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  1. RustyFork21

    Can't get my map to fully upload

    Hey, I'm having the same issue now over a year later, Have you managed to fix this?
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2527226295 Play with more than 20 players as a unit taking part of an invasion, tasked with controlling multiple cities and enemy bases. Play on foot and use vehicles to finish more than 11 tasks in this three hours scenario filled with urban fighting. This being my first published mission, feedback is highly appreciated. Reviews : It's really cool. - Me It's alright i guess. - My friend. Don't forget your scenario while taking out the garbage. - My mum.
  3. RustyFork21

    What do you like to see in a mission ?

    I'm still having problem with "air" related vehicles and missions but thanks for the input. If i may ask , what do you think about fighting multiple tanks in a city... The idea is to force the players to stay out of some roads and to make them go through windows-filled backyards , to keep them alerts. Would you like that , or would it be too much hassle to avoid and destroy that much tanks ? Note : there are a lot of tanks , and you have to destroy them to capture the sector.
  4. Recently i started working on a four part campaign , at the start i didn't have any idea what it was going to be about , but i kind of thought of something while creating it. My question is to the community : what do you guys like to do in a mission ? favorite type of missions. difficulty. number of missions in each part. When you play a scenario , what do you want to see/not see. Edit : What type of vehicles , and how much. Any information is appreciated.