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  1. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Eden_Editor:_Transformation_Widget
  2. Use Effect Dropper object(Artwork Supporter Props>Misc).
  3. Config Viewer is only for viewing config and you can NEVER change config in-game (without using Diagnostics Exe AFAIK) however, if you want to emulate initSpeedY, you can do this using addEventHandler and setVelocity. At least this script fits to these AMRAAMs very well. blackwasp addEventHandler ["Fired",{ if (_this#4 == "ammo_Missile_AMRAAM_C") then { _ammo = _this#6 ; _ammo setVelocity (velocity _ammo vectorAdd (_ammo vectorModelToWorld ([0,0,-25]))) ; } ; }] ;
  4. You simply cannot without using MODs. However you can use setPylonLoadout to change the pylon loadout forcely. gryphon setPylonLoadOut [6,"PylonMissile_Missile_AMRAAM_C_x1",true] By the way in vanilla you already have AMRAAM C for Gryphon, aren't you?

    I need help with this scripts

    Where's the script? Do you mean thislist?

    Using Params in spawned script

    Read the documentation carefully. params takes string to work. params ["_unit", "_debug", "_switch", "_cLo", "_cHi", "_aLo", "_aHi"];
  7. statement = "this animateSource ['lights_em_hide',1];[this,'CustomSoundController1',1,0.2] remoteExec ['BIS_fnc_setCustomSoundController'];"; The way in configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "C_Van_02_medevac_F" >> "UserActions" >> "beacons_start" >> "statement"
  8. It IS possible but just with switchMove, playMove, playMoveNow or something like that, it never requires to use my functions, more like you shouldn't. My functions are designed to take just for photos, though possible to use to make Armachinima.
  9. Title. Sorry if this is wrong topic... So far I know how to make custom mimic configuration but no way to make proper face mimic rtms. Any suggestions, tutorials or success reports?
  10. What do you mean dynamic animations? As long as the animation stored in CfgMovesMaleSdr allows to use weapon, the function will do the thing.
  11. POLPOX

    Get all cfgPatches

    "true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgPatches") apply {configName _x}
  12. You may need to check Attributes > General > Overview > DLC and Require DLC in Eden Editor. Adding DLC assets expect map (The only DLC/Expansion related one is Tanoa) in a mission in Editor or on-the-fly never add DLC icon or make the mission DLC protected.
  13. POLPOX

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Well, I'll buy GM on BI Store directly anyways, but, I give my :thinking_face: a little about the revenue. 50:50? BI didn't provides support for developing Creator DLC but BI takes 50? Hmm. I'd say, wish the actual developers recieve like 10 or 15 percent more. Also, what if I bought Creator DLC on Steam? BI:Valve:Developers 35:30:35 or 20:30:50?
  14. Looks like addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo and Global only generate a weapon if ["All of", "arguments strings", "have", "valid", "classname", []] rearmTruckOne addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo ["arifle_MX_F", "muzzle_snds_H", "acc_pointer_IR", "optic_Aco", "bipod_01_F_blk", []]//works rearmTruckOne addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo ["arifle_MX_F", "muzzle_snds_H", "acc_pointer_IR", "optic_Aco", "some invalid class", []]//doesn't work rearmTruckOne addWeaponWithAttachmentsCargo ["arifle_MX_F", "muzzle_snds_H", "acc_pointer_IR", "optic_Aco", "", []]//also doesn't