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    Building type

    I do not know whet he is :D but I am just working on some game mode (mission) inspired by battle royalle mod. Amount of loot, circle size etc is balanced to amount of players playing. But the loot spawn works differently - doesn't spawn in every object and can be really rare. Usually it takes 2km walk to get a weapon. It is common to loot system in Dayz SA. VIP players can set the amount of loot in round from low, normal to high. There are enemy NPC so you can play it as singleplayer as well. VIP players can double NPC volume or switch them off and play just versus other players. Now players demande to spawn the loot according to building type - so I needed some help here. Edit: also I am working on loot damage system, when hit in player means, some his loot will became ruined (unusable).
  2. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    This is just PERFECT - many thanks to both of you.
  3. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    Yep its working. Only problem is that the results for example military bunker on Malden are "house", "non strategic" "housebase" "building". :D
  4. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    Many thanks - thats it. I am not just sure about proper syntax. Would it be: _parentbuilding = [ str typeOf _nBuilding, true] call BIS_fnc_returnParents; Many thanks
  5. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    Yep but I need this to be done by mission script itself.
  6. durobulo@gmail.com

    Building type

    Hi, I would like to know, how to get information about building type - such as military, industrial, civilian etc. I can read the building class (name) - but is there any function that returns what type it is? Or is it coded in building name? _nBuilding = nearestBuilding player; hint str typeOf _nBuilding; thnx
  7. durobulo@gmail.com

    Parachute and useractions - Cut Parachute?

    Try useraction f.e. User action 5 (have to bind it in controls) [] spawn { waitUntil {inputAction "User5" > 0}; hint "Cutting parachute"; // call your function to cut parachute here };