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  1. pvt. partz

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.1117

    ...please don't! 🙏
  2. pvt. partz

    Enhanced Movement

    EM has worked flawlessly and I'm running many mods. FYI Edit: I should add, SP only.
  3. If you don't want to use TPW while you are playing other scenarios, it's probably best to use the Arma Launcher found in the root of your Arma folder. There you can enable or disable mods as you see fit.
  4. I've been hearing good thoughts about how the AI should react to a thrown grenade and this is my $0.02 worth. A grenade is "usually" and I say that in general terms, thrown during a skirmish. During a skirmish there is usually many other noises with plenty of confusion. When a grenade is thrown, I wouldn't think that all enemy AI would be fully aware or even be able to hear it unless someone yelled, "GRENADE!!!", even then I can picture some AI, as in a real fight, some who would not know where to turn, confused, temporarily deafened by gun fire. ...so imo, Some AI would bolt, while some would scurry randomly in circles.
  5. pvt. partz

    edit fire properties

    Hmmm, I may just start messin' around a little. Thanks for the inspiration!
  6. pvt. partz

    edit fire properties

    ...no, I fiddled with it a bit more an got a decent affect. There are a lot of burnt grassy areas on the terrain called Staszow (Iron Front) and Rydygier brilliantly scripted the Pilgrimage port for Staszow to randomly activate the smoking affects. ...You're quite right. ...plus, when you screw around with the smoke affects too much, the particles start to act weird. Like when the smoke is small, you can slow it down to look like it's really lazy, but when you try to spread the smoke over a large area the particles start popping and bouncing to much.
  7. pvt. partz

    Vertical sync not working

    ...Finally got time to check this. Seems W10 does not have a "aero" theme any longer...well, you can get it by other means but it is not a simple enable/disable function. so still no go. Ive tried my best to think of anything that I changed that broke this for me but nothing. Edit ...so I rebuilt my config, no fixy ...restored the Nvidia control panel display settings to factory and , it FIXED! Could there be a setting in there that stops Vsync from working in full screen. Who the heck knows.
  8. pvt. partz

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.1117

    'def "looking"😵... to hear your IF tweaks. Thanks for continuing to support this mod !
  9. pvt. partz

    Vertical sync not working

    W10 pro I'll check when I get home Who would have thought! ... Besides Microsoft naturally But to your point, VS does work in full-screen windowed mode. Just not in full screen.
  10. pvt. partz

    Vertical sync not working

    ...tried that, no go 😞
  11. pvt. partz

    Vertical sync not working

    A little bump.
  12. pvt. partz

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Swamp and streams look great! Did I see a '66 rambler?
  13. A lot of hard work here, Thanks, and keep going! 👍
  14. pvt. partz

    Vertical sync not working

    I have MSI/Riva Tuner and experimented with the limiter but nah. that's just a work around but still doesn't give a smooth result. I had it working so well but at a refresh rate of 60. The problem was there were a few times when I couldn't quite keep 60fps and it would start to feel a bit choppy, thus my playing around with the 50hz option. ...so I'm still wanting to know why it seems that VS simply doesn't take in ArmA. WOOPS! VS in Full Screen Windowed only? Works with that setting enabled, go figure. Never knew that. So........Full screen vertical sync is broken then?
  15. My monitor has a range of 49 to 100 hz refresh rate. I have been experimenting with custom resolutions and set one of them to 50 hz. When I set ArmA in game settings to VS enabled, the game won't limit the fps to 50. They're still unlimited. Any ideas? "My ArmA config is not set to read only" "setting my Nvidia panel to default still has same results"