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  1. AAA = 1; 0 spawn { addMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",{AAA = AAA + 1; removeMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame",_thisEventHandler]}]; _frameNow = diag_frameno; waitUntil {diag_frameno != _frameNow}; AAA = AAA/2; }; Something like this?
  2. this move (targetwaypoint getPos [random 10, random 360])

    WaitUntil and a variable.

    The condition will be fulfilled as soon as you started the mission, so would fit but isn't that what you want?

    WaitUntil and a variable.

    I use waitUntil {time != 0}; for the purpose. (I know this is a dumb thing though) Also, checking boolean (true/false) never requires operators.

    WaitUntil and a variable.

    Depends on what exactly you wanted to do. I see nothing about things you wanted to do. Every codes in this topic are completely useless though.
  6. Thanks Dedmen, so basically it's the same thing with the thing that written in rpt file, isn't it? Also, what's the difference between isAvailable and isOwned? Available in-game (unlike Maps, Soundtracks or Tactical Guide) vs purchased on Steam?
  7. Can some of the devs explain what are the return values of getAssetDLCInfo stand for? I wanted to write the info to BIKI.

    Changing Vehicles Colour

    Here's what you need to read: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Procedural_Textures#color The correct one is "#(argb,1,1,1)color(0,0,0,1)"

    Trigger Bug?

    That's an array. Long story short, params["_civList"]; in your script picks the first element of the array, which is thislist. That's why it won't work, so use beno_83au's either solution.
  10. POLPOX

    Trigger Bug?

    What do you mean? That's just an empty array.
  11. In this case switchMove is the correct command to use, but looks like just an animation-side problem. The animation isn't correctly mapped/signed to move, so can't move. EDIT: Correction, it's working, yet somehow not for AIs.
  12. DOES support this, thanks for it, you can reload weapons while walking, or even changing weapons. However, that isn't what you can achieve by simply applying two animations (switchMove, playMove, playMoveNow) the same time. The technology is named “gesture,” which rather is be achieved by switchAction, playAction. Actually, depends on the animation what you're trying to do. Most of the cases, the answer would be an no (at least within the vanilla scope).
  13. POLPOX

    Display teamkill

    Killed Event Handler is fired when the unit that assigned is killed. In this case, it will fire when the player is killed. Use EntityKilled Mission Event Handler instead. addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_unit","_killer"]; if (side _unit == side _killer and _killer == player) then { hint "teamkill"; } else { hint "not teamkill"; }; }]; (not tested)
  14. Basically, yes, depends on “dynamic action conditions” and “static actions” you meaning.
  15. Because init.sqf only executed once, so the if does. Trigger is unlike init.sqf, executed every once in a while.
  16. I know. It is actually broken code so never runs, however don't you have more informations, like how do you execute it, any errors, etc? Saying just “THIS DOESNT WORK!!!!!!!!!” never helps you.
  17. Doesn't work at what context? You apparently forget the bracket to close if statement.
  18. So in a nutshell if you put DemoCharge_Remote_Mag into the box, will generate 10 SatchelCharge_Remote_Mags is the thing you wanted to do? And maybe you wanted to remove DemoCharge if is in box? Okay, so, init only executes once, when the mission starts. Of course in the beginning there was nothing so nothing happens. You might need a repeatable Trigger to do this. Condition: magazinesAmmo box1 findif {_x#0 == "DemoCharge_Remote_Mag"} != -1 On Activation: box2 addMagazineCargoGlobal ["SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag", 10]; clearMagazineCargo box1; Of course not perfect but still works like a charm.
  19. How do you execute it? And what exactly do you wanted to do to the code?
  20. That's not even correct syntax for if, nor sqf. Do just like before. if (magazinesAmmo box1 findif {_x#0 == "DemoCharge_F"} != -1) then { box2 addMagazineCargoGlobal ["SatchelCharge_F", 10] }; DemoCharge_F and SatchelCharge_F aren't correct ammo name BTW (at least in vanilla Arma 3), so this won't work also. You probably looking for those classes: DemoCharge_Remote_Mag and SatchelCharge_Remote_Mag.
  21. You can't detect magazine name by magazinesAmmo in that usage, since it returns an array so in doesn't work well. magazinesAmmo YourBoxNameHere findif {_x#0 == "YourMagazineNameHere"} != -1 Try this method instead to detect.
  22. You need waitUntil, not if. _vehlist = selectRandom [ "CUP_C_Datsun", "CUP_C_Golf4_camo_Civ", "C_Van_01_fuel_F", "C_Truck_02_fuel_F", "C_Offroad_01_F", "C_Tractor_01_F", "C_Van_01_box_F" ]; _sppos = selectRandom [ [188.522,4703.44,0.615326], [304.739,4569.2,0.615356], [39.5648,4641.1,0.615417], [76.1484,4609.85,0.615448], [71.9008,4719.1,0.615387], [137.652,5080.41,0.615265], [586.002,4753.71,0.615356] ]; _entehari = []; _entehari = creategroup WEST; _entehari1 = [_sppos, 0, _vehlist, _entehari] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _car = _entehari1 select 0; sleep 1; _entehari Move (getPosATL deftank); waitUntil {_car distance deftank)<30}; /*some createvehicle and explosion*/ (not tested)
  23. Welcome! This is my very own place to announce a new MOD, and discussion. Thank you for this idea, Gunter Severloh. List of my MODs and Projects (mostly on Steam Workshop): POLPOX's Better Bootcamp Translation お客様の中に日本人はいらっしゃいませんか?それもArma 3を始めたばかりの方。ブートキャンプキャンペーンの翻訳を改善します。(Is there any Japaneses who just started to play Arma 3 here? This improves the translation of Bootcamp.) POLPOX's Artwork Supporter Must-have item for war photographers. I'm using this MOD to debug TBH Forums topic available. Steam Workshop discussion topic is also. Early-development build is also available on Steam Workshop. POLPOX's AAN 2035 Resources This small MOD just adds 2035-style AAN World News resource. Fun fact: I didn't know Moricky is making the same thing while I'm making this. Forums topic available. POLPOX's Jets Modex Just randomizes hull numbers/Modex of fighter jets/UCAVs from Arma 3 Jets. Also lets you to change numbers easily. POLPOX's UV Checker Quick access to Sketchfab's UV Checker. POLPOX's Quick Death This lets you to die fast and restart a mission quickly. Getting Rid of 2035 If you're not a fan of 2035 setting, and want to play with full of MOD, you can use this to remove most of vanilla assets. Retextured CBRN Suits This small experimental project adds Yellow, Light Blue and Black colors to CBRN suits collection. VTOL Hover Controller Want to hover your VTOLs easily and safely? Just add this to your MODs collection. Customized Thermal - Proof of Concept This is not a really big one, but might change someone's gameplay. Inspired by Battlefield 3. Ladder Tweak Quick, quick go, go! You can climb up/down ladders 3x faster. 2x version is also available. Behind the Artwork Supporter - How to Animate Detailed tutorial to make your own (static) animations - you can also find the rig to make face expressions! CJK Font Fix (Lite/Full Package) Sayonara, thin fonts. For Chinese, Japanese and Korean soldiers. POLPOX's Base Functions Literally, it's about base functions around my projects. Showcase mission's here. Virtual Reality Lighting Replace You don't need to load Stratis to see the lighting anymore. Stargazer You found the stars. A simple mission that isn't quite a “mission.” Just watch stars, in literally. Accurate Arsenal/Eden Icons Vanilla icons in Arsenal and Eden Editor aren't accurate to show required DLCs, so this is what to fix it. BigMoon / CageMoon Titles say everything. Change the moon model. Plane Loadout Everywhere Change your vehicles' loadouts on-the-fly(not actually meh), in-the-mission! Digital Kompass Just adds faster way to find direction. Simple MapTools Adds various tools to the map to learn the islands! More to come...? Note, I won't update my development diary here. Usually diaries will be up in A3 HUB Discord server or my Twitter account (which you'll find nothing useful). If you want to report some issue about my MODs, you need detailed situations (such as MOD collections, how and when)!
  24. Digital Kompass and Simple MapTools are the latest MODs, go check and subscribe if you miss yourself in the warzone! Both add faster and easy way to find yourself.