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  1. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen

    @shoki ...Your words are very kind. I'm glad the mission is working like it is supposed to. Bugs are expected but nevertheless when they are found, I still grimace just a little. Most of the time it's simply trying to get things done too quickly. I worked most of yesterday going over everything that had been changed for this port and fine tuned a few things such as the coordinates for the churches. Most were spot on but a few were within, say 20 to 50m's. They should all be exact now. ...Your second point about "war stories" is exactly what we wanted to bring to ArmA! There were many things we discussed regarding what would be beneficial vs what would be overkill, "no pun intended". Particularly the ambience. We hope that the game play gives the player the best WW2 experience whereby the story being told in Pilgrimage, Silent_Unseen, seems like it could have actually happened. Many thanks to your military family members!
  2. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen

    ...Just to be sure, for max' civilians possible you should have your "civilian population" set to 50 and the "civilian spread" set to 100. by the same token, for the least amount of civilian you would then set "civilian population" to 10 and the "civilian spread" set to 600 ...Firstly, do you have the "3D icons" switched to All? Check that and then let us know if you are still having the issue. I am getting the "he is not here...etc and then the red marker appears a short time later. You say you are not getting the "he is not here...etc so I cannot say what is wrong because I do get that icon, but I want to ask you, are not getting an icon as well? you may be playing on Difficulty = Hard or above in which case you have to mark the churches yourself. ...That looks like a very cool mod but Pilgrimage is created with (no mods in the original version) and as few mods needed to make this port function as was intended. For such a complex mission, mods often cause more problems. You could mod your own Pilgrimage to add the forces yourself if you wanted though. HINT: look through the JR_Init.sqf and find the section that deals with the Groups and change the classnames that coincide with the faction mod you are wanting to add. Example: RYD_JR_AllGuardGroups = [ [east,configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardSentry"], [east,configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardTeam"], [east,configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "East" >> "OPF_F" >> "UInfantry" >> "OIA_GuardSquad"] ];
  3. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Pilgrimage Silent-Unseen.....has been updated.
  4. pvt. partz

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    The latest port can be found on the front page of the "ported" thread found here, Pilgrimage Ported or in my sig' Pilgrimage in Staszów
  5. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Here is the latest port for Staszów Pilgrimage in Staszów Alky_lee will update front page soon.
  6. Staszów wita! Niniejszą adaptację scenariusza Pilgrimage dedykuję przyjacielowi - Rydygierowi. Ported by Pvt. Partz and Rydygier Mod’ Requirements CUP Terrains - Core IFA3_AIO_Lite CBA_A3 Great news for all you pilgrims out there! Players will now have, the opportunity to experience a completely new Pilgrimage theme. Every detail has been scrutinized and edited to give Pilgrimage during WW2 the most authentic experience possible. Pilgrimage is set during WW2 in an area near Staszow, Poland. In the south, the area is still picturesque with small villages and quaint farms, but the front is drawing closer. In the northern parts fierce fights have put the scars on the landscape. Both the Germans and Russians have been fighting bitterly recently. The loss of life and property has been high, and it is expected to become much higher before Germans will be forced to retreat. Meanwhile, the Polish Home Army cells and other partisan groups in the region continue the struggle to regain Poland’s independence and to speed up German defeat. Aleks and his brother had become separated a few days earlier. Now it is rumored that Filip has indeed been killed. …and Aleks must now risk everything to find his beloved brother. Download: Staszów Credits Rydygier------------------------------Award Winning Pilgrimage Mission Cup Terrains Team CBA_A3 IronFront Lite Team-------------AFA3_AIO_LITE Phantom Wolf----------------------Holster Action Sgt Justin-----------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicle Installation: To play Pilgrimage, copy the .pbo file to your ArmA 3/Missions folder. Place the required mods into a place of your choosing, then include them into your start parameters. Bonus Features: Default ambient sound is from Tanoa. Those at @IFA3_AIO_LITE are aware and will correct this as soon as possible. You may at times (not always) encounter an error on mission load that look like... Error: creating magazine LIB_HandGrenade_base with scope=private We're not sure if it is caused by IF or Pilgrimage but we're looking. Change Logs: 05-06-2019 Changed: script so that hidden camp loot box is no longer packed full of loot. changed: the intro pic to allow all the info to be properly displayed fixed: church marker was slightly off, moved it to the proper location fixed: diary script so now grave markers work 05-09-2019 fixed: civilians not spawning fixed: German & Russians will now engage each other in combat Download Link Updated
  7. pvt. partz

    The ISIL Foothold

    ....sounds like something I might enjoy! Thanks for your hard work.
  8. pvt. partz

    Namalsk for Arma 3

    I was getting my ass handed to me last night when a tank showed and knocked over some walls. I've seen the explanation for this somewhere but can't remember so here a SS. They just sorta roll over on their ends. BTW, you can find Rydygiers' mission "Pilgrimage" ported to Namalsk in my sig, in case you missed it.
  9. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Small update for Namalsk: I'm not sure if my port will work if you just add the mods to your list and play. I saved my port with the mods active and sent the updated version to Alkey so either way you should be good to go. The authors of this terrain have made two patches: 1) Lighting as well as many fixes, 2) Railway lines AI movement fix These are two separate mods and you can find them here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1618441957 and here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1618365602 (file sent to Alky-Lee)
  10. I am placing a "campfire" on an area of burnt grass. I have edited the fire to be spread out over an area of 100m so that you only see a few tiny flames pop up here and there (along with some light smoke). what I want to know is if the glow that you see at night can be removed somehow. Even better, if a smaller glow can be created to pop up where ever a flame shows up. It's bit difficult to show with a SS but...
  11. ....Hey Johnnyboy Thanks for getting back to me. I'll go wake up Rydygier and see what he says 😄
  12. ...so Johnny, if I wanted to put this in Rydygiers Mission, "Pilgrimage", can you tell me how I can do this? @zagor64bz had the question about "spawned AI". In Pilgrimage there are numerous spawned garisons (Patrols). Would you be able to provide me with a easy to understand (zeeeeero scripting ability) method to get this to work in Pilgrimage OR should I try to work this out in reverse by asking Rydygier to look at your mod and see what he might do? Thanks!
  13. I thought you could only disable "environment" as they are are all grouped together. Yay or nay? 🐍🐇🦋
  14. pvt. partz

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I have been running some tests on the Cambodia port and I have noticed that every once in a while I see default ArmA assets. Sometimes a vehicle, sometimes a "asian"Ai with a default weapon. I'm wondering if the latest patch might have an effect on that blacklist function. Also, should the blacklist function action take place in the init,...before the JRInit executes? Secondly It has been quite a while but when I take all of the blacklist commands and look at them together I see they vary in script. I can't remember if you gave some to me and maybe I found one or two but I want to know what you think is the best way way to write them. Since your update, I wonder too if the location of these scripts might change. if ((toLower _class) in _myWeaponBlackList) exitWith {}; if ((toLower _class) in _myAmmoBlackList) exitWith {}; if (_lowClass in _myVehBlackList) exitWith {}; if ((toLower (configName _class)) in _myGroupBlackList) exitWith {}; if ((toLower _fc) in _myFactionBlackList) exitWith {}; They all sorta say the same thing but are def' varied. Once again, thanks for the nudges in the right direction!