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  1. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    I am not sure where it was but you said SOG PF has a fictional map but CSLA is much more realistic/authentic, i proven now several times that this is wrong and in comparison the map of SOG PF is stil alot more authentic and realistic since its a shrunken map of Vietnam, Camobodia and Laos wich has nearly no fictional locations, really it sucks that you have in every Arma Forum this fanboays wich try to defend something down to the most stupid reasons and arguments. CSLA map is not authentic and not realistic. Cause its not good work like the whole CDLC is not good work, Cam Lao Nam and Weferlingen were good work but Gabreta just isnt in comparison.
  2. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Yep, but thats kind of cheating since the highway wasnt there in 1980, they build the highway over the airfield and used the highway as airstripe so its kind of a exception here. https://www.mil-airfields.de/cz-tschechien/vyskov-flugplatz.htm
  3. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    This improvised airfield is in West Germany and wonder it never existed (so far to authentic) 🙂 https://www.google.com/maps/place/Haidmühle/@48.8361913,13.6589506,17866m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4774952300750ba5:0x41d25a40937bcf0!8m2!3d48.8256782!4d13.7767804 My navigation source: 3:24 All improvised airfields on highways in West Germany: https://www.mil-airfields.de/aa-welt/autobahn-notlandeplaetze/index.html A video wich shows you that also in the west improvised airfields had no buildings like hangars or atc, it was all wheeled and mobile:
  4. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Yes and no, thats the flavor i dont like about SOG and CSLA but at least Savage delivered alot own modelled stuff meanwhile we get with CSLA the mod for Arma 3 wich has less content and less quality, in SOG PF except the map and some few units nothing rest on former Arma vanilla stuff meanwhile CSLA was developed as mod and rest alot on edited Arma stuff and the most wich i hate about it are the direct ports, at the end between both SOG PF and CSLA is a big gap and i think its just not acceptable and i think this knows BI too.
  5. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    I think this was a easy solution to avoid ai brain fug, a airfield wich can be used by ai dont need a airfield texture, wich means that a possible solution could be to create two diffrent roads next to each other (the highway) and dropping on them the airfield marker as they did it with Altis Airfield where two airfields were placed next to each other, since ai in a ground vehicle (how i believe) ignores airfields the highway airfield could be used by ground ai and by air ai since air ai only need locations mentioned in the config to land and taxi the plane, if you look at GM you have the airfield module wich allows you to create on a meadow a airfield.
  6. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    And still the CDLC is a mod sold as CDLC, BI said once they dont want to sell mod projects as CDLCs, now CSLA was announced as mod for Arma 3 in 2013 and still they sold it as CDLC and even with the same quality and less content as the mod for Arma 2 and announced mod for Arma 3 should have, sorry but i cant understand how people seriously can defend this here. GM was unjustified judged as Copy Paste CDLC, but this here is a true Copy Paste CDLC wich never should got a CDLC.
  7. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Weferlingen is accurate, i can proof this as a german, but Gabreta is not accurate compared to Weferlingen, there is so much wich was shortened.
  8. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Yes, the improvised Airstripes on highways wasnt improved like the one on the map, there were no big hangars and airport buildings.
  9. Weisssbrot

    CSLA Iron Curtain Unofficial discussion

    Low effort, unplayable cause issues, lack of content, lack of QA, reusing alot content from previus Armas wich theoretically breaks this rules, they announced in 2013 they would implement CSLA mod also into Arma 3, now we have it as CDLC wich even has less content as the original mod should have. Its just a mess.
  10. I think we all now what happened ...
  11. It was editorPreview = "!!!Let_It_Not_Empty!!!"; it will f*** one wl.sqf If you dont have a pic, delete it.
  12. I have a problem, i get this Error when i enter the WL shop, everything is working just i got everytime this Error, what did i wrong/how can i fix this? It says "error not defined variable in expression: _category".
  13. Weisssbrot

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    The next Arma is confirmed!? The post is from 2018 -_-
  14. The question is if the next Arma will be a complete Military Sandbox wich ofc also includes pilotable Naval Assets like Corvetts at least?
  15. I really miss naval/navy content in Arma, do you think the next Arma will have corvetts, frigates, landing crafts/ships (of course pilotable)?