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  1. Hehe, dunno mate, dunno. Let me know if you like the tool.
  2. It was a challenge for me, to develop automated mechanism of making screenshots, keep best resolution, and also have map look identical to how it looks in game (in KK`s post resulting image is somewhat different from ingame map. Maybe old version? dunno...)
  3. @kman _(kya) although i stopped developing compot, it is still working somewhat fine. There are no dll so no problem in this regard
  4. mind

    Magazines models

    Yeah, that`s what i eventually did, i used arma 2 freely available MLOD`s.
  5. Sorry for delay... Here you go, x64 update. Only one file added "asct_ext_x64.dll" everything else (plugin, exe, bats...) stay same. See download section for x64 version.
  6. mind

    Magazines models

    Yeah, like this. Unfortunately it is almost not usable.
  7. Hi all, Can any one point me to addon where magazines have real models (not mag_univ.p3d)? I remember in A2 DayZ a lot of magazines had custom models. Also, i wonder how simple is that to rip magazine from weapon`s p3d. Is it even possible? I am not modeler, so have no clue.
  8. BIS, please take a look at this problem, it does not look like too big of a problem. Is it?
  9. Tnx KK, indeed, simpler. But harder to understand from pure logic point of view. Not like I knew that solution before , so, yeah i guess i became a bit smarter
  10. Hey, Small topic for those who love to play around with randomness. Have you ever tried to find random point in circle? Let`s try find a random point around player in 1000 meters radius. So we can write something like. player getRelPos [random 1000, random 360]; And here we go, seems cool right? No it is not. Let`s try do that 5000 times, and put a marker for each resulting position. for "_i" from 0 to 5000 do { _pos = player getRelPos [random 1000, random 360]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [str random 100,_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "hd_dot"; }; Here what we gonna have. As you can see it is not random at all. Dots are concentrated towards center. So how can we have unified distribution? We can write following: for "_i" from 0 to 5000 do { _radius = 1000; _randomValue = random _radius; _distributedValue = _randomValue; if ((1-(_randomValue/_radius)) > (random 1)) then { _distributedValue = (_randomValue + (random (_radius - _randomValue))) }; _pos = player getRelPos [_distributedValue, random 360]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal [str random 100,_pos]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "hd_dot"; }; So here is what we gonna have as result Basically what we do here is: As smaller the random value we get as bigger the chance that we will add to this value a bit. (In simple words ;p) Have a good day
  11. Hi all, I have been away from ARMA recently. There is a certain project which i probably will not be able to finish... Point is, there is asset in this project that i want to share even thought the whole project is not done. This asset is hiqh quality map of Altis and Stratis. I dont know if someone will find this usefull, but i hope so. Maps were made from inside game by making screenshots, I suppose it is not against EULA. I will remove download links if it is against EULA. Both maps have following parameters: - Resolution is 32768x32768 pixels (higher is not possible for JPG coz I wanted to keep resolution as power of 2) - Both satelite and height map variants available - No watermarks Also, both maps were cut to tiles, so it can be used in tile map engines. Leaflet in my case. Here are some sneak pics. Single JPG maps: 1) Stratis (satelite + height map) download - 129 MB 2) Altis (satelite + height map) download - 199 MB Tiled maps. 8 Layers. Resolution 256x256. Format PNG. 21845 files. 1) Stratis - height map download - 606 MB 2) Stratis - satelite download - 748 MB 3) Altis - height map download - 845 MB 4) Altis - satelite download - 811 MB
  12. Hi all, I encountered rather strange and very dangerous bug. Following code will execute, but will ignore structure elements like IF blocks. Resulting in both lines written. _action = ' if (true) then { hint "This line MUST print" } else { hint "This line MUST NOT print" } '; _button buttonSetAction _action; Pressing this button will result in printing both lines with no errors, it is if like there were no IF block or it`s evaluation skipped. However following code will execute as expected _action = 'if (true) then {hint "This line MUST print"} else {hint "This line MUST NOT print"}'; _button buttonSetAction _action; It looks like newlines and tabs, causing this strange behaviour. P.S. Other workaround for buttonSetAction is using calling global function.
  13. I have another tiny update for you guys. it is for notepad++ plugin only, so I figure out i will silently "replace" version`s "asct.dll". So is latest version, download link updated. So this update allow executing only portion of text from currently opened file. As with "Execute" command, "Execute segment" will use default instanceID. If you have some text selected, you can then press Plugins->ASCT->Execute segment. And if you have nothing selected, the whole line where your caret currently is, will be executed