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  1. Sure, its a little bit sad that we havnt any block countrys in GM, but its not always about you americans, lol.
  2. Hay @mondkalb do you have any plans to share the terrain data with public or the Flora of Weferlingen and his terrain textures ? And a little suggestion for the GM_Samples, please give one real ingame paint/color mask for each sample mask, i love it that you also think of the modder community and this new function with the dirt layer is amazing, great work ! 🙂
  3. Where exactly were on the Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany DLC map in the 80s on east and west police stations ? And was on the west of Weferlingen a barrack of the Bundesgrenzschutz (BGS) ? I need it for a mission.
  4. Ouh, and where is the first sequence (in the tank barracks of the 2nd tank battalion) of the Intro mission made, on the map of Global Mobilization: Mod or on a WIP map ?
  5. maxl30

    Global Mobilization - To higher price to pay

    When they bring helis and tank interiors plus the Leo 2 and the T-72 into GM i would pay 30€ for it, no one is forcing you to buy it, wait until you have the money, it is every Euro worth !
  6. Hay, on the NVA and Vlkspolizei uniform is a little issue, i think you forgot to show the epaulettes and now the buttons flying over the uniform model 😄 And on the danish winter uniform is the danish logo missing. The field cap (Feldmütze without helmet) also have a issue, the visor is a little bit too low. I recocnize there is still a military police (Militärstreife) texture for the P601, my question is how you want to make the NVA military police, in fine uniform with withe arm sleeves and white pistol holster or in field service uniform with (Militärstreife) helmet and white sleeves or both and can we become also a nva pistol holster like the officer pistol holster of Bundeswehr ? Source: http://www.nva-forum.de/nva-board/index.php?showtopic=5266&st=45 And do you plan new content for the BGS like a BGS Type 1200 (the elm green variant looks good for it just the BGS logo is missing) and the BGS uniform in this BGS gray green with field cap (Feldmütze) ? Source: https://www.beim-alten-bgs.de/Zu_den_Kameradenseiten/110_Bilder_GSK_Nord/110__KFZ_des_BGS/110_KFZ_des_BGS_Teil_1/110_kfz_des_bgs_teil_1.html Source: https://www.cilip.de/1994/02/24/bgs-die-bundespolizei-was-lange-waehrt/ And this is a special wish of mine for a future update, can you implement to GM a NVA Krad and the Barkas 1000 and one of the VW T1, 2, 3 vans ? (this is a NVA military police krad unit in field uniform with newer helmet cover then on the pic above but the Krad MZ TS 250 was also used of normal NVA units) Source: https://bos-fahrzeuge.info/einsatzfahrzeuge/83891/Zeithain_-_Barkas_B1000_-_Verkehrsunfallbereitschaft/photo/147688 Source: https://www.fahrzeugbilder.de/bild/Rettungsdienste~Deutschland~Deutsches+Rotes+Kreuz/10549/krankenwagen-barkas-b-1000--drk--beuster.html Source: https://www.fahrzeugbilder.de/bild/militaerfahrzeuge~deutschland~nva-ddr-historisch/30355/barkas-b-1000-als-militaerstreife-der.html Source: Source: http://www.congia.de/aermelabzeichen/deutschland/bgs/_fahrzeuge/fahrzeuge.html (this one is from 1983 😄) Source: https://www.film-autos.com/oldtimer-mieten/3313-vw-t3-baujahr-1983/ (the Bundeswehr used them also) Source: https://www.autouncle.de/de/d/71738330-vw-t3-gebraucht And maybe a field cap (Feldmütze) for the firefighter (Feuerwehrmann) 🙂
  7. I recocnize that there arent any police signs for buildings, can you add for each side some ?
  8. Ok, i am now done with the campaign, and i musst say i like it, special the tank missions and the last inf 😄 You make really great work, thank you very much !
  9. I personaly dont need tank ineriors, really the A3 tank interiors are cool but not realistic, so i dont need them, i need working police beacons with siren and more equipment, vehicles for the NVA and the civilians, GM didnt need tank interiors, it is without tank interiors also a great DLC with more potential then the basic A3 game ever had.
  10. Please add a NVA/Volkpolizei (east german police) krad. Please add working beacons and police sirens to Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany. But its a giant, beatyful DLC, so thx for it, i love it, finaly something german in A3 ^^
  11. At first really nice DLC, but i thnik its clear that the beacons should be working in the next updates ;D And please add a Military Police unit (Militärstreife) to the NVA of course with a own white NVA pistol holster and with this withe arm coutings. A Krad for the NVA would also very cool, maybe with the krad-helmet wich was the paratrooper helmet of the NVA, maybe also some NVA paratroopers too ?! 😄 The Volkspolizist is just in his normal uniform and without own pistol holster available, please here also a own pistol holster and a winter version of it in coat and ushanka, the coat and the ushanka of the Vopo was similar to the NVA ones, so you can make two textures for it that we can use it for the NVA generals as winter version. Great work at all !
  12. Would be cool, but i think not, it includes much of diffrent vehicles and here variants (the Leos). What is with artillery like a BM-21 ore a 2S3 ?
  13. Will you implement the Barkas 1000 (Ambulance, Police, Militärstreife, Civil), VW T3 (Ambulance, Police, Civil), a NVA Krad, BW Ausgehuniform + Officer Cap, NVA Militärstreife stuff and a civilian Pistol belt for both Police service uniforms (BRD and DDR) and maybe also a Vopo winter version in Coat and Ushanka ? 😄
  14. Just amazing what you have done, cant wait to buy it. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Global_Mobilization There is also a MP/Militärstreife/KD variant of the P601, do you will implement both variants (Strukturmäßige Regulierer and Nichtstrukturmäßige Regulierer) ?
  15. Some Questions: •does it includes unedited Arma 2 vehicles/helis/planes? •are you working on other projects for the creator DLC, wich includes american, british, france, soviet forces? •will it includes helis & planes (map size is over 400 km)? By the way, really nice looking mod!