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  1. [_var1,_var2] spawn { params["_var1","_var2"]; hintSilent format["This is VAR1: %1, This is VAR2: %2",_var1,_var2]; sleep 0.5; }; q note: whenever using spawn you'll need to pass any variables to spawn before you can use them in that scope.
  2. Midnighters

    Force vehicle color global

    just to clarify: "this" (without underscore) , is an editor only thing. So inside triggers, init boxes, etc it exists / is defined. whenever you're making an SQF script you may see: _this , which will either be the parameters passed to the script, or depending on what you're using it may be a special variable for something.
  3. Midnighters


    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Mission_Parameters + GEORGE FLOROSGR 's
  4. Errors? Did the debug console return the event handler index properly? Did you execute locally?
  5. player addEventHandler["FiredMan", { params["_unit","_weapon","_muzzle","_mode","_ammo","_magazine","_projectile","_vehicle"]; _sphere = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" createVehicle (getPosATL _projecitle); _sphere attachTo[_projectile,[0,0,0]]; }];
  6. Midnighters

    Return player object from server

    Yes, there is no confusion. Thanks for your feedback pierre
  7. Midnighters

    Return player object from server

    { } forEach playableUnits; //etc
  8. Midnighters

    Return player object from server

    Not in the slightest, I was just hoping for something better than that. It's already written so.
  9. Midnighters

    Return player object from server

    Was curious if there was a more streamlined process.
  10. Midnighters

    Return player object from server

    No I was never using allPlayers, just throwing an example. Thanks for your feedback though
  11. Midnighters

    Does a public stats API exist ?

    you're welcome, I'm used to hearing Eric go on and on about this. That's particularly why I posted. But, I do hope you end up with a solution indeed.
  12. Midnighters

    Removing stanima?

    doesn't matter MP or SP. I'm not sure if they reset on respawn, but they definitely don't need to be updated in a loop. They stay the same after set.
  13. Midnighters

    Return player object from server

    I guess I didn't put much thought into my example, but is there really not a cleaner way of doing so?