling with here. In that module there's an empty field Men where you can set a cost for every class type "Man". By setting a cost (eg. 0.5) in that field every class type "Man" gets the same cost and then the cost for placing a group from game modifications (such as Iron Front in this case) will be subtracted from the available Curator points. But if I set the cost like that I lose all the control over setting individual costs for every single soldier and then every grunt, marksman, officer and so on will cost the same amount to place and that's a thing I'd like to avert as much as possible.
  10. Hello everyone, I have compiled a little list of base classes for CfgVehicles. so that these can be used in combination with isKindOf CfgVehicles Base I had created a pastebin to preserve a little more forum space.
  11. So I'm trying to test out the kbtell command to use dialogue in missions, but I've hit a wall. Everything appears to be working, I'm not getting any errors, but the first subtitles play, the sound doesn't, and nothing else happens. bikb file script file Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, I am a bit puzzled with regards to how cfgFunctions are added (when not defining the path-to-.sqf file for each function). I am trying to merge my functions defined in a test missions description.ext into my mods config.cpp. The below worked in description.ext. "VA3" is the root folder of my mod, containing the "VA" folder. config.cpp is in the "VA" folder I am trying to follow this guide: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Functions_Library#Adding_a_Function more precisely, I am trying to get this to work: https://imgur.com/a/k0Z5IWa Any idea what I am doing wrong? I appreciate any help, thanks! Cheers VD
  13. I need a easier way to spawn random units instead of individually pulling all classes from the in game editor and pasting it while adding quotations and commas like this: ["B_mas_med_Army_ENG_F", "B_mas_med_Army_EXP_F", "B_mas_med_Army_GL_F",]. I want to use a script that when called it will pull a random unit from a given side of a given type (infantry, land, air) and spawn them in a group. The group will be filled with random units. I also want it to pull units from mods that I download. I dont want to have to keep updating the script every time I download another unit mod. The mod MMC sandbox has no problem in doing this but I dont know how they did it.
  14. Hi! All is in the title. For the moment i have this : _configs = "getNumber (_x >> 'scope') >= 2 AND configName _x isKindof 'Car' AND gettext (_x >> 'faction') == 'UNSUNG_E'" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); But it miss the condition to check if the car is armed..
  15. Hey guys, as i bought the Creator DLC, i first edited the new Wefelingen map in the EDEN Editor for a little nice base for my ZEUS missions. When i had it finished, i uploaded it to my Nitrado Server via FileZilla. As i joined in the lobby, the lobby started "flashing" with errors in the bottom left corner. I already put the "-mod:gm" in the modification field. And i tried it again with no assets or other buildings. I simply have the spawn and the roles on the map. I tried it with the winter map and the normal map. As i cant edit the files i dont know how to fix it. The only mods i have loaded are: - Achilles - CBA_A3 I hope you can help me 🙂
  16. Hello folks, As some of you may already know, I'm working on the AH-64D Project, which was originally made by Franze & Nodunit. As the project went open source, I decided to reorganize the code before exploring new possibilities however I got an issue which I don't understand hence I post here a part of the 'new' code. The concerned code part (CfgVehicles) is accessible here on Pastebin. Any ideas ?
  17. Hello, so what I want to do is make a script that rearms infantry. I have a endless defense mission and respawn loadouts, however I want an addiction on a box to call a script that resupply them with ammo and items. Now what I have now is multiple addActions for each loadout but I don't like that I want a single addActions. so I made a script that checks there weapon and gives them the ammo based on there weapon. Problem is I can't really give say the explosive specialist claymores unless the explosive specialist has a different gun then the rest of them. So I was wondering if there is a way to check the player loadout class from the respawnInventory template? ( so if player loadout class == "AT" then {code}) I took a look at the scripting commands but the best I could find is isClass but I couldn't get it to work.
  18. I currently have a script in a sqf file that allows me to whitelist certain weapons to certain classes. It looks like this: (Only the parts that matter) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #define AT_MSG "Only AT Soldiers may use this weapon system. Launcher removed." _missileSoldiers = ["B_soldier_LAT_F","B_soldier_AA_F","B_soldier_AT_F","B_officer_F","B_recon_LAT_F"]; _missileSpecialised = ["launch_NLAW_F","launch_B_Titan_F","launch_O_Titan_F","launch_I_Titan_F","launch_B_Titan_short_F","launch_O_Titan_short_F","launch_I_Titan_short_F"]; if (({player hasWeapon _x} count _missileSpecialised) > 0) then { if (({player isKindOf _x} count _missileSoldiers) < 1) then { player removeWeapon (secondaryWeapon player); titleText [AT_MSG,"PLAIN",3]; }; }; ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (this is not my code, but I do understand everything except why the >0 and <1 is there.) _missileSpecialised would be the rocket launcher itself _missileSoldiers would be the class I would want to have it (and it would be restricted to only that class) I am trying to make it so no matter what I put in _missileSpecialised (mainly weapon, uniform, vest, backpack and helmet) it will take it away from the player if they are not in the _missileSoldiers parameter. The script currently only takes away weapons, and how seeing how there is no counterpart to the hasWeapon command (ex. there is no hasUniform or hasVest) I would be very grateful for some extra help. AT_MSG is just the message displayed when the weapon is taken away from you I tried to fiddle with the code myself, but I have just started learning and this is way outside my skillset, seeing how it probably needs an entire rewrite, as it is only taking away the secondary weapon as of now, and only detecting if you have a WEAPON in the _missileSpecialised section, and not any other items. Also, I am trying to run this on a dedicated server, which to my understanding may require slightly altering parts of code (something with underscores I believe). Thank you to any kind soul in advance.
  19. I was wondering if there was a certain way to restrict certain classes to certain users on my server? The server runs on a modified Invade and Annex base, so classes are currently setup like this: class Item0 { position[]={15280.771,17.870386,17400.666}; azimut=-201.653; special="NONE"; id=0; side="WEST"; vehicle="SWOP_Clonetrooper"; player="PLAY CDG"; leader=1; rank="LIEUTENANT"; skill=0.60000002; text="s40"; init="(group this) setGroupId [""ALPHA""];"; description="Alpha Squad Leader"; syncId=0; synchronizations[]={70}; }; Vehicle is the name of an NPC, and spawns you with all the equipment the NPC wears. I think restricting the "vehicle" string to a certain User ID would be the best course of action. Something like: If player = SWOP_Clonetrooper and Player UID is not in list then display: You are not whitelisted for this slot and then something with BIS_fnc_endMission Obviously this is not how code works, and would appreciate any help!
  20. please forgve my ignorance, i already searched the forum about this, but no luck. where i can find a list of the "type" or "class" (dunno whats the correct word) for the item kind ? i mean like : car, tank, plane .... what are the others ?? thanks guys!
  21. Hey everyone, Is there a script that will restrict any other unit than crewman from getting in tanks; same with pilots and helicopters. Thanks, KdubyaDOG556
  22. Hi, i want to find out vehicle weapon/magazine classnames in order to be able to change the armament of them. As far as i remember there was some kind of command for that, but i am not sure... And no, i cant use the wiki because i am talking about modded content.
  23. Moerderhoschi


    mdhClassReplace.jar is a simple javaprogram to replace classes in all ext, sqs, sqf, sqm files in the folder and subfolders of the toollocation. Set classnames in the mdhClassReplace.cfg file. i wrote it to replace all the A2 classnames of my arma 2 missions with the CUP ones. So the tool scans all ext, sqs, sqm, sqf files and replace the classnames with the ones set in the mdhClassReplace.cfg. mdhClassReplace.jar Source: how does it work: 1. create and write log messages into the mdhClassReplaceLog.txt 2. read the mdhClassReplace.cfg to get the old and new classnames for the replacement 3. check every ext, sqs, sqm, sqf file in the folder and subfolders of the toollocation for the old classnames and replace them with the new one how to use it, example to port A2 mission to A3 with CUP: 1. download the mdhClassReplace.7z 2. extract it to an empty folder 3. put your arma 2 missions into the same folder 4. doubleklick the mdhClassReplace.jar file 5. check the mdhClassReplaceLog.txt file to see what the tool has done 6. copy your arma 2 mission into your arma 3 missions folder and open it in the 3D editor (hopefully it works :D) attention, use this tool/mdhClassReplace.jar on your own risk Download: http://moerderhoschi.bplaced.net/public/tools/arma3/mdhClassReplace.7z my A2 -> CUP ClassnameMSExcelWar :D -> http://moerderhoschi.bplaced.net/public/tools/arma3/ArmAClassnames.png updates: v1.1 - fixed issue with case sensitivity at classname replace -> now the class replacement is case insensitiv - added more classes to replace to the mdhClassReplace.cfg v1.2 - added more replacements to the mdhClassReplace.cfg - update of Javaprogram .sqs and .ext files now also checked along with .sqm and .sqf kind regards moerderhoschi
  24. Hi, There are some powerful commands like nearestObjects which are ruined by the poor classification of the cfgVehicles. I'm aware of the different "strata" of added objects since Arma 1. But, there is probably something to do, here. Why? Because, say you want to find the nearest house from player. You'll say: use nearestBuilding player... but 2 problems here: 1 - all houses in non BI maps like Unsung mod are not found. (But it's not BI so we don't care!) 2- all added houses (BI) with editor are not found. More problematic coming from BI. Then, let's go with nearestObjects [player,["house"],300]; or even (position player) nearestObject "house"; wow, here you have plenty of weird things like land Marks or runway edge lights! With such command, you need to filter the "houses" to get something consistent, because in the real world a runway edge light is more a "lamp" than a "house". This command, as many others, has interest if its result is updated,I mean "on each framed" or in a loop. If you need to filter it with something like: ((nearestObjects [player,["house"],300]) select {count([_x] call BIS_fnc_buildingPositions) > 0}) select 0; you are starting to kill FPS. Even if there is something smarter than that. So, a house is a house is a house. This ticket comes after another one where I underlined a logic is a kind of "man" instead of a "game logic" or "logic" as it should be. One more thing to filter... And an old post where I asked why, in the same Helicopters DLC, there is a difference in classification between containers for Huron and containers for Taru.. Since then, I lost the trace of Taru's ones.
  25. Hello, I've designed model of his idea of waiting for a chair but after I finished the design and programming when I run the game with a Mod show me this message : Config : https://www.dropbox.com/s/9j0nrogus30a12x/config.cpp?dl=0 What is the solution ???? Regards, Abdul Rahman.