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  1. JR Nova

    The Alamo (Wave Defense Co-05)

    Hmm strange, for me it's at the veeerrryyy bottom of the list on Altis. It was like halfway hidden though lol that might be why
  2. The Alamo (Wave Defense Co-05) Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1828466304 MISSION Survive each wave of enemies, they get slightly harder and harder each wave. Vehicles and snipers spawn in the later rounds. Make it past wave 30 and you win! If you die, you can't respawn until the end of the wave. If all players die, the wave is lost and begins again. FEATURES Custom music and sounds virtual arsenal (unlocked at wave 3) revive, spectator custom base and arena unlockable support (UAV recon, laser guided missile, mortars, artillery, carpet bombing) custom level system and base unlocks enemy armor upgrades as levels go on weather and time changes every few waves WAVE UNLOCKS Wave 3 - Virtual Arsenal Wave 5 - Perimeter Towers Wave 7 - UAV Recon Wave 8 - Medical Healing Building Wave 10 - Main Tower Wave 11 - Mortars Wave 15 - Laser Guided Missile Wave 17 - APC at base Wave 20 - Artillery Wave 23 - Tank at base Wave 25 - Carpet Bombs CREDITS Big shouts out to Daxx for the arena compositions Thanks Austin(medic) and LSD for their composition packs Thanks shuko for the random position script Thanks kibot for the support scripts from DUWS Thanks wogz187 and pierremgi for help on the bis forums Big thanks to Phil, Bruno and Porte for all their patience during testing Custom music and sounds by JR Nova REQUIREMENTS None 🙂
  3. Ah, thanks for the help! I finally got it working by running a code on the spawned groups that give them a doMove command to an invisible heli pad named "attackPos", waits a minute, then runs the stalker code. I renamed spawn.sqf from original post to waves.sqf init.sqf waves.sqf spawn.sqf
  4. I'm trying to spawn AI units in groups that spawn more and more units each wave and the units start wearing more armor over time. I got the loadouts and spawns working properly but after about wave 5, units sometimes stop following their waypoints. I can hear them on the radio ordering guys to move but they just move into formation where they spawn then never move. Its very bad on vehicles, they have about a 50% chance of moving after they spawn. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? init.sqf spawn.sqf
  5. Hello I was wondering if it is possible to have one task with multiple objectives? Like for example- if the objective is to destroy 3 ammo caches, the task would be "Destroy Ammo Caches 0/3" then update each time a cache got destroyed, instead of having to create a parent task "Destroy Ammo Caches" and "Cache 1", "Cache 2", "Cache 3" children tasks. Thanks for any help.
  6. JR Nova

    The Malden Cartel [Co-05]

    Ah snap, I fixed it now lol thanks
  7. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1818639740 Take out each level of the Malden Cartel, from the growing, to the production and smuggling of narcotics and illegal firearms. MISSION Our operation consists of three phases. Phase one will be taking out their grow operation. The cartel has 2 fields that they are using to grow their drugs between the cities of Cancon and Chapoi. They have built a slum village to house all of their workers in the area. For phase one, we must clear the fields and slums of cartel workers, find their ammo cache, and destroy any drug transport trucks (blue and yellow urals) in the area. For phase 2, we must clear their drug processing lab to the south-east of the fields, find the ammo cache there and destroy the drug transport trucks. For phase 3, we must destroy the boats that they use to smuggle drugs to the nearby islands of Altis and Stratis, destroy the transport trucks and find the ammo cache in the area. Good luck boys, and godspeed. FEATURES Mobile respawn, Virtual arsenal, revive, intense CQB, ambient civilian life, custom enemy loadouts, custom intro music by me 🙂 CREDITS Austin(medic) and Daxx for their composition packs, nEXaus for his settings button script, Enigma for the civilian scripts, Porte, X07, Bruno & Yumsum for testing, JR Nova for the custom intro music xD REQUIREMENTS RHS USAF, RHS AFRF.
  8. JR Nova

    Narcos [Co-05]

    Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1748204814 U.S. special operation to kill drug lord Pablo Vasquez. MISSION Infiltrate the compound, kill Pablo, and destroy his weapons stash and drug smuggling vehicles. FEATURES Random civilian life and traffic, revive & mobile respawn, virtual arsenal, Intense CQB and furniture in buildings. Custom intro music by me 😉 CREDITS Thanks to Enigma for his civilian scripts. Thanks to Porte, Yumsum, Bruno & Crow X07 for testing. REQUIREMENTS RHS USAF, RHS AFRF.
  9. STEAM WORKSHOP LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1740538196 Intense CQB in Ovallestan. Destroy Taliban AA and mortar positions in the town as well as any ammo caches that are found. Watch out for IEDs and suicide bombers! MISSION Taliban forces are in control of the town. Complete a variety of objectives to get a foothold on the town. FEATURES Random civilian life and traffic. The civilian populace is highly against us being in the area, so there are IEDs in the area. IEDs can be disarmed by slowly crawling to it and using a ToolKit and can be detected with a Mine Detector. There are also suicide bombers in the area - be on the lookout for any civilians acting abnormal. CREDITS Thanks to kylania for the Suicide Bomber script. Thanks to Phronk for his IED script. Thanks to Enigma for his civilian scripts. REQUIREMENTS RHS USAF, ACE, CLAfghan, CUP Terrains, CUP Weapons, CUP Vehicles, CUP Units.
  10. Thanks for the reply, that worked out perfectly! (Other than the fact that like you said the subordinates just stayed outside the whole time while the group leader ran upstairs lol😥) I got around that by changing it to just spawn a few 1-2 man groups instead of just one and this works as planned for me! dataGroups = 0; randomLimit = 5 + (random 4); spawn_dataGuard = { private ["_spawnPos", "_building", "_dataGuard", "_movePos", "_wp"]; dataGroups = dataGroups + 1; _spawnPos = [_object, [80,130]] call SHK_pos; _building = (nearestTerrainObjects [getpos _object,["house"],50]) select 0; _dataGuard = [_spawnPos, resistance, 1 + (random 1)] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; { _movePos = _building buildingPos _x; _wp = _dataGuard addWaypoint [AGLToASL _movePos, -1]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE" } forEach [20,27]; }; while {dataGroups <= randomLimit} do { call spawn_dataGuard; sleep 0.1; };
  11. Hello I'm trying to get an AI group to spawn and move to the upper level of a building but once they spawn they are just standing there. (The building in question is one of the multi-story office buildings in Kavala - im trying to get them to the room at the top level with the ladder in it.) _spawnPos = [_object, [80,130]] call SHK_pos; _movePos = (nearestBuilding _object) buildingPos 27; _dataGuard = [_spawnPos, resistance, 3 + (random 3)] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; _wp = _dataGuard addWaypoint [_movePos, 0]; _wp setWaypointType "MOVE"; I tried getting the player pos or object pos and it sort of works, but they just stay on the 1st floor instead of moving up through the building.
  12. Not exactly GTA but something similar lol 😉 I actually changed the way I set it up and now its a few more files, for now I have them all in the mission folder. init.sqf killed.sqf civKilled.sqf copKilled.sqf wanted.sqf
  13. I got it to work, I took everything out of initPlayerLocal and in civKilled.sqf changed the code to if ( (_instigator isEqualTo player) && (side group _killed isEqualTo civilian) ) then { _instigator execVM "killed.sqf" }; }]; then in killed.sqf alertLevel = alertLevel + 1; wanted = true; player setCaptive false; if ((alertLevel > 0) && (alertLevel <= 2) && (!dispatched1)) then { dispatched1 = true; _pos = [player, [50,150]] call SHK_pos; _police = [_pos, resistance, 1 + (random 2)] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; _stalking = [_police, group player,nil,10,{player distance _police < 300},"mkrStation"] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; waitUntil { (count units _police) < 1 }; dispatched1 = false; }; if ((alertLevel > 2) && (alertLevel <= 5) && (!dispatched2)) then { dispatched2 = true; _pos = [player, [50,150]] call SHK_pos; _police = [_pos, resistance, 1 + (random 2)] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; _stalking = [_police, group player,nil,10,{player distance _police < 300},"mkrStation"] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk; waitUntil { (count units _police) < 1 }; dispatched2 = false; };
  14. Hello I am trying to create an alert level system where if the player kills a civilian, then AAF units are spawned that hunt the player down, and if the player kills an AAF unit, even more AAF come for the player and eventually a heli comes and engages the player. I need it to be MP compatible and have different alert levels for each player though and not a universal level. What I have tried so far is creating a script and spawning units whenever a civ or AAF unit is killed. civKilled.sqf This script works, but it gets out of hand pretty quickly when you start killing AAF units, so I was trying to make an alert level type system where if you kill a civ, that gives you one point, and killing an AAF unit gives you 3 points. I'm trying to have AAF spawn 1-3 units when you have less than 3 points, 3-6 units when you have 3-10 points, and spawn more units plus a vehicle over that then eventually a heli that hunts you as well. Since I want each player to have their own alert level, I thought maybe putting the script in the initPlayerLocal would do the trick but units aren't even spawning when I put the script in there so I really have no idea where to go from here. initPlayerLocal.sqf Any ideas on how I can get this to work?
  15. Hello, I created a mission and uploaded it to the steam workshop, and people are able to play it when hosting normally, but people with dedicated servers are saying that when they try to host, people are getting the error 'No entry 'bin/config.bin/CgfVehicles.rhsusf_m1043_d_m2' when they attempt to join and are then kicked. I thought it might have been server side at first, but multiple people are saying the same thing so I think it's a mission problem. I have no idea what it could be though, and was hoping you guys could help. Here's a link to the actual mission folder if that helps. Thanks in advance!