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  1. maxl30

    I love A3 but it goes boring

    Because Arma isnt a infantry simulator, it is a "massive-military-sandbox".
  2. maxl30

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Yes, i mean the same, BIS make a sample direction of future mods or third party DLCs with Malden, i want to see chernarus in a3 vanilla quality, i want to see other islands of the armaverse in 2035 in a3 vanilla quality, i want to have more uniforms in a3 vanilla quality, i want more tanks (with interior) in a3 vanilla quality and of course much more in the setting of 2035.
  3. maxl30

    I love A3 but it goes boring

    Ough, and the highest moment of all sadness was the release of the SAM systems wich you cant move with the HEMTT or CSAT vehicle and the release of this beautyful carrier wich you cant drive, the carrier is of course usefull but it would have been better it would pilotable (i know, there is a size limit of vehicles -_-), the other ship is useless, of course nice looking, but it is for every naval fan a kick in the ass !
  4. maxl30

    I love A3 but it goes boring

    Yes, i mean the same, but my intension on A3 at first was naval combat, the first trailer i saw includes the ability of diving and i was for the coming months only on thinking what we can do with divers and sea grounds, but after the release there where only this small boats and after some months they didnt change the placeholder boats (every fraction still have the same), then this placeholder gun turrets, this placeholder artilery tank turret, the wrong number of lights on the buzzard and the landing bug on the buzzard (theyre still didnt fix it), this crap sounds where i think that they use for special guns the same sounds, the british army which is in A3 not available (only in the campaign mentioned) ... When tanoa was released, i had big hopes, car ferrys for this ferry stations on tanoa (how they want to make open world campaign on tanoa without working travel conections ?) , diver scooter for diver missions, diffrent submarines (nato, aaf, csat), but there came nothing of them. The big problem isnt that there are so much missing, the big problem is, that there are so much functions are missing, since A2 i want working SAM systems wich i can drive around, since A2 i want big working ships/vessels wich i can drive around and give my inf troops support or fight on sea with my enemy, more then the ability of clothing your character or diving you havnt in A3, there is not much more and also no possibilities for modding in this direction. Mods are good but not erverything have the same quality like RHS or A3 Vanilla, and not much can run much mods on here PCs.
  5. The huge gap of content, the not interesting mp modes, the huge number of unused interesting content (nato woodland uniform, nato gorgon), the huge number of unused places on all maps in the campaigns, the engine which didnt allows what the game needs (bigger vehicles like naval vessels), the not existing fractions wich where possible (north african csat, varius nato armys like the bitish army, ...), not existing sample textures of the A3 content, not existing fuctions for the eden editor. I really love Arma 3 but it goes boring, what is your opinion to this ?
  6. maxl30

    CSAT Member Countrys

    Because i write who hold in the real armaverse Malden ? My intension wasnt to slide into real world politics, i only want to remember that Russia musst be in CSAT, anything else simply wouldnt make any sense. The other is, after the last infantry mission of Stepping Stone was the commander saying, that other CSAT countrys are in controverses about who are in war with NATO and who not, maybe a intimation of a third CSAT fraction ? I mean China wasnt involved in any fight, only the North Africans (who later surrender). So why are they in controverses about who is with NATO in war and who not ? And i have another question, what is with a consistent language within the CSAT, the most equipment have russia or chinese letters (more russia than chinese) ?
  7. maxl30

    CSAT Member Countrys

    My guess is that Russia is a main member of CSAT because Malden. The Russians wouldnt give a so strategic important point like Malden out of thier hands, wouldnt make any sense. I also think that the Chinese are on Malden because they have there a military base in Europe (on a very important island for the international economy), like in real life where they buyed in a country a military habour for some million dollars and because some broken deals for 99 years. So far as i know the North African CSAT troops are a united troop of some small North African countrys, i gues they use Malden as a training and drill camp, the US troops use it for the same in the past. And the Russians safe here money while other CSAT troops use and defend here small island.
  8. maxl30

    CSAT Member Countrys

    But maybe is Russia a observer of the CSAT membership or a ally. I mean China is a part of the CSAT and they had also joint development projects like the Xi'an. And whats with malden ? Malden was suecessfully invaded by the Soviet Union, the following country after the 90s or milenium was Russia, and we all know that Kaliningrad and as example the big Naval Port on the Krimea was still used from Russia, so how can it be that a by Russia holded island come into the hemisphere of CSAT ?
  9. In the MP game mode "Commander" you'll play a commander like in "Warlords" but here are just two sides, the NATO vs CSAT & AAF (on Altis & Stratis) ore only NATO vs CSAT (on Tanoa & Malden). You have as commander of your troop fix resources wich you can use (infantry, vehicles) but this depending on the count of towns, villages and strategic important structures they're under the control of your side. It mean, smaller your resources are, smaller your vehicles and count of infantry. In "Commander" also exist a fix command structure, at first the "General" (AI follows a fix scripted plan) who gives orders, at second you and other players (as commander). There are a lot of normal infantry commanders (motorized inf) but also commanders of special groups (with special tasks), commanders of tanks, commanders of artillery, commanders of parts of the air wing, commanders of naval forces and commanders of support and vehicle service. All becomes orders from the "General" but it's on you how you get your goal. Every commander need the others, all units need ammo, fuel, repaire, not every fithing ground of you will be easy to arrive with your resources and not every operation have his fix line of happenings, the other side will try everything to stopp you on your way to the victory. All sides are playable or just one side is playable, but i think the game play will be better when all sides are playable. I would suggest, that also civil losses/causalties can lower the resources of your troop. When you have ideas, write them, i would really like to see that in the future in A3 Vanilla.
  10. When you have Ideas, write them.
  11. In the VTOL Presentation have the CSAT with regular troops a direct confrontation with NATO expedition troops on the 10th June 2035. In APEX Protocol, was the first contact of NATO/CTRG troops with CSAT/Viper on the 13th August 2035.
  12. maxl30

    CSAT Member Countrys

    Where does that stand and who write/say that ?
  13. maxl30

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    My first Arma was A2, i played this a long time with my friends and buyed also Arrowhead, i am a true kid of Chernarus, before the second WW2 breaks out my famaly lives a little bit near the real world location of Chernarus, i was also there in holydays, CZ is still a beautyful country.
  14. I expect a short but good singleplayer scenario what tells me more about Tanoa, the pacific CSAT and CTRG/regular pacific NATO troops and i hope it brings more animals to A3, special pacific animals, i hope also well get static Cargo and Tank Ships (pacific and mediterane) and a pilotable Ferry.
  15. In the Dev Branch are three new Story Characters. Dwarden (Gendarmerie), Ivan (blue FIA) and Dr. Hladik (AAF). This Dr. Hladik (http://armedassault.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Hladik) looks the A3 Dr. Hladik very similar. Dwarden Armed with ADR-97 and P07 Ivan Armed with AKM and Zubr Dr. Hladik Armed with a ACP-C2