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  1. Return player object from server

    Yes, there is no confusion. Thanks for your feedback pierre
  2. Return player object from server

    { } forEach playableUnits; //etc
  3. Return player object from server

    Not in the slightest, I was just hoping for something better than that. It's already written so.
  4. Return player object from server

    Was curious if there was a more streamlined process.
  5. Return player object from server

    No I was never using allPlayers, just throwing an example. Thanks for your feedback though
  6. Does a public stats API exist ?

    you're welcome, I'm used to hearing Eric go on and on about this. That's particularly why I posted. But, I do hope you end up with a solution indeed.
  7. Removing stanima?

    doesn't matter MP or SP. I'm not sure if they reset on respawn, but they definitely don't need to be updated in a loop. They stay the same after set.
  8. Return player object from server

    I guess I didn't put much thought into my example, but is there really not a cleaner way of doing so?
  9. Removing stanima?

    They're more like casual milsim if even. However, I don't think it's wise to recommend MCC for everything as it's kind of a mess after a while.
  10. Hello all, I'm curious as to grab a player / unit's object from the server. I want to refrain from doing: { if(_x == player) then { //etc }; } forEach allPlayers; any good solutions to this?
  11. Removing stanima?

    why is this a loop? These are all setter commands and don't need to be updated more than once.
  12. How many soldiers can form a squad

    don't forget snakes and dogs.
  13. ai dive bomb in vtol

    "Legacy Feature"
  14. check position

    correct, just a hypothetical. I don't necessarily agree that just because it "works" means it should be used. your example would be fine if something like an event handler is added and the same variable needs to be used within. Like "get/set" variable on player / server to retrieve the same info inside the event handler.