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  1. Piloto_Spyke

    SetPos working strange

    SOLVED: With the help of Leopard20 on the Arma 3 Official Discord. _target setPosWorld AGLToASL (screenToWorld [0.5+_sensitivity_aux,0.5]);
  2. Piloto_Spyke

    SetPos working strange

    @beno_83au I have been looking and I have found this: It hasn't been released yet, although the code is public: https://github.com/itc-addons/ITC_Land_Systems/tree/feature-spike/Addons/itc_land_spike I would like my code to work, it's a loot simpler than his code and the only thing "not working" is the setPos 😞.
  3. Piloto_Spyke

    SetPos working strange

    @gc8 thx for your reply. I have tested it with setposATL and setposASL but the isse persists.
  4. Hi, I am trying to add a new functionality for a Spike launcher that we have in our mod. This functionality consists in that once the missile is launched you can control the point of impact manually (as seen in the video). For this I have created an invisible vehicle: and this is the code that controls the missile (you can test it easily, in any mission with a Titan AT turret): Problem: I don't know why the setPos doesn't behave as we expect in the hills. Even if we give it the order to go down, it always goes up in the same direction. Video to reproduce: How it works From 0:00 to 1:00 Arma 3 1:00 to end Thx, Spyke.
  5. Hi, I will post this because i havent found so much info related to class compartmentsLights. I have been helped by reyhard on the Arma 3 Discord. - Requieres the "points" to be defined in the model.p3d Memory LOD. - Requires compartments defined for all: driverCompartments = Compartment1; cargoCompartments[] = {Compartment1}; // and gunnerCompartments = "Compartment1"; in his respective turret class And this in myVehicle class: class compartmentsLights { class Comp1 // first class is asociated with Compartment1, second with Compartment2,.... { class Light1 { color[] = { 100,100,100 }; ambient[] = { 100,100,100 }; intensity = 0.1; size = 0; useFlare = 0; flareSize = 0; flareMaxDistance = 0; dayLight = 0; blinking = 0; class Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 1; quadratic = 70; hardLimitStart = 0.15; hardLimitEnd = 1.0; }; point = "light_interior1"; }; class Light2 : Light1 { point = "light_interior4"; }; class Light3 : Light1 { color[] = { 300,0,0 }; ambient[] = { 300,0,0 }; point = "light_interior2"; class Attenuation: Attenuation { start = 0; constant = 0; linear = 1; quadratic = 70; hardLimitStart = 0.5; hardLimitEnd = 1.5; }; }; class Light4 : Light3 { point = "light_interior3"; }; }; };
  6. Piloto_Spyke

    Fire From Vehicle (FFV) [config base]

    Well finally with some help from the arma 3 discord (reyhard thx) this is what I have: This is the code for a FFV from a BMR600 (4 cargoTurrets with 2 hatches). This requieres to create an animationSource An EventHandler to detect when the player is turnedOut and move the hatch and rotate the player to the correct direction And this is the code (fn_BMR_TurnOutFFV.sqf): And this the model.cfg Hope this helps.
  7. Piloto_Spyke

    Fire From Vehicle (FFV) [config base]

    Video of how it works with the abobe code. Reference 3:
  8. Hello I'm using the "CAR_F" from Arma 3 Samples to try to configure the FFV (Fire From Vehicle). More or less it works but it does not finish going as I want. I want you to not be able to shoot inside and have the same animation as the others who are sitting (Proxy.Cargo01.XX). Once you go out with the "turn in" I want it to stand up and be able to shoot as if you were out of the vehicle. Some references: MyTestAddonPbo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qv4Nbt2gfjcp5g31MHKcmNPY1pNiWM0m?usp=sharing Reference 1: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Cars_Config_Guidelines#Firing_from_vehicles Reference 2: Thx for your help, Spyke
  9. Hello, does anyone know how to create the Zeus modules for the Zeus of Arma 3 Vanilla. I knwo how to create the modules for EDEN, but I don't see nothing for Zeus Modules https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules Thx.
  10. Hello, I open this thread so that people who search for it on the Internet can find it easier than I do. I have solved this with the help of the people who were in the Slack of the ACE (special mention to Schwaggot). 1. It have to be executed from an Addon (or at least it is the only way it worked for me) 2. Code executed from my addon config.cpp class ace_medical_treatment_actions { class Diagnose; class ExecuteMyCode: Diagnose { displayName = "EXECUTE MY CODE"; displayNameProgress = "EXECUTE MY CODE"; items[] = {}; category = "examine"; allowedSelections[] = {"All"}; allowSelfTreatment = 1; treatmentTime = 3; callbackSuccess = "true"; callbackFailure = ""; callbackProgress = ""; condition = "true"; itemConsumed = 0; litter[] = {}; }; }; Spyke.
  11. Hi, maybe this could be useful. init.sqf [] execVM "initSaveLoadouts.sqf"; initSaveLoadouts.sqf diag_log "initSaveLoadouts.sqf"; SPK_fnc_applyClient = { params ["_loadout", "_positionASL", "_dir"]; player setUnitLoadout _loadout; player setDir _dir; player setPosASL _positionASL; diag_log "(ClientData Load in client)"; }; SPK_fnc_resetClientData = { params["_uid"]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Name_%1",_uid], nil]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Loadout_%1",_uid], nil]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Position_%1",_uid], nil]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Direction_%1",_uid], nil]; }; SPK_fnc_saveClientData = { params["_unit","_uid","_name"]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Name_%1",_uid], _name]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Loadout_%1",_uid], getUnitLoadout _unit]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Position_%1",_uid], getPos _unit]; profileNamespace setVariable [format["Direction_%1",_uid], getDir _unit]; saveprofileNamespace; diag_log format ["(ClientData Save) - ID: %1 | Name: %2 | Saved",_uid, _name]; }; SPK_fnc_loadClientData = { params["_uid","_name"]; _nameId = profileNamespace getVariable [format["Name_%1",_uid], ""]; _loadout = profileNamespace getVariable [format["Loadout_%1",_uid], []]; _position = profileNamespace getVariable [format["Position_%1",_uid], [0,0,0]]; _direction = profileNamespace getVariable [format["Direction_%1",_uid], 0]; diag_log format ["(ClientData Load) - ID: %1 | Name: %2 | Loaded",_uid, _name]; [_nameId,_loadout,_position,_direction] }; // Si esto se ejecuta en un servidor ... if(isServer) then { addMissionEventHandler [ "HandleDisconnect", { params ["_unit", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; // Si la unidad existe ... if(!isNull _unit) then { // Guardamos la información del cliente [_unit,_uid,_name] spawn SPK_fnc_saveClientData; }; false } ]; addMissionEventHandler [ "PlayerConnected", { params ["_id", "_uid", "_name", "_jip", "_owner"]; // Si es un jugador en Join In Progres (JIP) ... if(_jip) then { // Cargamos la información que hemos guardado del cliente _loaded = [_uid,_name] spawn SPK_fnc_loadClientData; _loaded params ["_nameId","_loadout","_position","_direction"]; // Si no tenemos nada guardado de este cliente, no hacemos nada (EXIT). if(_nameId == "")exitWith{diag_log format ["Player %1 - Without saved data",_name]}; // Aplicamos el loadout, posición y dirección al jugador [_loadout,_position,_direction] remoteExec ["SPK_fnc_applyClient", _owner]; }; } ]; }; CONCLUSION after trying it: If you want to save variables: - It cannot be saved on the server unless a database is used. - They must be saved in the player's own profile with the profileNamespace or saveProfileNamespace commands. Therefore the scrip that I have put above does not serve to save remanent data. Spyke
  12. hi, I think there is no way to get variables or loadouts remaining after the mission has been terminated / canceled / aborted. The code you show works as long as the mission doesn't finish. Edit: I found this, maybe it works for you: profileNamespace --> To save it to the server saveProfileNamespace --> To make the data remain? I have never used them so I cannot help you much in how they work. Spyke.
  13. Piloto_Spyke

    Side Units/Vehicles Tree View

    Thank you very much Larrow you are my hero.
  14. Hello, I am trying to make a TreeView dialog that allows me to select units (in fact what I would like is exactly the same treeView of the Eden Editor) and I have been making filters and using the configClasses but I just did not like the result. Anyone know how I could get something like that? I'm using this to filter, but it doesn't seem to be a good approach I think, because some strange units still appear fn_load.sqf _cntrlTree = (findDisplay 1500) displayCtrl 0; _ManList = ("configName _x isKindOf 'Man' AND configName _x isKindOf 'SoldierWB' AND (getText (_x >> 'faction')=='BLU_F') AND (getText(_x >> 'editorSubcategory')=='EdSubcat_Personnel')" configClasses (configFile / "CfgVehicles")); { _text = getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> configName _x >> "displayName"); _text0 = getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> configName _x >> "editorSubcategory"); _cntrlTree tvAdd [[],_text]; _cntrlTree tvSetTooltip [[_forEachIndex], configName _x]; } forEach _ManList; _cntrlTree tvSort [[], false]; The following is in case someone serves as I am doing the treeVIew, although to solve the problem it may not be necessary. Thanks for the help.
  15. Hi, I just want to open this post for people who want to test with the New Rewrite of ACE Medical. It is a very simple script that can help you understand the states in which the new medical system alternates. I hope you find it useful. init.sqf addMissionEventHandler ["Draw3D", { { _unit = _x; if (!(isNil "_unit") AND ((side _unit) == west OR (side _unit) == civilian))then{ _pos = ASLToAGL getPosASL _unit; _headPos = [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2) + 1.2]; _heartRate = _unit getVariable ["ace_medical_heartrate", 00]; _bloodPressure = _unit getVariable ["ace_medical_bloodpressure", [00,00]]; _bloodVolume = _unit getVariable ["ace_medical_bloodvolume", 00]; _Text = format ["HR: %1 | BP: %2 | BV: %3",_heartRate toFixed 1,_bloodPressure,_bloodVolume toFixed 1]; drawIcon3D ["", [1, 1, 1,1], _headPos, 0, 0, 0, _Text, 2, 0.03, "PuristaBold"]; _headPos = [_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2) + 0.5]; _state = _unit getVariable ["cba_statemachine_state0",""]; _text = ""; if(_state == "cardiacarrest")then{ _text = format["cardiacarrest (%1 s)", (_unit getVariable ["ace_medical_statemachine_cardiacarresttimeleft",0]) toFixed 1]; }else{ _text = _state; }; drawIcon3D ["", [0.1, 0.45, 1,1], _headPos, 0, 0, 0, _text , 2, 0.03, "PuristaBold"]; }; } forEach allUnits; }]; Spyke