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    Weirdo streamer, being in love with planes, beers, rock'n'roll and metal. Addicted to civilian and military aviation since ages.
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  1. Hey buddy ! Please check your inbox, and hop on Discord, I'd love to have a chat with you there. 😉
  2. Hey there, please check your inbox messages. 😀

  3. Hello everyone, I think most of you guys following me on Discord are aware of this, but we're still working on the project. Couple days ago I posted the first startup video which shows some of the new features, feel free to check it out. That said I'd love to hear from both Franze & Nodunit about it. Regarding changelogs, you'll find those either on Discord or Github for most recent changes and finally on the Steam Workshop when the update is pushed for public release on it. One of the most highly awaited feature which got recently done for instance, was the rework of the FCR. We did it. Now the Apache takes advantages of the vanilla A3 sensors config which greatly helps in terms of performances. That's just one thing amongst others so feel free to take a look. Also, if you have questions, head on our Discord as I can't track all questions everywhere and most of them already got answered. AH-64D Apache Official Project - Discord AH-64D Apache Official Project - GitHub AH-64D Apache Official Project - Steam AH-64D Apache Official Project - YouTube
  4. We are aware of this and working on it.
  5. Sacha 'Voodoo' Oropeza

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    All mods up-to-date via Steam WS. That's what I thought, too bad there are still issues with the civvies on Insurgency on Lythium. I had to pick another option by customizing a KP Liberation to my own vision. Civvies are now in town, doing their stuff as well as OPFOR.
  6. Sacha 'Voodoo' Oropeza

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    Hello there, I suffer the same issue. Both AI OPFOR & Civvies won't move, they'll just remain stationnary in houses. Also, there's still quite a few ammount of Civvies down there.
  7. The bird still uses the old radar feature at this present time. At some point, we'll move to the next A3 generation radar. Everything is really complex codewise, so it's not to be expected soon as I'm making progress upon my free time as other any member of the dev'team. For today's intel, I've worked on a lot of stuff for the last few days. One of all those changes is the rework of the TADS, based on the real aircraft.
  8. You would basically put TSD NAV mode on, and hit MAP. Not at this time.
  9. Hello guys, Quick heads up, as you guys may have notice, the AH-64D Apache Longbow Official Project is available for download on Steam Workshop for since May 2017. For those who wonders, changelogs are published on the mod's page. That said, most of the actions take place on the project's Discord and it's the best way to reach me out (links below). Intel wise, the developpers team starts to grow up, and it seems more and more people are hearing about the project and some of you have already contributed to it, either by providing code parts, flight data or very unique informations from the real world. Also, I'd like to point out that my YouTube channel has been deleted by YouTube for some unknown reason, which means all my past content are gone, including tutorial and other developpment preview. Everything needs to be redone, therefor I'll provide new content as soon as I can. Finally, here's a short preview on what I'm currently working on, on top of what I've already changed since the last update few days ago : What are to be expected in the future : HDU rework, including monocle display based on real world AH-64D pilots testimony involved in this project Proper 3D model of the IHADSS, pilot vest and perhaps other gear that will come with the bird, without additional download More flight data for the Advanced Flight Model (AFM), based on NASA declassfied materials Keep in mind that all this project is really time consuming and I can't manage it all by myself, hence I'm always looking for more devs to hop in. As this project is open source, everyone who contributes to its developpment will get credits through the official page which lays on Steam. AH-64D Apache Longbow Official Project - Discord AH-64D Apache Longbow Official Project - GitHub AH-64D Apache Longbow Official Project - Steam AH-64D Apache Longbow Official Project - YouTube
  10. Hello there, 1) MPDs were originally restricted because of Arma 2 limitations back in the days. I may add more flexibility to those, but this is not planed yet. However, you could use C.SCOPE which will display threats directly in front of your eyes through the IHADSS. 2) This is something I really wish and I'll look into, what thing to consider is that in the real thing, you can add FLIR/DTV as background on any MPD page. However PIP in A3 has some limitations and I wonder how the performance would go along with the bird. 3) AFAIK Shilka are already displayed correctly, however I gotta check the entries in the code, as most of those are coming from Arma 2 once again. 4) Laser designator is already controllable.
  11. SFM didn't get tuned and therefor causes many bugs with the bird. According to a real AH-64D pilot, the AFM as I designed it, does reflect pretty much the real thing on basic manoeuvers.
  12. Hello everyone, Here are some more changes which occured in the past weeks on my end. A lot of changes have been made regarding the original code which involve deletion of hundred of unused lines. Some bugs and new features have been fixed, but in its current state, the bird must be fly with two players only as there is some issue regarding PNVS optics and P* HMD ACQ which makes the P* unable to capture onboard laser spot. The gun pipper calculation was known to create a lot of issues regarding targeting, hence it was removed and trade for the brand new vanilla targeting systems. From now on, and until another way is found, the M230 should only be used with TADS and laser acquisition which makes the gun usable at far distance by the CPG with pinpoint accuracy. Also a major fix was the TADS and guns AZ limits which could prevent suitable orbits around the target area, now both guns and TADS share the same AZ limits making the work easier. Moreover the flight model is still WIP (I'm looking for RTD devs). Finally, external and internal startup sounds are now working and a lot more... Latest changelog : Dynamic rotor sound. Added damage sounds. New startup/shutdown procedure based on the real aircraft (WIP). Flares effects display fixed. Fixed internal & external startup sounds. Increased engine spooling time. Removed M230 full auto for burst with proper sound effect. Crash wreck fixed. Tweaked armor values. New M230 gun calculation based on laser range, own speed, movement and ballistics. Reduced 30mm ammo velocity. Increased 30mm rounds spread. Fixed TADS & M230 AZ limits. Fixed PNVS AZ & EL limits. Changed default loadout. Changed CPG animation. Changed AGM-114, M230 & Hydras sound effects. Discord AH-64D Project (v1.43+) GitHub AH-64D Project (v1.43+)
  13. Sacha 'Voodoo' Oropeza

    Undefined Base Class in config.cpp

    Issue is solved. Thanks for your help .kju & swtx !