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Found 14 results

  1. What I began on my current AR project is to create a tool class with methods that make me some things easier. In this case I show how to create an easy to use CreateVehicle and a DeleteVehicle method with overloaded argument lists. Which just means that you can have different parameter syntaxes as known from various Arma 3 commands. I created a new script file in the newly created folder MyProject/scripts/GameCode/Tools according to the AR directory structure as I understand it^^. I named the file SaRo_Tools.c - this file will contain the class with my tools methods. What do I have to do when spawning a vehicle without that tools class? Something like this: Now instead of doing this we create our tools class which does most of this automatically: Now you have 2 easy methods to spawn a vehicle: IEntity vehicle1, vehicle2; //1st method using resource name and spawn position vehicle1 = SaRo_Tools.CreateVehicle("{DD774A8FD0989A78}Prefabs/Vehicles/Wheeled/M998/M1025_armed_M2HB_MERDC.et", Vector(1288.93, 0, 766.7)); //2nd method using resource name, an existing entity and a position vector relative to that entity vehicle2 = SaRo_Tools.CreateVehicle("{DD774A8FD0989A78}Prefabs/Vehicles/Wheeled/M998/M1025_armed_M2HB_MERDC.et", someEntity, Vector (0, 0, -15)); //spawns 15m behind someEntity Maybe I did some mistakes in this post because I did write it out of my mind partially. But I ll validate, expand and edit it if Im at home... Deletion methods will be done then as well EDIT: to get this done, I also added 2 entity deletion methods to the tools class. I just post those 2 methods and not the CreateVehicle methods from above again although they are in that class: Now you have 2 easy methods to delete an entity: //1st method delete using the entity ID SaRo_Tools.DeleteVehicle ( SaRo_BMHQ01MenuBaseClass.camoNetID ); //2nd method delete using the entity itself SaRo_Tools.DeleteVehicle ( someEntity ); Now YOU know how to build an own tools library class and you also know how to overload class methods. Its your turn to create more methods that way to get things a bit easier for you...
  2. Compositions are essential for most missions and they are an awesome feature - but how do I spawn them? Via createVehicle? I guess I have to declare them in the description.ext. Can someone tell me?
  3. Description: This is a GUI that allows the person who executed the script to add/assign or remove/unassign Zeus to any specified player(s). Downloads & More Information: GitHub: Pastebin: Video: Steam Guide: Curator Creator Version 1.0: * New version is coming out soon. The script was broken so I am going to re-make it myself. *
  4. Hello, my fellow friends from the community! 🙂 -> We all know about some scripts for special effects like those of @aliascartoons. -> Such special effects can be spawned, for example, within marker areas, or attached to objects, placed on the map. -> I would like to create such areas or use such objects, generated randomly on the map and depending on different conditions that are checked by the script over different periods of time. -> In this case, as I suggest or suppose, that a condition can be: 1) if the player is moving; 2) if the player is alive; 3) if the player is X meters away from these objects; 4) if the player is within a marker area etc. They can differ and vary from the possible commands used in the scripting. -> My idea is these effects to be randomly spawned at different locations and time around the player so he wouldn't know where they can appear if he goes through an area multiple times or replays the mission. -> I can later provide example codes of such special effects, but I guess it's more important to define the way they would appear on the map. -> I personally prefer to add some objects on the map, but if they are too many, this could lead to a weaker performance of the PC and dropping FPS. So, is it possible to create these objects randomly and they are named after creation, using specific names, which are also used for the special effects as a condition to be triggered at the same time? We all know about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-like effects from this mod or the effects provided by @aliascartoons. I have tagged him assuming he may also help to find a way and achieve this. Thank you in advance and cheers! 🙂
  5. Hello, guys. I want to create a coop mission. For now, all tasks are going to be for destruction. A friend gave me such a script: BIS_fnc_setTask and BIS_fnc_taskSetState: ["soTaskDemo",true,["Destroy the SAM","Demolition","destroy"],[],"Assigned",0,true,true,"destroy",false] call BIS_fnc_setTask; while{(alive soDemoTarget)}do{sleep 3}; ["soTaskDemo","SUCCEEDED",true] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; This script creates an MP task named "soTaskDemo". It is completed when an object called soDemoTarget is not alive. ["soTaskDemo","SUCCEEDED",true] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState; This script sets the state to complete. But I don't understand where to put each part of the script, I tried with a trigger and I got an error and just 1 notification for Task completed, although I also created an object named like in the script. Please, tell me where to put what. And what else should I do/create, step by step, to succeed. I know that in MP or Coop I don't need to create the Create Task module and it should work only with scripts. Do I put this script in any .sqf file or what? No idea, so I'd appreciate any help. Thank you. Cheers!
  6. Hello, I went through about 8 pages of search results (using search words marker and trigger) and couldn't find a matching discussion to my problem.. and then when I was switching to page number 9 the forums decided I should wait for X seconds to do another search. Sooo I decided just to create a discussion about my problem rather than wait for the forum to let me continue searching. Let's see if I could put this as simple as possible: - I have multiple triggers - I want to use only one script (.sqf) to create a marker at the exact position of any trigger that gets activated by whatever activation rules I see fit to use - so then I could just spam []exec "xxxx.sqf"; in the OnActivation field of every trigger So far I have a file caparea.sqf _trigger = _this select 0; _marker = createMarker ["capturearea", position _trigger]; "capturearea" setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; "capturearea" setMarkerSize [300,300]; "capturearea" setMarkerBrush "SolidBorder"; "capturearea" setMarkerAlpha 1; "capturearea" setMarkerColor "ColorOPFOR"; and then I call it with []exec "caparea.sqf" from the OnActivation field. When testing this combo the game is showing me Error undefined variable in expression: _trigger I doubt that is even close to being correct but I've been trying things together found here and there from the depths of the internet. Any suggestions on how to actually achieve what I'm aiming for here?
  7. Hayden Almeida

    Argo Map Editor

    Hello everyone. There is some place that teaches how to edit new map with Eden editor for ARGO? I am with idea to create new RAID map, but i am lost somehow. I puted some triggers and Modules in the map, but i think that isnt work properly. Someone to help create a basic raid map? Thanks and sorry for my bad english.
  8. hello there I have been playing arma for quite a long time in multiplayer, but now I would like to be able to create my own missions and put in my own stuff. For example I would like to know how to create a map warfare with predefined starting location for the bases. I would also like to put myself the money of the beginning And some cities already under control of a camp And I would see myself for the rest, if anyone knows how to do or, has a link to a good tutorial that explains how to do it,it will be really cool Cya
  9. Okay. Hey peoples, one of my first threads here pleading for Help!!! I have been working on a CQB, VR Map for quite a long time now using VR blocks only. Now, I have different rooms from the start to finish that increase in difficulty and each stage is marked by colored arrows that point the direction of the finish area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what I have done is I have used large amounts of 1x1x1 VR Blocks, to build walls, towers, roofs, balconies, cover etc. My idea was to have previously cleared stages blocked off by different shaped walls of VR blocks, once the player hit the next stage's trigger that is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My go-to solution for this was to make a wall of blocks that separates stages 1 and 2 or Blue and Light Blue, Then set all the VR blocks conditions to false so that they would not be there on mission start and then create a trigger out of sight around a corner or something so as the player enters the trigger some magic VR wall appears in the previous stage so that the player can't go back to mission start and basically Re-Kit themselves with anything they want, before going back to finish off stages. I Just don't no how to tell the trigger to make the conditions of the sync'd VR blocks back to true once the trigger owner steps into the trigger. I really appreciate any help i get, Steam Name: Warlord I've been searching forums to no avail. I have thousands of hours of editor experience and not much to show for it so any other tips or anything will be incredibly helpful thank you so much everyone!! I have images of the Map but i can't post them here :(
  10. Hello guys. I´m sufering because i´m the only one of my friends that can´t create servers to play with them. It keeps appearing this error: And they see this: http://imgur.com/a/fxP0Y I already unistall and re install the game, verified cahce ... Can anybody help me please?
  11. Hi. In my mission a trigger completes a task and activates a new one. The problem: In singleplayer and local MP it works... on a dedicated server it does not. But the trigger works. It activates a couple of waypoints and completes a mission...but it does not activate the new task. on activation: {_x in crew heli1} count [unit1,unit2,unit3,unit4,unit5,unit6] > 0 on act: heli2 lock false; heli3 lock false; hint "does not matter" The trigger activates when one of 6 playable units enters the heli1 helicopter. What am i doing wrong? Why does it not create the new task but do everything else on a dedicated server.
  12. Hello, Please, in Eden, add a check box on each objects compatible with createSimpleObject command. That way, editors could place decorative objects with the benefit of Eden 3D. Thanks
  13. just like the title says i need to link a created group to a high command subordinate module so i can gain control of them after creation. how i have this setup the player group clears a town, trigger goes off that creates a new group of soldiers using the BIC call function. but thats all i got, it needs to be that after they are created the group is then linked to the HCS subordinate module that way i gain control of that group. ive tried using the synchronizeObjectsAdd function, however to my dismay the group doesnt have a name... and if they do i cannot find it to place that in the correct order to allow this to happen. also i cannot give the unit a name do to the way they are created apparently. Here's what i have in the trigger activation :[position player, WEST, configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "OPTRE_UNSC" >> "Infantry_Marine" >> "OPTRE_Groups_UNSC_Squad_Marine"] call BIS_fnc_spawngroup; Alpha_2_2 synchronizeObjectsAdd [HCS]; right now i figure as im looking at the high command menu that this group is alpha 2_2, (there are numerous reasons for thinking this) but it all boils down to that i cannot link the group leader to the actual HCS module because i cannot go in and edit his "name" to do so. and i have no idea how to issue him one.
  14. Hi all, Im trying to create a custom module for an addon I am creating. Only problem is I cant seem to remove an argument that is being displayed in the 2d editor from the module. The drop down list: Apply To: (units synchronized, groups of objects synchronised, etc...) Ive searched quite a bit and cant find where that is being created from in the config below, http://pastebin.com/H5sPvWBX Anyone know where I can find and disable this argument? Thanks in advance. EDIT: That is not the entire config, thats just the only part where modules are used or mentioned.