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  1. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi, sorry was a lil bussy last days (christmas parties everywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I made a Github Upload. Maybe it helps a bit. Finally thanks to your awesome script, best to your SOG AI Mod and maybe we somewhere on the Battlefield ๐Ÿ™‚ Github: https://github.com/SirBassi/NapalmFXforMP Thanks.
  2. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi, yes of course. Do you mean I should make a Github Rep because of the structure with the alias files and your .sqf? Seems best, or? But all is depending on your work and I don't wanna make somethinh wrong. Yes, the Snafu changes are included. I changed by his remote executions just the target and jip state. Oh Napalm FX with SOG AI sounds lovely ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi @johnnyboy, just wanted to tell you that we tested your script with adjustments for dedicated use at the weekend for the first time in live operation at our weekly Mike Force evening with about 15 players and everyone was very enthusiastic because of the enormous gain in immersion. The performance of client and server FPS was also very satisfactory. I still need to make some minor adjustments now as some stuff from the alias part conflicts with the medic system and the Blueforce / Nametag transfer on the Map at the Mike Force mode but I'm optimistic we can work that out, too. Just wanted to leave that as a little feedback ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you again for your great work.
  4. Just a basic question to MissionEventHandler: Is it recommand do make also a while true - Loop around this EH to catch all needed projectile "Carriers" especially the after missionstart created ones? Or do I have to expect "endless" EH calls beaucse of the Loop. Because I struggle a lil with the decription / definition of mission eventhandler from Wiki: "Mission event handlers are specific EHs that are anchored to the running mission [...]" Does this mean "JIP", respawned etc. projectile Carriers are included? Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Hi @mrcurry, thats an fantastic idea. I tried this weekend to scrip around with Eventhandler Engine before Eventhandler Fired but Problem with attaching the eventhandler to a non knowing vehicle at Missionstart was the same. I also tried to fix this with setVehicleVarName or some CBA Eventhandlers but finally I give up. But ProjectileCreated and Explode combination sounds very interesting. Thanks for the Input. I'll report and if okay asking some questions to this. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi together, I turn to you with a problem where I'm reaching the limit with my basic skills. Initial situation: I would like to use the addaventhandler Fired in a dedicated environment to trigger various environmental effects etc. when a bomb is dropped. This "Bombeffectpart" works without problems. But it only works if the event handler is tied directly to the vehicle, as described in the BI Wiki: Otherwise I sometimes get wrong parameters send in my tests or get directly Schript Errors because of wrong Variables. Problem: However, I am currently only able to bind the eventhandler to vehicles if I assign a fixed variable to a vehicle init field in the editor and then bind the eventhandler to this in the script. But the mission does not contain all vehicles at the beginning of the mission. There are some vehicles that are temporarily in the mission due to an RTO module and some other are only spawned / created by players. And this is exactly where I'm looking for a solution: How I can search for all "Air" objects in a loop and bind the event handler directly to the vehicle object (not the unit). Theoretically, referring to airplanes or an array in which I write all the class names it relates to would be sufficient. Do you have any ideas how I can solve this problem? I've been racking my brains about this for several days. Here my actual Code Snippet which wouldn't work because Eventhandler is not attached to vehicle (exclusive). Thank you so much for Input and Ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi, thanks for your reply. All you explained I finally understood and it works. Ich reach with my changed calling and starting your Script the point where JBOY_NapalmFxFindBombs Fnc starts. My problem seems to be that the _position = vn_artillery_map_selecting_start; receives other values as for a example a getPos SometoOverwatchAircraftbyaddEventhandler So it would be interesting which Params / Values the "vn_artillery_map_selecting_start" sends to _position. I will use the weekend and try some other position commands. But anyway thanks your overwatching this thread ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hello @johnnyboy addressing or initiating the script via addEventhandler works very well in the first state. I'm just stuck at one point when I go straight into your script. You use _position = vn_artillery_map_selecting_start; for handing over the position. But I haven't been able to find this variable / function in the SOG Wiki so far and before I ask in the SOG Discord I wanted to ask you if you still know what data is in there? I tried to script around it with a getPos but then I get a Error in the function JBOY_NapalmFxFindBombs by the part waitUntil {sleep .2; count(_pos nearObjects[_aircraftType, 2000]) > 0}; Maybe you still remember about the _pos data or what is expected there. Thank you in advance. ๐Ÿ™‚
  9. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi, thank you very much for your feedback. I was able to reach snafu directly yesterday and he showed me his customization incorporating the assets from Update 1.2. A great step in the right direction. I will then experiment a bit with event handlers in the next few days. I think that could work very well with the current structure of your script and at the same time offers a very powerful possibility for monitoring. I could well imagine that the event handler Fired would fit well here, since you can then query the desired aircraft and bomb types (SOG and Unsung) in Arrays as kind of individual customization. In any case, thank you in advance for your reply and contact info of snafu. If I reach any kind of success I let you know.
  10. SirBassi

    JBOY Napalm FX

    Hi @johnnyboy, When I first saw a script a few months ago, I fell in love with it. Persistent destruction (at least during a mission run) is exactly the little icing on the cake that the wonderful SOG CDLC is still missing. And ever since then I've had to think about this script and what else would be possible with it. So if I understand it correctly, the map item damage will remain (as long as the mission doesn't restart), right? Wouldn't it be phenomenal if the effect weren't "just" limited to the Air Support Module, but expanded to include general monitoring during a mission where napalm bombs are falling (SOG and Unsung aircraft, RTO Module, etc.) and then triggering the effect leaves. I could imagine that for the Mike Force mode in particular, where you are usually active for 2 - 4 hours on a very small part of the map and gradually see how you have "worked on" a zone. That could be a huge immersion gain. You could also design the script in such a way that the user then enters the config names for bombs that are supposed to trigger the script. But not the path of the trigger via the module, but the type of bomb itself. Maybe you can also "burn" for this idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you in advance for this wonderful approach.
  11. Thanks a lot guys. With you Input I got it solved. I took one class "higher" as Base Class and defined in it each Helicopter. I get no config Error Messages by starting, editing and loading Missions so I think it works fine. Final Code Thanks a lot guys.
  12. Hello everyone, I was able to learn a lot in the last few weeks by browsing through many posts here and also asking about it. It's really great how much input you can collect here as a beginner. I would like to retrofit the Cayuse helicopters with a GPS from the SOG CDLC. Addressing the basics for this with a class name, creating and integrating by own mod also works when I just "activate" the first two Helis from my actual config.cpp. But now, as a non-programmer, I'm getting to a point where determining parent and child classes becomes very abstract to me with all the 7 Cayuse want to integrate. Attached is my current code and the error message I get when I start the game. I also understand the reason for the error. But I'm a bit confused as to how to come to a solution now. Am I on the right track if I use the BI Wiki as a guide when it comes to external base classes? And which way is the next one then? Orientation using the example of two or the Implied child classes? Actual Code - Config.cpp Classes and Rootpaths of the Cayuse Helicopters My Error Hint by Starting Arma Ideas for the next step to solve BiWiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Class_Inheritance#Basic_config_concepts Thank you for your ideas and help and a push in the right direction!
  13. @pierremgi Thanks a lot again. You nailed it. I made a lot of vehicle tests yesterday and of course it seems that just some vehicles of a modset make trouble. And I also changed in init.sqf the call of the script to remoteexec for all clients on Dedicated. And now everything works as expeceted. Thanks for bringing me back on path and your help.
  14. I made annother small change and changed the first if-clause to some BIS_fnc_setHitPointDamage. On MP and SP everything works now as expected. Alle Parts I wanna to damage are damaged. On Dedicated I made a "weired" observation: First hit to the vehicle and everything is as also as expected. But a second Hit (e.g. Mlaw) destroys the vehicle. After respawning the vehicle same scenario. So loop by init.sqf starts correct but then I have somewhere a mistake maybe a locality one. It makes also no change if I repair the vehicle in between. Some Idea where the mistake could be? Also a final question when this is solved: Is there a possibillity to "slow down" the time a engineer needs to repar a vehicle? Searched BI Wiki up and down and find no functions for this case. Thanks a lot for your support guys ๐Ÿ™‚ Actual used Code
  15. Hi @pierremgi first of all thank you very much for your help. I played around with your code today and I really like the loop approach. First I restricted the "kind of" classes a bit because I don't want the damage for all vehicles and that works wonderfully. But regardless of whether I leave the base damage at the recommended 0.86 or go significantly higher, I get no effect on the engine and turrets, for example. So I tried to set their damage later, similar to what you did with Fuel, but these values are not accepted. Although they are defined in the hitpoints of the vehicleclass. Should I be here readjust with the BIS_fnc_setHitPointDamage? The idea is that after the hit, the vehicle becomes immobile / unable to move and can no longer shoot or only use the weapon to a limited extent. However, the vehicle should not be destroyed, but can be repaired by an engineer in the field. I am very grateful for further ideas. Values for two tested vehicles after damaging through Mlaw Damage.