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  1. Suursaari Real island with fictional layout. The map is made according to maps from 1940. Big island is Suursaari and three smaller islands: Iso sommeri, Ruuskeri and Säkkiluoto. Size 12km x 12km 220k objects Cell size 3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1680294609 No requirements, map use only vanilla objects. There are also ww2 versions of the map on the northern fronts terrains pack. Summer and winter versions.
  2. Temppa


    Summa updated Added more houses, bunkers + bug fixing Added simple winter version. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/D3E9Zaa
  3. Few wip pictures from Suursaari winter terrain: More pics: https://imgur.com/a/QLFelAu
  4. Temppa


    No, at least now. Its quite simple ww2 winter terrain, i dont think so it give nothing new if its on cup core only version.
  5. Come to the discord and tell more about the problem: https://discord.gg/UdQyUxr
  6. Few pictures of upcoming Northern fronts terrains: Olhava: * More pics: https://imgur.com/a/zTxxO99 Summa Winter: More pics: https://imgur.com/a/4U5sSSQ
  7. Temppa


    Hi, no update coming for few months, if some bugs found i fix them but not adding houses anymore before big update.
  8. Temppa


    I just tested anizay with new cup core and i get 80-120 fps with all ultra and 3440x1440 resolution. Only cup core + cba and anizay loaded. I surely fix if something cause too much fps loss. Need more data :D
  9. Temppa


    Did the problem start after updating the cup terrains? We play with the old version 1.4.2 and there is no fps problem.
  10. Summa Fictional terrain located in the Summa region of Karelia. This mod included autumn and winter versions of summa. The map is made according to maps from 1944. This is a fictional post-war version. WW2 Winter and summer versions are in northern fronts terrain mod. Size 6x6km Cell 3 Requiments: Cup terrain core Download link and more pictures
  11. Temppa


    Looks better with that gate, i change in the next update.
  12. Temppa


    The green area was left unfinished when the fps dropped really low, I did not dare to put any more objects there. Now that the fps problem has been corrected so I've already added a lot of new objects into the green zone and the desert side.
  13. Temppa


    I can try it again with this larger cell size, before it took a huge amount of fps.
  14. Temppa


    Could you give class names what you changed and what. I try them.
  15. Temppa


    Thanks for feedback, the next version has more water and objects. I take the suggestions to advance the map forward.