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  1. Something from upcoming terrain pack update:
  2. @lifetap Thanks for feedback, i try to make it better in next update.
  3. Temppa


    Terrain updated to version 1.2 Removed cup core dependency More places New satmap Added normal map New clutter Added Enoch spatial sounds
  4. The winter map is made half snowy so it looks like a spring map. When it is foggy and snow is raining it looks just like Finland has a spring storm. I try fix that SpatialSounds problem in next patch.
  5. Updated Added more details Added winter version
  6. Temppa


    Sure, at winter time 😉
  7. Temppa


    Summer version updated to 1.01 version. - Changed all houses/vegetation to vanilla. - Removed cup core dependency
  8. Northern fronts terrains updated: - Added Svartmarka terrain (Chernarus ww2)
  9. Temppa

    Ruha terrain

    Ruha update New vegetation New less saturated satmap Some smoothing Bug fixing Added some invisible paths to ai New lighting New water config New clutter New textures https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368857262
  10. Temppa

    Ruha terrain

    Few pictures from upcoming update:
  11. Temppa


    Updated to 0.04 Added winter version More pictures in steam
  12. Temppa


    I used mikeros origamis to place them.
  13. Temppa


    Cham updated to v 0.02 Linovia trees/bushes Road smoothing @nomisum New places New forests More water New custom lightning config, give feedback pls Added weferlingen dust config Bug fixing Thanks @tpw
  14. Temppa


    Few pictures from upcoming update: https://imgur.com/a/mNUov9L
  15. Terrain updated Changed cup core objects to enoch objects, no requirements anymore.