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  1. _Aiunit addEventHandler ["hit",{ params ["_unit","","","_instigator"]; _hurt = selectRandom ["hurt1","hurt2","hurt3"]; if (_unit distance _instigator < 100) then { [_unit, _hurt] remoteExec ["say3D"]; }; }];
  2. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableChannel

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Technically, it has hiddenSelections. You should to know that, Land_Destroyer_01_base_F is not the actual destroyer, but that is controlling the base. Since Arma has a limitation for bigger structure, they separated Destroyer into 8 parts: Land_Destroyer_01_hull_01_F - Land_Destroyer_01_hull_05_F, Land_Destroyer_01_interior_02_F - Land_Destroyer_01_interior_04_F. And there's only two of them have hiddenSelections: which are for hull numbers and ship name. So, retexturing Liberty is technically possible, but impossible to retexture hull parts.
  4. POLPOX's Base Functions got an update. v1.1, small one but probably the most important for some. Also new MOD: Virtual Reality Lighting Replace is here. This is intended to lighting test.
  5. Artwork Supporter got an update today, v2.1! Check the changelog on Steam.
  6. @Nicolia'zIt's impossible to resolve the problem from your words, that contains literally nothing. Also, if the map you meaning is Tanoa, I couldn't reploduce. Please don't say you're using 100+ MODs in a time...
  7. Well... That was a link that intended for other people that is experiencing bad translations. Of course, I wanted them to see it for reference or example, but I've never thought they'll adapt it without even asking. I just tried to spread and make discussions, since it's already public issue on the Discord. But I just took a drink, and realized that was really nonsense post. Maybe I'm upsetting than I thought...
  8. The MOD has a lot of translations that are not stated in the ticket, and most of them were implemented to the update directly. I made those ticket posts just for reference of improve, and thought they will make their new translations. But your point is also true...
  9. I believe so. Or anything similar.
  10. The negotiation is still underway though, I'm worried about the latest Dev-Branch update. The update has the contents of my (and our) own MOD(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1270174071). We're just volunteers, and made for non-commercial as well, but they adapted the MOD which is commercial use without asking us or me. The Japanese translations for Arma 3 is generally sucked, but especially Bootcamp and Karts update's are really shit because they used mechanical translations. So I made the MOD, that is intended to be used by Japanese players until BI implements the new translations. But the reality is this. Their claim is: things I've posted to Feedback Tracker might be used by BI to fix/improve their games, thus my MOD that is posted to the feedback is used(https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123982). (So if we post major MODs like CBA, CUP or RHS to Feedback Tracker, they'll implement them without asking the authors to improve their game?) I think this is impossible. Although the MOD isn't really perfect, but they did it. I still can't believe it. However, I *AM* very happy to be adopted. I've (mostly) no problems with it, but as I said I am not the only author. My friend who did this project with me, is really raging. I am hoping that this problem gets a satisfactory result for both we and BI.
  11. POLPOX

    Official Support Multiplayer servers?

    It not meant to say to do in official server, but “official gamemode”. So you can achieve this by playing the gamemode in your own server.
  12. checkVisibility will do the trick also.
  13. blackfish addAction ["Action",{ hint "bruh" },nil,1.5,false,true,"","isVehicleCargo vehicle _this == _target"] ;
  14. You're doing something wrong, is all I or we can say. I don't have any problem with any of official PBOs.
  15. The files in \A3\Data_f\ is located in addons\data_f.pbo, so look into it. Not everything and just a rough memo, but you may find my sandbox thing is useful. -> here Particle effects are usually located in data_f pbos.