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  1. Yuuno -fr

    Past Battle Pass

    Hello, I come on behalf of my friends and myself who started the game less than 6 months ago to contact the Vigor team about the battle passes of past seasons. Most of us have purchased several, if not all, of the battle passes and find that it will be impossible for us to complete them in time. Is it possible to extend the deadline to complete them for the end of next season please. Or could we get a partial refund of the battle pass based on the level reached? thanks https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2024/09/2/1709031402-429850575-2081219222241242-8068631613383300121-n.jpg
  2. Yuuno -fr

    Direct hit doesn't count??????

    Hi again, From what I see in the image, you start the fight with 10HP and the enemy has completely full health. The problem is that he would miss at least the next 3 seconds to see what happens next. (Here he takes the damage or the opposing team wins because your friend dies at the same time by the other enemy for example) It is from LA that we will be able to better understand you probably shot him in the shoulder (see image) this is the last micro second of the shot
  3. Yuuno -fr

    Direct hit doesn't count??????

    Hey hey 😎 So I will explain your bullet and the reason for your death. Your opponent shot half a second before you, which means he won. Being the last on your team, your bullet did not kill him because after a round won the winning team is "invincible" For the sound bug, yes I've already seen it in part, it's rare and it comes back after a good 2 minutes but it's true that at the beginning it's very destabilizing.
  4. Hello hello, subject already often brought up on the table by the players! Unfortunately there is not much to do... The best you can do (which I do for my part) is to recover the name of the player who does this and kills you and to blacklist him. If you come across him again, close the application, he will play alone in this game. And you shouldn't believe that everyone does it; it's really a minority of players. On PS5 in 3 months of play I have only seen 4 or 5 players like that, mainly players in the world ranking of killers.
  5. Yuuno -fr


    I think it would be too "violent" and I'm taking the example of a person who has a connection problem or an involuntary interruption, it's too punitive. A progressive sanction on the other hand, I am not against that! For example like Rainbow6 you start with a warning then 10 minutes of playing ban / 30 minutes / 1 hour etc...
  6. Yuuno -fr

    A suggestion to spot cheaters

    Hi, It would be great, even to have a "killcam" to visualize how a player killed us in game.
  7. Hi, In the game interface would it be possible to integrate a button allowing you to abandon a game in progress where defeat is assured thanks to a team vote. WITHOUT FORGETTING to give bonus points to the opposing team such as "3000 extra score" as a victory bonus. Players who misbehave and deserve an expulsion (AFK/cooperation with the opposing team or spoiling the team's play) may be expelled. I'm not just talking about absent players, because some intentionally cause the team to lose and because they play, they can't be sent off. SANCTION, players who regularly disconnect for X/Y reasons must be sanctioned because they penalize the team without losing anything. 2 games out of 3 I have at least 1 player leaving the game, it's horrible. I'm thinking of a ban on restarting a game 10 minutes later once and the sanction gradually increases.
  8. Hi, I noticed that it takes a long time to open all these boxes, especially when you have a lot of them. Could there be a proposal to completely open up the rewards pool. For example with the image below, open the 2 crates at once to obtain the 6 rewards by pressing the button (□) Same for the green crate and use 3 crates at once to get all 9 rewards! This could open them up to 3 times faster and is a good point to progress in the game.
  9. I got the idea for this concept when I saw the place “daugr Battery” This is a small underground bunker that can be made available on all maps in a location slightly away from towns. The entrance will be an armored door that could be opened by obtaining a hidden code near the bunker. (Displaying a note with a 3-digit number visible but without the possibility of recovering it) I would add the possibility of exiting the bunker through a hidden hatch that can ONLY be opened from inside the bunker. Inside the bunker a large quantity of resources will be stored and the alert will be given by opening the door which takes a long time to open.
  10. Yuuno -fr

    Throw a lure

    During my playthrough, I noticed that using the lure was quite difficult. After placing it on the ground, it explodes, leaving us no time to escape or to be able to truly distract the exiles without putting ourselves in danger. Could we launch it to create a diversion and be able to flee or attract exiles without them necessarily being close to us? For example at the same distance as a grenade. THANK YOU !
  11. Yuuno -fr

    Several crafts possible

    Hello hello, thank you for your compliments, it makes me happy! I completely understand the point of view that building multiple weapons might seem like too much; I'm basing this mainly on the opinions of new players (I'm one of them) and I was sure that this was proposed; In the same context, if creating a new workshop that would add "a reduction in creation time" could otherwise take place, I'm not talking about an instant reduction! But a simple cost reduction of 50% (for the max level) and it could be perfect for creating rare military weapons or especially those whose lifespan is greater than 4 hours. New and old players will be happy and it will bring new things to improve in the old players' haven.
  12. Yuuno -fr

    Several crafts possible

    If possible I would also like to suggest the personal bar for weapon creation as followed by the image below. To have more space in the “Equip” option
  13. I notice that it takes a long time to create weapons and that they can only be created 1 by 1. Would it be possible to create 2 or 3 at the same time as in the image shown? Same for the consumables they were able to create 2 or 3 at a time it would be great for those who do not have improvement 13 of the water distiller
  14. Yuuno -fr

    New in-game consumable

    Good morning, Yes I understand the problem of the difficulty in creating this consumable. Thank you for reacting to my suggestion, have a nice day. 🙂
  15. Yuuno -fr

    New in-game consumable

    Hello Suggestion on a new in-game consumable. Would it be possible to integrate a smoke grenade in the same type as the American M18 grenade releasing a large screen of smoke. This could bring new gameplay methods!