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  1. Tanks DLC Feedback

    At first, diffrent turrets for NATO and CSAT on artillery and anti air tanks, yes it musst come, now ! Second, i love the Nyx, good small and cheap option, the mortar variant would be nice. I think the AAF have a most german ground vehicle arsenal because the Brits misplaced theirs arsenal to homeland before the independence of altis comes (if a country becomes independent, it may keep the military stationed there). But yes a Challenger would nice to see in A3, maybe like a standalone mod. In the CSAT i am missing only a Tank Destroyer or a Engineering Vehicle or for both sides a real Antimine Tank. I think the Abrams has no future, its a big logistical problem, slowly and have the gun from the Leopard 2A6, tanks today musst be fast and agile.
  2. Police Unit's

    Lol, 5 years later, we have a tanoan gendarmerie, without police boats and helicopters, and the altis campaign is ended without any police faction of "Republic Altis & Stratis". So thats no answer of the old question for altian police units ! And whats with Malden ? There is also nothing of laws enforcement. Assuming malden and altis, the military there has taken over the power, there should be a military police. Where is this? Could have been very well embedded in the campaign.
  3. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Make a reservists unit and give them the L85A3, here in germany we have reservists units they use the old G3. I think it would a good idea when you give the Mk20 the regular units, the helmets are good, we need some diffrent, not another retexture, i mean we have so many retextures of vanilla clothes, helmets and vests. And it would a great idea to give the AAF a Camo version of the Mk18 ABR, it looks unreal, any ordonance weapon has the AAF Camo, except the Mk18.
  4. Yes, i played it 2 years ago and i also cant remember. But i think of this building complex to a barracks for Mechanized Troops maybe for the Kumas.
  5. Is this building complex in the A3 campaign? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1439480527
  6. Jets DLC Encore Update.

    multiplayer modes with good roles for the players, that would be great and some new uniform models (please no retexture crap)
  7. I have a idea, Naval Drones (USV/ASV) in A3. More: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/3/1727575977581556026/
  8. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    lol, i didnt say that the 3d artist made the hunters AAF texture It is definitely not hard but i dont know how he do that, download the A3 Samples and go to Marksman, there you have the AAF uniform camo for example It consist of 3 or 4 different layers of colored pixles, thats my question, did he do that too?
  9. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    here is a 3d artist and he make it with "substance designer" i think night use the same http://www.janjavurek.com/portfolio/arma-3-tanks-dlc/
  10. i didnt see that, sorry xD
  11. implement the challenger 2, there is on cadnav a royalty free 3d model, it needs only the interior
  12. This is my Zamak Collection. Implement it wherever u want but its forbidden to edit the textures, when u implement it in a Mod/Addon, mention me, thanks. Textures: CDF Syndikat (olive, brown) UNO Fuel Island Port Authority Rainbow (Pixel) Red White Black Blue Green Orange Coming soon: Takistan NVA Soviet Armed Forces Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1383093546&searchtext=zamak