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  1. Intended/known. And probably most likely won't be fixed. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cameraEffect

    Steam VR compatible?


    Squad mates commands???

    You must be the leader of your group to enable the commanding menu.
  4. How about to change it to Development Branch and switch back? It only took 3GB of redownload, better than redownloading the entire.
  5. Try to turn off and on your MODs. I've had that issue recently and solved via turning MODs on and off.
  6. There aren't any commands to get segments from a rope or vice versa, even using objectParent. Maybe worth of make a ticket on feedback tracker.
  7. Actually, making a list of available vehicles is really easy. copyToClipboard (("getNumber (_x >> 'scope') == 2 and configName _x isKindOf 'AllVehicles' and !(configName _x isKindOf 'Man')" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles") apply {[configName _x,getText (_x >> "displayName")]}) joinString endl) Run this in the Debug Console, will return the all vehicles including MOD ones into clipboard. Not sure this helps though, you can try.
  8. The answer for 1 and 3 are no. That's just an example of adding/modifying. The answer for 2 is config.cpp or config.bin. That's not what you can do in-game on-the-fly, but for MODs. So, ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING is not the place to discuss this. (I'm not saying move this, just a notify)
  9. You can't use " inside ", which will break the string. Use ' instead. "(_caller distance _target < 4) && ('ToolKit' in items _caller)"
  10. POLPOX's Artwork Supporter just got v2.4 update, adds some props! Check the changelog here!
  11. primaryWeapon player != ""
  12. POLPOX

    Where is the position upload?

    You can reset the campaign progress from a certain mission. e.g. If there's a mission 1, mission 2, mission 3 and you wanted to restart from mission 2, you just need to select mission 2 and select REVERT (IIRC.)
  13. POLPOX

    Where is the position upload?

    REPLAY and REVERT are different. REPLAY does only replay, for one mission. REVERT resets the campaign progress from there and you can continue.
  14. POLPOX

    Which discs contain playable missions?

    Sadly, although Arma 3 Jets introduces the Fighter Jet showcase air-to-air combat is not a main battlefield of Arma 3 and not so fun at all. This also is the main reason that the Creator DLC Global Mobilization: Cold War Germany doesn't have fighter jets/fast planes. However, as I said, you can make your own air-to-air combat with the Editor. It's not so hard.
  15. POLPOX

    Which discs contain playable missions?

    They're not. Even if they make no scenarios for DLCs/Expansions (which is a false arugment,) the most important part of the DLCs/Expansions are assets/functions still so everyone can use them on their own missions/campaigns/anything, which are the most variable additions for the players of Arma 3. Every DLCs/Expansions have some scenarios/showcases/campaigns. They're not. As stburr91 says they only said “It's free additional contents for Apex Expansion owners.” From https://www.bohemia.net/blog/arma-3-apex-old-man-is-now-available It does. If you don't satisfied by any of scenarios BI made, you can create your own, or you can find user-made scenarios/campaigns from Steam Workshop.