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  1. Game play disabled to prevent cheating?

    Indeed, the mod incidentally allows some functions that could be used to gain an advantage in multiplayer if certain rules where applied on a server, so POLPOX has included the screenlock to make sure that does not happen
  2. Warlords

    Hello @Jezuro, I wanted to thank you for Warlords, it is a brilliant game mode, and every addition you add just makes it that much better. I wanted to ask if there was any possibility of making the Warlords Base and Sector Modules show a visual representation of their zones like the Trigger zones in Eden? it could help visualize the zone for tweaking.
  3. Helmet without a texture

    I would have liked to get these usable in the game as standard, hopefully they are added in at some point down the line
  4. [WIP] Winter Viper Faction

    Very Nice!
  5. Dynamic Sound AI - RUG DSAI A3

    So what you are saying, is that each faction will shout their native language? like CSAT Pacific will shout Chinese, CSAT Mediterranean will shout Farsi etc.?
  6. Blud's Terrain thread.

    While I do hope that your terrains will still be standalone, just under the RHS label and protections, I would completely understand if you wish to integrate it more fully with the current RHS packs
  7. sadly no answers, there is 1 mod that I know that has a randomize uniforms script, and that was the PMC mod, and I think Theseus Services does the same, I keep forgetting to msg the lead of the Theseus Services mod to see if he can allow me to use it
  8. Blud's Terrain thread.

    I am sorry to hear that, I love your maps, but I respect your decision, while I don't like saying everyone in a group is bad, the sheer amount of times this stuff has happened in the Life community has permanently colored my perception of them. I hope you will return to Vidda in the future
  9. Whiplash Static Animations

    am very interested in seeing where this goes, more animation mods are always welcome!
  10. Righty, is there any scripts for randomizing uniforms? more specifically 2 uniforms that I have made, and I want it to randomize between the 2 of them
  11. Achilles

    Hey Kex, any chance you can add the ready up animations to the animation module? :
  12. General Discussion (dev branch)

    I rather we stick to 2035-2040 personally
  13. 3den Enhanced

    1. Sorry, what I meant is that having the flashlights turned on in the editor, not for when you switch over to live play 2. They work fine in live play, what I mean was in the editor, if you place them down, turn on the headlights in the attributes, they will have the lights show where you place them, even if you where to move them, I was wondering if there is a way to fix that (if there is not, then don't worry, nothing you could do really)
  14. 3den Enhanced

    Hello R3vo, and thank you for 3den Enhanced!, it is extremely useful, and I just wish that all the functionality you have added was standard. I wanted to ask about headlights in the editor (if it hasn't been brought up already) is there anyway to make sure the headlights don't stay in place where the vehicle originally spawned in the editor? and if possibly, is there a way to make flashlights on infantry be able to be turned on in the editor. Sorry if this has been asked before.
  15. EricJ Release thread

    Hey man, its been a long while, glad to see you back, hope you sort out things soon