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  1. Unfortunately no. IIRC it was possible before using that way, but not anymore probably for security reason.

    Wiki Edit - 'attachTo' command

    And I am still waiting for your reply, @AirsoftArmoury15_97 .
  3. Just use Cycle waypoint. There is no need to make WPs continuously. Scheduled or Non Scheduled is not a concern here because there is no reason to do such complex scripting. If you have a trigger and check if a player is in the trigger or not, just use trigger's condition. Non Scheduled: Pros: Will run within a frame anyways, not going to consume other scripts' process speed Cons: It cannot have a sleep Scheduled: Pros: Can have a sleep between execution, possible to execute something in a certain amount of time later, or continue as long as you need Cons: If you have a lot of Scheduled scripts, it can make every Scheduled scripts slower
  4. A HashMap cannot be sorted. It is how a HashMap works so you need an array instead.

    Wiki Edit - 'attachTo' command

    What exactly is your working and not code? It's very hard to believe you're true IMO because I have never experienced such, so please share your actual snippet.

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    As always, and nothing is different than any older days, we cannot say anything until an official statement.
  7. 3den Enhanced's latest update introduces that and as the changelog even told you you can tweak size or even hide from Eden's preference

    Arma Discord Application to be unbanned

    amazingdoge has been unbanned.

    Arma Discord Application to be unbanned

    pjlad101 has been unbanned. We cannot find tobangado1257 so nothing has done yet.
  10. POLPOX

    Integrate Simple MapTools

    A question from the author: why? Another question from the author: why not MapTools Remastered?
  11. POLPOX

    Unable to use Arsenal Extension Mod

    If you mean my Mod Arsenal Extension, Antistasi is most likely unsupported since it also modifies Arsenal.
  12. POLPOX


    Disable OneDrive is one suggested way.
  13. POLPOX

    Set scale issues

    That is not an official Editor feature. Even though there is setObjectScale that is added months/year ago, but it is definitely not perfect and will not work in some situations, as the BIKI article suggests.
  14. POLPOX

    Arma Discord Application to be unbanned

    Approved. Unbanned just now.
  15. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgPatches // Optional. If this is 1, if any of requiredAddons[] entry is missing in your game the entire config will be ignored and return no error (but in rpt) so useful to make a compat Mod (Since Arma 3 2.14) skipWhenMissingDependencies = 1;
  16. POLPOX

    Taget Acquiered but NO ATGM LOCKON

    So I think I've red wrong that quote part wrong way. I really do not know how you test this issue, but how about if your Kajman has a gunner? I've just ran a test in version 2.15. Looks it requires both “recognize the target (by the group)” and “it has enough heat signature” to lock.
  17. POLPOX

    Taget Acquiered but NO ATGM LOCKON

    This is normal if the vehicle is not “hot enough” to be detected by the Scalpel missile itself. Scalpel missile has IR seeker so at least the target should have the engine that recently turned on.
  18. moveInDriver or any other commands.
  19. POLPOX

    Scripting Mentor/Teacher wanted

    Asking question/troubleshoot 101: Don't ask to ask, just ask. What you exactly want to ask is your solution to solve your issue, not someone who can answer. While you only looked for someone, nobody can answer your actual question.
  20. Please describe what exactly is your goal. We do not really know what save/load system you talk about. If your goal is just add save and/or load action menu into a certain object, it should be very easy.
  21. POLPOX

    What are "accepted keys"?

    On the other words, you are not allowed to load that Mod and join into the server.
  22. POLPOX

    Help with custom assets list

    Is that file is the thing you're actually trying to load? Because it is very easy to see bunch of errors and easy to point them out too. Even though I have zero experience with WL modding/editing, but Line 308: }; class EAST Unintentional bracket Line 654: class Defences { class rhs_KORD_VMF { cost = 250; requirements[] = {}; }; }; }; class rhs_KORD_high_VMF { cost = 300; requirements[] = {}; }; }; class rhs_Igla_AA_pod_vmf { cost = 400; requirements[] = {}; }; class rhs_SPG9M_VMF { cost = 600; requirements[] = {}; }; class RHS_NSV_TriPod_VMF { cost = 700; requirements[] = {}; }; I have zero idea what are you trying to do with those brackets
  23. POLPOX

    Arma 3 background music

    Shift + Tab to open Steam Browser and close them.