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  1. Hello Pierre, After a detour into Liberation mode where I tested GRAD Civilians, I'm currently preparing a new Mike Force campaign, returning to your modules. I was full of surprise and, above all, excitement when I discovered that you had installed Civilian Traffic Exclusion Zones. This is so incredibly good. Thank you very much for that. Thx! Thx! Thx! All the best for your project.
  2. SirBassi

    KLPQ Music Radio

    Hi together, first of All greets and thanks to Rebel for this Awesome project. In our last Miek Force Campaign (without ACE) everything worked perfect in combination with SOG Radio Music together. I am preparing now a new campaign and got following problem: - CBA Setting are not shown - in Eden placed vehicles everything works fine, after respawning vehicles the addaction for playing music is away. Maybe some of you has a idea. Thanks a lot. - Same Post as on Steam Worksho Page -
  3. SirBassi

    Project Redline (R3D) Mods

    Hi Redline Team, thanks for your first Aviation steps in Reforger. May I kindly ask if you still work on this project and bring your awesome Mods back with 1.0 compatible Version? Thanks a lot and best to you.
  4. SirBassi

    Reforger Task System

    Your my hero. Exactly what I searched for. Even the sample for an Exfil. I will try to generate a simple chain with this and finally look then where and how to spawn defined enemies when reached a trigger for saving perfomance on the server. But this examples are gold for making the first steps. Thanks.
  5. SirBassi

    Reforger Task System

    Hi @Blackheart_Six, thanks for your great to work to bring different sources together and also share your experience. I am starting to build my first COOP Mission at the Moment and this tips are helpful for building a own knowledge and understand the things. At first I thought the NightOps Framework would perfectly work for me but this is outdated and by loading in workbench it brings World Failures. Perfectly because in its Object Properties by its own written Editor Task there was a Succesor Area. And so you could make a chain of Tasks what I am searching for, now. Means: One Task is finished will make the new Task open and send to player. So Players do not have all Tasks visible at mission start, more they will be guided through the Tasks to the Mission. For example: 1. Task: Build Convoy (Move) 2. Go to Area xy (Move) 3. Clear all in this area (Area Trigger) 4. Search Intel (Area Trigger) 5. Move to xy (Move) Maybe you also collected some experience with such Task - Chains.
  6. SirBassi

    SOG AI

    Hi Johnny, congratulations on the latest update. The mod keeps getting better and better. But - and that's whining at a high level - unfortunately not well usable for classic coop missions and MilSim-oriented gameplay. Your mod is no longer just about playing with AI, you have installed so many fantastic immersion donors that it is a pity that they are going under. I'm currently starting a new campaign to prepare for our boys in the fall and when I take a closer look I see such great things as the market, MACE, rustling grass, Punji traps with blood effects, jumping fish, fishing with grenades, floating objects in water, throwing knives and and and... And I'm thinking about trying to make individual scripts usable for coop, like I did with Napalm back then. I know you said in SOG DC and below some videos that your time is very short but it would be a "shame" if all those perfect scripts escaped the many mission builders. I know it's a lot of work to prepare and I'm not sure how best to go about it. Either in a small collection or maybe in a demo mission with all scripts or maybe even within the mod SOG AI with CBA setting that pulls out the classic AI control part. But if only a little boost of motivation is needed to make you think about doing something in the direction of "script collection" in the future, then I don't want to leave this untried. 😅 Either way again: Fantastic work and best for going on.
  7. Thanks a lot for your reply Pierre. For "civilian life" Modul everything is clear. So I also build in my prelast campain with your Modul (one year ago, f*** the time runs) and I had it just wrong in my mind. But I looked in a old mission file and all memories came back. For the "Car Traffic" Modul I had in my mind that we talked somewhere here in Forum or Discord (maybe Armae DC) about the background: Having traffic overall on a map is fine, just some "Blacklist Areas" for a Base, FOBs etc. would be nice and I had in my mind that you was thinking about to implement something like the connected Trigger Areas as in your Civilian Life Modul. But I could also be wrong. But it seems that your solution as descriped with a Trigger activation and deactivation on Serverside could solve the unwanted civilian traffic in military Areas. Thanks a lot for your input and finally for your amazing Modules. Nice for every Missioncreater 🙂
  8. Hi Pierre, how are you? I am starting next days with preparing a new campaign for our community. And MGI Modules should be there included again 😇. Just wanna kindly ask if you thought about for the Civilians Modul and Civilians Traffic Modul to include Exclsuion zones? (maybe just trigger areas with would be synced with the Main Modul or so) In between I tested the Mod GRAD Civilians, which also works fine but from Editor to full Missionwork your Solutions matches much better for our Missions. Thanks a lot for your Feedback and best for your projects.
  9. @_foley Thanks a lot 😍 Works perfectly great and also adhoc on Dedicated. The resize - apply combination commands were the missing points I searched for, I guess. Thanks for bringing me back on track. 🙂
  10. Hello everyone, as a non-trained programmer but a motivated mission builder, I am contacting you again today with a small problem in which I am sure I am just missing a small thing. Background: I have a trait switcher in the mission where players can select a role as Medic, Engineer or Explosive Specialist. These roles are limited. I would like to set up a billboard next to the role switcher that shows which player currently has which role or which roles are actual unused. My problem: When I test in Selfhost MP, after a selected role, it gives me the role description that is stored on the slot instead of my player / profile name. In another Testplayer sot, it brings me the correct player / profile name of me but still with the current group, which is not needed and does not look good in terms of space / layout. Since my native language is German, a short explanation: String "unbesetzt" means "actually unused". Any dedicated requirements have not yet been checked, first of all everything should work. I hope that I haven't made any major mistakes from the performance side, even if there is certainly a more elegant way, but I'm glad to have created a working basis for now. Following script is actually called in init.sqf by execVm: Thanks a lot for Feedback and ideas how I could handle the "nameproblem" best.
  11. Hi @LSValmont, this script looks very interesting. The less network traffic for Dedicated Server makes me looking for very interested. To which way you integrated your fnc? Do you use a call via init.sqf or initserver.sqf? Thanks a lot for sharing this idea.
  12. SirBassi

    [Release] Trait Changer

    Hi @UNIT_normal, very nice work. Smart tool for big impact on mission. I could easily made my changes as descriped in your ini. Thanks. I don't know if you really work on this tool but if you do: A additional listbox or other kind of output per defined "Traitrole" with the names of the actual players who owned this role at the moment would be a annother very helpful part for fast ingame building of Teams, Orders and so on. Thanks a lot.
  13. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi, sorry was a lil bussy last days (christmas parties everywhere 😉 ) I made a Github Upload. Maybe it helps a bit. Finally thanks to your awesome script, best to your SOG AI Mod and maybe we somewhere on the Battlefield 🙂 Github: https://github.com/SirBassi/NapalmFXforMP Thanks.
  14. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi, yes of course. Do you mean I should make a Github Rep because of the structure with the alias files and your .sqf? Seems best, or? But all is depending on your work and I don't wanna make somethinh wrong. Yes, the Snafu changes are included. I changed by his remote executions just the target and jip state. Oh Napalm FX with SOG AI sounds lovely 🙂
  15. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi @johnnyboy, just wanted to tell you that we tested your script with adjustments for dedicated use at the weekend for the first time in live operation at our weekly Mike Force evening with about 15 players and everyone was very enthusiastic because of the enormous gain in immersion. The performance of client and server FPS was also very satisfactory. I still need to make some minor adjustments now as some stuff from the alias part conflicts with the medic system and the Blueforce / Nametag transfer on the Map at the Mike Force mode but I'm optimistic we can work that out, too. Just wanted to leave that as a little feedback 🙂 Thank you again for your great work.