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  1. Waldemar 337

    Group Members

    Have found. It is the 'units' command. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/units
  2. How can I access all the members of a group ? I need to have a list of all infantry and vehicles of a particular group. Thank you.
  3. I have not found a 'repair' event handler in the list ( https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers ). Tried to use the 'Dammaged' handler, but it does not seem to work with ACE3 repair, or I am doing it wrong. The "HandleDamage" and "HandleHeal" event handlers do not seem to work too. some.sqf: _taskTargetObject addEventHandler [ "Dammaged", { _this spawn { (_this select 0) call Mca_fnc_onVehicleRepaired; } } ]; Mca_fnc_onVehicleRepaired.sqf: quest_giver globalChat "onRepair"; //TODO The script is not executed when doing the full repair using the ACE3. Seems that even the ACE3 itself does not have a handler for this. https://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/events-framework.html How can I create or use the 'repair' E.H. ? Do I have to invent the wheel (create a timer which checks the life status) ? Thank you.
  4. As far as I know, the code of the event handler (E.H.) must be provided as an SQS script. The 'sleep' command does not work in the E.H., so I think it really uses the SQS syntax. It is not directly mentioned on BIS's page, but they use an SQS file in the example 1: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addEventHandler Example 1: _EHkilledIdx = player addEventHandler ["killed", {_this exec "playerKilled.sqs"}] If I am wrong, please correct me. P. S. I need the 'spawn' command to use 'sleep' inside an SQF script. The first method raises an error. The second version works great! Thanks!
  5. Hello. How can I start the compiled SQF script from the SQS script ? I have tried using the 'call' command, but it does not work. init.sqf: Mca_fnc_onVehicleFueled = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "Script\Mission\Mca_fnc_onVehicleFueled.sqf"; some.sqf: _taskTargetObject addEventHandler [ "fuel", { [] spawn { quest_giver globalChat "1"; (_this select 0) call Mca_fnc_onVehicleFueled; } } ]; Mca_fnc_onVehicleFueled.sqf: quest_giver globalChat "Mca_fnc_onVehicleFueled.sqf"; When the event handler fires, the first instruction works (i see the "1" in chat), but the compiled script is not started. Thank you.
  6. Waldemar 337

    Respawn Trouble

    P. S. If I could change the 'respawnDelay' Parameter from the Game Script, then I could temporarily change it as a "hot-fix", but I can not find a Command to set the 'respawnDelay'.
  7. Hello. I am trying to get the Respawn working. 1. I have placed Respawn Markers with good Names: 'respawn_west_1', 'respawn_east_1', 'respawn_guerilla_1' and 'respawn_civilian_1'. Each Respawn Marker uses Ellipse Model with A=10 and B=10, so that it is a Circle with Radius of 10 Meters. 2. I have placed three Playable Characters per each Faction (3x4=12 total) at each Respawn Marker. 3. I have set up Respawn in the Editor's 'Attributes' -> 'Multiplayer...'. Selected: Respawn -> Respawn on custom position. Selected Ticks for: 'Select respawn loadout', 'Select respawn position', 'Select respawn counter', 'Subtract tickets upon Death', 'Subtract tickets upon Respawn'. Respawn Delay set to 1 Minute. Vehicle Respawn Delay set to 0 (did not touch it). Selected 'Show Scoreboard' and 'Allow Manual Respawn'. Now when I start the Mission from Editor in multiplayer Mode, i see: 1. An Error about missing Ellipse. 2. Mission starts with Respawn Counter ticking down from 1 minute. I thought that Respawn Screen must be shown only when the Character is killed. Why at Start?? Okay. I have found the Parameter 'respawnOnStart' in the 'Description.ext' here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#respawnOnStart I have set it manually to -1 in the 'Description.ext'. Now, I restart the Mission in M.P. (quit to Editor and start it again), but it starts the same with the Respawn Screen instead of normal Start. Why is it so and how to fix it? Screenshot: Thank you.
  8. Waldemar 337

    Construction Interface Script?

    Hello. I am searching for something similar to the "Construction Interface" which used to be in Arma 2. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Construction_Interface Do we have similar Script or Module in Arma 3 ? Thank you.
  9. Waldemar 337

    Path to Vehicle Images

    I can not find a Preview for 'B_G_Van_02_transport_F' Class Vehicle. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_WEST Seems that it is not inside the 'editorpreviews_f.pbo' File. Where can it be? Have found it in the 'editorpreviews_f_orange.pbo' File.
  10. Waldemar 337

    Path to Vehicle Images

    Dedmen, thank you !
  11. Waldemar 337

    Path to Vehicle Images

    sarogahtyp, do you mean that the Game does not store the Preview Images anywhere and the Editor just generates them on-fly every Time I hover Mouse on a List Item?
  12. Hello. Where does Arma 3 store Preview Images of Vehicles which are shown in the Eden Editor when I hover the Vehicle in the Assets -> Objects (F1) List ? What I mean, on the Screenshot: I have found an Icon of a Quadbike, but it is small and monochrome, and not what I wanted. "a3\soft_f\Quadbike_01\data\ui\Quadbike_01_CA.paa" Where do the full colored Preview Images (as on the Screenshot) lie? Thank you.
  13. Waldemar 337

    Virtual Arsenal is not working

    Thank you very much for Help! The Reason turned out to be in a very unexpected Place... :)
  14. Waldemar 337

    Virtual Arsenal is not working

    Thank you very much. Now (with ACE disabled and new Code) I have the 'Mk200' in the List. Can you tell the Secret ? Why it did not work (returned an Error) when I made it using [ "AmmoboxInit", [_container, true, {true}] ] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;  ? That Code was written in Accordance with the 'Example 3' at the 'BIS_fnc_arsenal' Wiki Page: [ "AmmoboxInit", [ ammoBox, true, {(_this distance _target) < 10} ] ] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; Maybe I do not understand something ? It seems the same for me.
  15. Waldemar 337

    Virtual Arsenal is not working

    I have tried that Code. It does not return an Error now. But, there is again no 'Mk200' in the Inventory available. Mk200 (Class 'Weapon_LMG_Mk200_F') is listed here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgVehicles_Equipment upload