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  1. I think we all now what happened ...
  2. It was editorPreview = "!!!Let_It_Not_Empty!!!"; it will f*** one wl.sqf If you dont have a pic, delete it.
  3. I have a problem, i get this Error when i enter the WL shop, everything is working just i got everytime this Error, what did i wrong/how can i fix this? It says "error not defined variable in expression: _category".
  4. Weisssbrot

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    The next Arma is confirmed!? The post is from 2018 -_-
  5. The question is if the next Arma will be a complete Military Sandbox wich ofc also includes pilotable Naval Assets like Corvetts at least?
  6. I really miss naval/navy content in Arma, do you think the next Arma will have corvetts, frigates, landing crafts/ships (of course pilotable)?