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  1. because beforehand it had those lines and still showed up only in Red, but now it works with those lines, so thank you for the help for the SUV, sadly it did not fix what seems to be the same problem for some other vehicles
  2. SO I have set up the config like this, were the SUV is supposed to show up only in Black https://ibb.co/X3w4B46 However in game it shows up like this https://ibb.co/R3dk0J5 Anyone can enlighten me to the reason this is happening?
  3. So I changed around the code I removed the other colours from the textureList, and changed the EventHandler, and it is still not working
  4. nope, directly copied from the SUV config, only thing changed was all of them being set to 1 in the original config, I set only Black to 1 and all the others to 0 in mine
  5. no idea, it seemed to have been "Grey" I am assuming for the SUV, since that is how it is spelt in the original SUV config
  6. Really do hope that this new approach works out, am looking forward to your AI Overhaul for a while now, but if it does not work out, then I can only speak for myself and say it was a pity, but you tried as much as you can, and appreciated everything you have done regardless
  7. General Kong

    Middle East Crisis

    glad to see you still at work 😄
  8. General Kong

    Community Texture Templates.

    If anyone has any retexture templates for the AKM and AKS-74u it would be really appreciated
  9. General Kong

    New Asset Request: UGV Mortar System

    The BEst places to put your request would be either Here: Here: or on the Feedback Tracker
  10. General Kong

    I think that ArmA 3 Vanilla Zeus can be fixed.

    not only up to Bohemia Interactive to decide, but the mod makers themselves, as it is their work
  11. General Kong

    Prarie Fire discussion

    asked the question on the official discord, and they confirmed that the 75gb thing is both the base game and SOG PF, the CDLC itself should be about 24-ish gigs in size
  12. General Kong


    sorry for the late reply, yea if it is too much, then I can understand if you dont want to tackle it, thanks for the consideration though
  13. General Kong


    Hello Pierre, sorry if this has been asked about before, but is there any chance of a Shop module? with all the new Old Man stuff, having a shop that would work in multi would be great, and I would prefer setting up one with modules in EDEN rather than through description files
  14. General Kong

    any update plans for Zeus?

    with the Arma 3 2.00 Update, we got new downloadable compositions for 3DEN, it would be great to see something like this for Zeus, saving custom compositions and have them carry over to other Zeus play sessions, this could also a good time to see what can be hopefully fixed or improved, to leave Zeus in the strongest position it can be before the last of the team moves on
  15. General Kong

    Community Texture Templates.

    ahhh righty, thank you, sorry if it was a bother @R0adki11
  16. General Kong

    Community Texture Templates.

    Hello, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. I was hoping that someone might have some Retexture templates (like the ones in the Arma 3 samples, with layers and such) of the AKM, AKS-74U, Titan Launcher, RPG-7 and RPG-42?
  17. General Kong

    Community Texture Templates.

    Thanks for the reply, sadly the CUP dev templates did not have what I was looking for (in case I was not clear, I am looking for retexture templates for Apex AKM, AKS-74u and RPG-7, and base game Titan Launcher and RPG-42). Can you by any chance link or send me your RPG-42 template?
  18. thank you very much for the texture samples CUP team 👌
  19. *cough* Art of War DLC *cough* Still want those samples tho
  20. General Kong

    BattlEye Game Ban ArmA 3

    "alleged" but he is though, the thread starter literally stated that he bought a cheat
  21. General Kong

    Vanilla Faction Overhaul

    if you do have the time at some point, a vanilla replacement would be appreciated, great work
  22. General Kong

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    It would be cool if BI takes the chance they have with Old Man to add an AKM GL variant, and maybe even an RPK to make use of the RPK Magazine added for the AKM
  23. General Kong

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    loving all the info and assets we have been given BI! will try out the mission myself as soon as possible