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  1. showGPS false; is not the solution. Hello, Since the release of ARMA 3 we wanted the option to disable this vehicle GPS marker from the map. In the last years did any improvements happen on this front? If not, who is the person to talk to in this matter? Thanks for any help.
  2. Oddly this command accepts a vehicle and not unit. But how the hell do I define who the message sends? Don't make yourself the effort to deliver workarounds - If vehiclechat is that messed up I'm gonna create a custom channel or use a different one 🙂
  3. I didn't post _script to provide a minimal example and because _trigger gets executed without problems if the parameter is not an object but a number or anything simple it is not important for a minimal example. For testing purposes _script took a variable and put it in a hint. It was defined by _script = compile preprocessFile "script.sqf" right before creating the trigger to [_variable] spawn _script. _variable = 3 worked, _variable = createVehicle [...] didn't. But [_variable call BIS_fnc_objectVar] spawn _script works with _variable = createVehicle [...]. I tried to solve the problem on my own for a couple of hours before posting, so I figured already out where exactly the problem occours so I don't have to post my whole script which was 99% fine. Nobody wants to work through a whole script just to find a single object to string parameter problem like mine above 🙂
  4. No - Like I said: The trigger works and runs _script without an error if I pass a variable which is not an object. It's only the type of variable passing into _script causing the error message about missing a ]. Objects do not format to string as a usable reference ( unless they have a vehicleVarName ). This was the problem. Thanks
  5. Spawn uses function, not script. execVM uses script. I use "compile preprocessFile" before "spawn". I read it is the same as "execVM". But thanks for the clue - gonna look over this fact. Trigger activation must return nothing, and spawn or execVM returns a handle, so might try "nul = [%1] spawn function;" or "nul = [%1] execVM 'folder\script';". This error would happen even when _variable is not an object but I'll keep that in mind. Also might try formatting the statement first, then set triggerStatement: _expression = format ["nul = [%1] spawn function;", _variable]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", _expression, ""]; I actually do that to keep the code clean and tidy but obviously the error stays the same. _script is undefined within the scope of the triggers activation. This can't be the case of course, due to the fact that _script runs if _variable is not an object. If _script would be unknown to the scope, it wouldn't run at all. Objects do not format to string as a usable reference ( unless they have a vehicleVarName ). Instead use BIS_fnc_objectVar or BIS_fnc_netID or save a reference on the trigger using setVariable. That's an explanation for this weird behaviour. And I bet that's my problem. I am gonna test it later today and keep you upt to date. Thanks guys.
  6. _variable = _group createUnit ["B_recon_JTAC_F", _position, [], 0, "NONE"]; // _variable = 1; _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", [0,0,0], false]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", format ["[%1] spawn _script;", _variable], ""]; Hi, if _variable is an object I get an error message for this code (when setting trigger statements, not when activating the trigger) telling me there is a ] missing. If _variable is a not an object (a number f.e.) everything works fine. What is the matter with this weird behaviour?
  7. Final: After asking the support I regret to tell you it is not possible not hide the GPS indicator in Vanilla 😞 Any ideas for a workaround or which mods?
  8. I already searched and couldn't find a mod for this problem. I already reported this bug to the support though
  9. Don't worry I am relaxed - just saying the problem isn't my editor and even if my editor knew it as a command I still will get the same error message from ArmA
  10. It doesn't have anything to do with notepad++. You can code with the windows text editor without any syntax highlighting and run scripts without getting any errors. If the game doesn't know the command it's the game which throws an error.
  11. Yes it doesn't affect the GPS on the map
  12. So basically changing Arma 3 into the Beta programm "Developement build" ? I am wondering why the other waypointLoiter commands made it into the stable build but altitude. Anywho thanks for the explaination
  13. So that means I can't use this command at all or I have to do something regarding "Dev branch" to use it? If I can't use it is there any other way to set the loiter altitude? No I am using notepad++