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  1. As you might noticed in the Workshop page, Plane Loadout Everywhere is the latest MOD to gain access to Dynamic Loadouts. You can put desired munitions into your jets and helicopters! Oh, also I applied some MODs to brand new and unified thumbnails. You can recognize my MODs easily in Workshop!
  2. Would I need to write the thing again that I mentioned a bit above?
  3. I think I could, but I don't think I'll make one. Don't want to make something that would affect gameplay.
  4. It could. Just cannot after you converted into a string via str command.
  5. _remove = [299376: t_piceaabies_3f#.p3d,122775: t_piceaabies_3f.p3d,507279: t_piceaabies_3f.p3d, ... , ... ]; Things stored in _remove, is not even objects, just illegal data that can't be anything valid in Arma. Note that, things can be gathered via str or other commands are not always possible to convert to the actual data. Suggest to use procedural way to find trees: { _x hideObjectGlobal (((getPos _x#0) + (getPos _x#1) random 1) < 0.5) ; } forEach nearestTerrainObjects [[worldSize/2,worldSize/2],["Tree","Bush"],worldSize] ; (Of course this would need a while to execute)
  6. What is happened How to reproduce Using MODs Is that really a problem related to my MOD (try to reploduce without any optional MODs) Screenshot is always welcome but every reports MUST contain these.
  7. It's Ctrl+Q. Also your info is shit. Nothing helps.
  8. BigMoon is my latest MOD... the name says everything! Oh. there's another...

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    At least they can name Arma 3 “Arma 3” accurately, while majority of Arma community (except this thread) can't :D
  10. Use Simple Object Placer to hide clan selection.
  11. Accurate Arsenal/Eden Icons is my latest MOD to fix icon issue in Arsenal and Eden Editor - you ever noticed there's the icon of DLC on the assets that don't require DLC to use? This is what to fix this issue!
  12. Want to learn stars? Stargazer is the mission just to gaze the stars. Maybe more updates are coming, but no promise. Currently it covers 90+ stars only, but it's ready to go. Now out the room and look up the sky.
  13. Happy new year! I almost forgot about this topic lmao, but here's the latest development: VTOL Handling Tweak becomes VTOL Hover Controller and now works with every VTOLs including unofficial VTOLs! Subscribe now if you want to hover and land VTOLs safely!
  14. 1. Use setCaptive to make a hostage situation. 2. You can remove glasses with removeGoggles. 3. If some of things can't change, like face you mentioned, I'd suggest to use sleep a bit before execution of change and see if works.