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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I could use some help with how to use the command lines to change where it saves and looks for mod files. It keeps saving in OneDrive and I have to keep reinstalling them. I know the command I need is ArmaReforgerSteam.exe -addonsDir D:\DownloadedMods but idk where to enter this at. When I enter in a windows command prompt it doesnt recognize it. PLEASE HELP
  2. Trying to setup a custom defend mission with mod assets. I have the basic mission up and working. I have two things I need to figure out: 1) Trigger activated by wave completion. Want players to unlock classes and supports when when they beat a wave. I got the following from the tutorial I used to setup the mission, put in a trigger but it doesn't work. bis_fnc_modulemptypedefence_tier > 1; So I need to know how to correct this or another way to pull off the same effect. 2) Spawn ground vehicles At the moment the system will not spawn ground vehicles (cars, Apc, tanks etc.) But does spawn infantry and helicopters. I have tried with vanilla assets no change the helicopter is set up the same as everything else. Regardless how I set the spawn ratios no ground vehicles, it will sooner spawn nothing at all. My google-fu might just be trash I can find near nothing on this, even the bis wiki seems to be missing it, So any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. This is mainly a comment about unexpected behaviour from the param (and ultimately the params) command. I have this at the start of a function: _houseInf = param [ 1, [], [[]], [0,3] ]; The second parameter I am passing to the function has a value [1,2]. i.e. an array with 2 elements. As the expectedArrayCount is [0,3] I expect it to accept arrays of 0 to 3 element so 2 elements should be fine. However I get an error message: Error 2 elements provided, 0 expected I changed the code to: _houseInf = param [ 1, [], [[]], [1,3] ]; Passing the same value i.e. [1,2] all is now fine. I guess this means you can't check that a passed array is empty. Hope this saves someone some time. S
  4. Hello guys, I'm experimenting with creating a simple driveable helicopter carrier that also works with AI-controlled helicopters. The carriers is a simple ship with a large cargoBayDimension specified in the carrier class, and the AI helicopters don't have any problem loading itself into the carrier, but once it's loaded, it will never turn off its engine as engineOn command doesn't seem to work on attached vehicles nor vehicles loaded on transport vehicle. What I had in mind was to create a script that instantaneously turns off the engine and sets the rotor speed to zero right before the helicopter is loaded into the carrier. I have tried using setWantedRPMRTD AI_chopper setWantedRPMRTD [0, 0, -1] and setEngineRPMRTD AI_chopper setEngineRPMRTD [0, -1] to no avail. It seems that most engine-related RTD commands only work on player vehicles and only when the advanced flight model is enabled, and some are only available to take-on helicopters. Any ideas what command or possible workarounds I could use? I did try putting the exit points of the cargo bay just barely above the carrier deck, and since I do have the WMO mod loaded, the AI choppers can be unloaded onto the deck and somewhat safely spool up before flying off, but this doesn't work for spooling down after landing, and since WMO is a bit wonky, I'd like to not rely on it as well if possible.
  5. Can anyone explain when the use of forceEnd command would be required? Does it have a use in A3 or has it become deprecated with BIS_fnc_endMission, BIS_fnc_endMissionServer and BIS_fnc_forceEnd (which oddly enough, doesn't use forceEnd command at all)? The wiki description is rather fuzzy, saying it "sets the flag which tells engine that the mission end was forced", but no explanation of how the flag impacts mission ending. Wiki shows it has local effect, but seems to do nothing in editor. Placed in an "END#x" or "LOSE" trigger, it's the trigger type that seems to force the ending, not the command. Remove the forceEnd command and mission still ends when condition is met. I'd like to understand its proper use, if it has one. Searching has not been enlightening this time around.
  6. If i use the sideChat command to make a unit say smth in the chat, it only lists the Group name of said unit and not the unit itself. With the vehicle chat i have the problem that i couldn't find a command that lets a specific unit say something in the vehicle
  7. The important differences between the Combat Command modes Safe/Aware/Combat/Stealth are not listed in the Field Manual in the game (in point form like here). Players have to Google to find the rare pages about this, yet it is crucial to thrive in missions that give the player command of non-player squads.
  8. Good morning, i wanna commit several commands in the init field of the <createUnit> command, How to do this? I get always an Error about missing brackets. Here my code: // create a new unit of same type at starting position _unitType createUnit [ _posUnit, _unitgroup, "_unit = this; this addEventHandler ["killed", {0 = [_this,_delay,_vehCall,_vehSeat,_parkPlace,_parkRad] execVM "unit_spawn.sqf"}];", _unitSkill, _unitRank]; Any idea? regards
  9. Hello! Im looking for a command that gives the class type of a unit. Here is an example: hint format ["Hello %1, my name is %2 %3, what do you want?", name _caller, rank _unit, name _unit]; It then says: Hello Skanda, my name is SEARGEANT Michaels, what do you want? But i would like to have the class of the unit exported. In this case this is an Officer, but it could be a Grenadier or Medic or what ever Soldierclass. It should say: Hello Skanda, my name is Officer Michaels, what do you want? So I am looking for a variable that returns the classtype, not the classname or the name. Thank you for your help. Skanda
  10. I tried to create a zombie (Zombie & Demons mod). Looks like they work fine. But they doesn't move. The zombie can turn right or left, but he can't move. I read, that if you create unit with this command - he will have an animal logic. Is there a way to make him act like normal unit...? Command 'createUnit' is not an option, because of the limit. You can't create so much zombies like in dayz with that... Anyone knows maybe the solution...? :)
  11. Hello first off, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I was on the fence between here and "ARMA 2 & OA : ADDONS - Configs & Scripting". Im want to know more about the actuall scripts/commands than the addon itself so I think it belongs here. Edit this post as you wish. I saw someone use a debug console and I thought it was the greatest thing I have eveer seen in Arma. However now having one (This one in specific https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/72232-debug-console-for-arma-2/ ) I dont quite understand it. For example I managed to get some things working like: hint format ["Hello %1",getPos player]; cursorTarget setDamage 1 cursorTarget setDamage 0 player setPos [(getPos player select 0) +10, getPos player select 1, getPos player select 2]; but if I tried to run a script (that I know works when executed from my action menu) It did only some parts like hints, and finding my direction, but I didn't spawn anyvehicles in like it should have. Here is the line I executed in the console: _handle = execVM "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf"; This above is me not understanding how this works especially why I cannot for the life of me figure out how to spawn a vehicle from it. Next, since I I managed to get "player setPos" above to work, I wanted to try to make a command to teleport infront of myself like the one in infistar by branching off of that command since it only moves me one direction reguardless of where I faced. So I came up with this, which doesn't work: player setPos (player getPos [50,(getDir player)]); I saw in the wiki That I could use the getPos command like this: player getPos [10,45]; to get the position 45degrees and 10 feet away from me so I thought I would replace 45 with getDir since I know that worked for an output in the debug console but nothing happened once executed, I tried many forms of this with no success so I succome to the forum. Shorted down, my end questions are: -Why/how can I spawn vehicles in debug (I've seen it happen in Arma 3) -any basic info I should know about the debug console since I found little to no info/help on it. -How to get the TP infront of me command/script to work. -Why only half of my script "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf" ran when used in the console (I can include this if you wish). Thanks, this is pretty much my first post, sorry for mistakes or this being impossible to understand, I tried my best!
  12. Hi all. I was about to finish the fifth Arma II campaign mission, "Razor Two", when by some mistake I reverted to the beginning of the mission and all my saved games seemed gone (didn't appear ingame). This bothered me a great deal, because I was playing through it for the third time and finally managed to get all the evidence and get to Bardak in time. I thought I was in luck when I found the saved games in my "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign\missions\C2B_RazorTwo.Chernarus" folder. I opened the last one with the OA executable and reloaded the game successfully. However, although I can finish the mission, it will no longer advance the campaign. Successfully ending the mission does not unlock the following one. Also, after loading the savegame the "Suspend" option in the menu is replaced with "Abort", and it will delete all mission saves, or so the message says. Saving in a new slot and reloading that game doesn't change this. I've tried copying the old save somewhere else, like "home\Documents\ArmA 2\Saved\ca\missions\campaign" but it didn't work either. Only restarting seems to restore the normal menu behavior (and would likely allow me to continue the campaign). Looks like this behavior was intended (perhaps as an anti-cheat measure?) but as I mentioned I have already played through the mission three times and wasted a lot of what little free time I have, and I'd rather make that old save work if it's somehow possible. Does anyone know of a way? Thank you.
  13. Hi fellow scripters! We've just added documentation on an initial batch of 30 new TKOH script commands. We will both do more batches and add more detail to currently posted documentation. This thread shall keep you in the loop on major updates. Of course any community assistance is more than welcome, and in fact, the first commands were added by MadDogX :cool: Highlights of batch 1: Helicopter engine commands Persistent saving / loading to / from user profiles (very powerful for any scripted system needing to store data on the disk - read the warnings please! ) Custom radio channels (potential for a extensive ATC system if desired)