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  1. General Kong

    3den Enhanced

    Can you add an option to add an animation to a placed unit, and it be toggle-able for multiplayer? I know the reason we dont have it as standard is performance issues, but it would still be good to have the choice if possible
  2. General Kong

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    @yevgeni89 Here is the GM Discord link: https://discord.gg/KghHYwf
  3. General Kong


    Will the Redux version, after enough testing, eventually become part of Arma 3 as standard? (like the original Warlords scenario)
  4. It would be cool to get a couple of assets and features, both for Apex and Contact (and some other DLC's), and in general for instance, for Apex: 1. AKM GL 2. RPK (since we have the old RPK magazine available) 3. SVD for Contact: 1. A marksman variant of the AK-12 Platform 2. A version of the Mk14 (Classic) that has no top rails 3. A Benelli shotgun 4. Underslung Shotguns for the AK-12, MX and SPAR platforms for Tanks DLC: 1. A new MBT for both NATO and CSAT: a sort of fictionalized version of the Challenger II tank would be cool, and for CSAT, as a sort of reserve tank (that could be used for other factions as well), the T-90 or T-80 for Jets DLC: 1. A new missile launcher and radar system for INDFOR forces, and maybe a new ship for CSAT and for general usage: 1. A version of the Basic Helmet that is covered 2. A new module for 3DEN that allows you to set up Dynamic Music (like in Contact's campaign, where there is music for exploration, and music for combat) 3. Another new module that would allow you to lock all buildings in a radius, like the "Edit Terrain Object" tool I will update this whenever I think of something else, so that I dont clutter up this thread with multiple posts. I fully expect that that none of these ideas would happen, but just thought that nothing ventured, nothing gained, so went ahead.
  5. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    Would love to see a covered version of the basic helmet, like this Chinese helmet
  6. you are in the wrong place, this is the CUP thread, the CFP thread is here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216320-community-factions-project/?tab=comments#comment-3286283
  7. that will mean a dependency on something outside of their control, so I am guessing no
  8. General Kong

    Zeus Enhanced

    I was wondering, on top of all the features of Achillies, what are the other planned features that this is bringing to the table? it would be cool to get more weather effects and super weapons like what ALIAScartoons scripts do
  9. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    having the 6b43 at some point would be cool, and can be the usual 3 different types, the light version without any of the Arm and Throat protection, Medium with the Throat protection, and finally the heavy with everything
  10. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I prefer the Promet, it makes sense considering Livonia's links to Poland in the Armaverse, and visually its more appealing to me than a M4
  11. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    You know with a little bit of modification of the RPK-12(maybe just changing the stock with a normal AK-12 one) , and a smaller 10-12 round magazine, you could make a fictional DMR variant of the AK-12 platform (SVD-12 from Battlefield anyone?)
  12. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Some black variants of the new LDF Vests and Helmets would be cool. Also, I feel like it would be nice for the new Gorkas to have knee pads, they kinda feel bare IMO
  13. I hope to see some extra retextures of some other weapons, more specifically: 1. Black and Green/Tropic variants of the ACP-C2 2. Tropic and Desert camo of the Katiba and its variants 3. Black and Desert camo of the TRG and its variants 4. Black and Green/Tropic camo of the Mk20 and its variants
  14. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I hope that the devs might consider a version of the new fatigues used by the LDF with full Kevlar gloves, and potential variants of the AKU-12 with a Vertical Foregrip
  15. General Kong

    Contact Expansion Feedback

    yet you said "not useful for all players of Arma 3" so yes, you where speaking for others and there is no need for name calling