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  1. RustyFork21

    What do you like to see in a mission ?

    I'm still having problem with "air" related vehicles and missions but thanks for the input. If i may ask , what do you think about fighting multiple tanks in a city... The idea is to force the players to stay out of some roads and to make them go through windows-filled backyards , to keep them alerts. Would you like that , or would it be too much hassle to avoid and destroy that much tanks ? Note : there are a lot of tanks , and you have to destroy them to capture the sector.
  2. Recently i started working on a four part campaign , at the start i didn't have any idea what it was going to be about , but i kind of thought of something while creating it. My question is to the community : what do you guys like to do in a mission ? favorite type of missions. difficulty. number of missions in each part. When you play a scenario , what do you want to see/not see. Edit : What type of vehicles , and how much. Any information is appreciated.