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  1. Long overdue. Even stopping to have a smoke would be really cool. Thank you TPW! PS: I would assume your update could or probably will conflict with other AI mods?
  2. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Thanks alky ! It's been a long time playing on Tanoa. Def' gonna go back down memory lane.
  3. pvt. partz

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    ...and able to tow with a horse!
  4. pvt. partz

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    ...just thinking that all this fighting is swinging far too wide around the point of this topic, and this undeniably great mod.
  5. pvt. partz

    [COOP] The Magnificent Seven

    @Rydygier You've inspired an idea! In my research however I've noticed one of your links is broken.
  6. pvt. partz

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    To our friend Titus-Groan, thanks for being such a class act. May you find peace brother. For those who may not be aware, he had a great selection of play-throughs that deserve a look... titusgroangaming/videos Also, here is his Steam page where you can say your final good-byes titusgroangaming on Steam
  7. ...awe Geeze, how quick this old skull full of jelly forgets!
  8. Ah, thanks @eggbeast . I did find it and come to find out it is used for "locating" mines, which of course is good. After messing around with one of the booby traps, I can't disarm them, with toolkit in inventory. So once put down they are there 'till kaboom?
  9. pvt. partz

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    Sounds a little more challenging. Definitely going to step outside my comfort zone and see what this is all about!
  10. pvt. partz

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    ...There's a little more to porting a mission. You might be tempted to copy/paste from an existing (older) Chernarus port but I think the terrain and object placement may have changed. This should help.
  11. Spent some time trying to get a group of Hueys to follow a river at tree top height with only a limited success. BI Wiki says minimum is 40m but I think my choppers were always a bit higher than that. (probably more like 60+) Thanks for continuing to give us goodies that you make.
  12. pvt. partz

    FOG increases over time

    In my case I just zeroed the height.
  13. pvt. partz

    CO 02 Pilgrimage_Cambodia

    @domokun ...2 player Co-op, BUT, you can add more. ...running short on time but finally go around to it. 24 crummy hours in a day. 😏
  14. Pilgrimage Co-op Prei Kamaoch Luong| ព្រៃខ្មោចលង (RHSPKL) Terrain developed & created by bludclot Distributed by Red Hammer Studios This is a Co-op version of the great mission called Pilgrimage to be played on the terrain which I will refer to as Cambodia. This port has all of the weapons, units, vehicles used in the Asian conflict that raged during the 1960's, thus mod use is required. Every possible detail has been implemented for authenticity. Nothing will dampen your enjoyment, I promise, except getting shot! Warning, don't eat the rice! NOTE: This port is a WIP as is the original that Rydygier made for us. It remains a WIP with limited support. If something breaks, it may or may not get fixed but I’ll do my best. Requirements: ArmA 3 Apex RHSPKL Unsung Vietnam War Mod CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CBA Asian Factions for CUP Notes about this port: 1) There are 5 churches very close together in the town of Le Coq d'or. They were already on the terrain and are part of future plans by the map maker. Only one will save and only one will show as marked. 2) This port is based off the WIP version that is played on Altis, which is much larger than Cambodia so settings set to high in the GUI will result in overwhelming odds against you. I suggest setting the Garrison, Check Points, & Hidden Camps be set to 50%. Ambient combat to low/low-L. 3) Cambodia continues to be developed so there will be changes necessary for Pilgrimage as well as new features are added to PKL. 4) Cell phones did not exist during this time period so phone calls will seem a bit out of place. Phones have been disconnected. Player will rely on radio messages for communications. 5) For in depth information about how to play Pilgrimage, please visit the forums Pilgrimage Guide . (thanks alky_lee) ! Features/Issues: 1) Added random par-drops / repelling paratroopers / river patrols. 2) Rebuilt some of the ancient ruins that were removed, although not nearly as extensive as the originals. The rebuilt ruins still give the illusion of a once holy place location relevant to the mission. 3) Added asset details to the map where holy places exist. 4) Hidden camps may at times spawn in a rice paddy. This may prevent you from “put out fire”/establish hideout. 5) The hide/show modules don’t always work properly. This will result in spawning assets at mission start not showing. This feature is only for aesthetics and does not affect game play. credits: Bohemia Interactive-------------For Arma III Rydygier-------------------------------For his award winning mod (mission), Pilgrimage. Bludclot--------------------------------For this gorgeous terrain. CBA-------------------------------------Community Based Add-ons Phantom Wolf----------------------Holster Weapon Sgt. Justin---------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicles Community Upgrade Project The Unsung Vietnam War Mod DOWNLOAD: STEAM DROPBOX
  15. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    🎆 Pilgrimage in Cambodia Co-op! 🎇 STEAM BI Forums https://i.imgur.com/tWglfcN.jpg