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    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Alky_lee has stated that ports in this thread are not being updated. Some may still work, some may not. The link to Vidda on the first page is likely giving you problems because it is based off an older version of Vidda. To play on a stable version you should use the one in my signature.
  2. @Mr_john1 Yes, just enter zeros to disable anything you want.
  3. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    @neofit ...I checked my version that I have stored down in the vault and it still works Ok. It's been a while but I may have made a few changes since the name of the terrain was changed. I can't confirm whether the name change makes any difference but nevertheless, I re-upped to DropBox. PS: Just goes to show the timelessness of this mission.
  4. Long overdue. Even stopping to have a smoke would be really cool. Thank you TPW! PS: I would assume your update could or probably will conflict with other AI mods?
  5. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage in Livonia

    "I am the grandson of Aleksander Laskowski. His saga is well known in our family as he and his brother Filip were tasked to finding critical information and other dangerous intel about ongoing operations deep behind enemy lines during WW2. During their last mission things went terribly wrong and neither one of the boys made it out alive. The few friends they made managed to smuggle a few documents back to my grandmother. She took great care in preserving as much information as possible, but little is known about what had happened. Now my father is determined to find out what he can, even these many years later. We know that many Germans fled to Livonia after the war to not only avoid capture but they have recruited many sympathizer’s over the years to join in the fight against the legitimate government of Livonia. I have agreed to join my father to find any information about what happened so many years ago. Father left a few weeks ago to meet confidential contacts in order to prepare for our quest while I stayed behind to finish my thesis. Yesterday we received a call from one of dad's contacts saying he saw dad in a heated discussion about something near a church a couple of days ago. Getting on in years, we tried to persuade dad it was far too dangerous, but his mind was made up. The family curse remains!" REQUIRED MODS: Contact-DLC Apex-DLC CBA CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles CREDITS: Bohemia Interactive---------------ArmA 3 Rydygier---------------------------------Award winning Pilgrimage mission CUP Mod’ Team---------------------CUP for Arma 3 CBA-3-------------------------------------CBA for Arma 3 Phantom Wolf------------------------Holster Weapon Sgt. Justin------------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicle **Special thanks to alky_lee for squashing bugs!** NOTE: If you use TPW, you should turn off animals, ambient civilians, cars, sanity, skirmish, zombies. Pilgrimage is/can be taxing on your PC so use other TPW options sparingly. TPW has a folder in the main TPW mod called “addons optional”. This is used to quiet the shrill sounds in the woods. Check his readme for instructions. DOWNLOAD: DropBox Steam INSTALLATION: To play Pilgrimage, copy the .pbo file to your ArmA 3/Missions folder. Place the required mods into a place of your choosing, then include them into your start parameters, or subscribe to via Steam. Change Log: 04/13/2020 Changed the S&D aircraft from helicopter to fixed wing. Edited time of day (full moon looks amazing)! Changed date to winter (suggest use TPW breath for immersion). Tweaked the fog to reflect cold dismal atmosphere. Fixed grammar errors. Change Log: 04/18/2020 Adjusted fog, time of day, and season which is now back to spring time. Communications vehicle changed to radar tower @ Airfields. (destroy the radar tower to prevent the C47 from being dispatched with paratroopers). Stronghold spawned with mixed factions. All units are now on the same side. Moved sandbag gunner position back slightly. Gun mount would collide with sandbag barrier. Hideouts can be set up in smaller places, (empty space needed aprox' 20 feet out from fire-pit) so even in the woods you could find a small clearing. Re-worked all of the groups and vehicles so that they are a better fit for the era, (late80's) this port is based on.
  6. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Thanks alky ! It's been a long time playing on Tanoa. Def' gonna go back down memory lane.
  7. pvt. partz

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    ...and able to tow with a horse!
  8. pvt. partz

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    ...just thinking that all this fighting is swinging far too wide around the point of this topic, and this undeniably great mod.
  9. pvt. partz

    [COOP] The Magnificent Seven

    @Rydygier You've inspired an idea! In my research however I've noticed one of your links is broken.
  10. pvt. partz

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    To our friend Titus-Groan, thanks for being such a class act. May you find peace brother. For those who may not be aware, he had a great selection of play-throughs that deserve a look... titusgroangaming/videos Also, here is his Steam page where you can say your final good-byes titusgroangaming on Steam
  11. ...awe Geeze, how quick this old skull full of jelly forgets!
  12. Ah, thanks @eggbeast . I did find it and come to find out it is used for "locating" mines, which of course is good. After messing around with one of the booby traps, I can't disarm them, with toolkit in inventory. So once put down they are there 'till kaboom?
  13. pvt. partz

    [COOP] Seven Samurai

    Sounds a little more challenging. Definitely going to step outside my comfort zone and see what this is all about!
  14. pvt. partz

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    ...There's a little more to porting a mission. You might be tempted to copy/paste from an existing (older) Chernarus port but I think the terrain and object placement may have changed. This should help.
  15. Spent some time trying to get a group of Hueys to follow a river at tree top height with only a limited success. BI Wiki says minimum is 40m but I think my choppers were always a bit higher than that. (probably more like 60+) Thanks for continuing to give us goodies that you make.
  16. pvt. partz

    FOG increases over time

    In my case I just zeroed the height.
  17. pvt. partz

    FOG increases over time

    I've been going over this for hours now. Read everything there is to read, zero'd out fog forecast. When I start my mission I have the fog set just the way I want it but then over the course of say 5 minutes, the ground is white with fog. If I wait longer, the entire map is covered.
  18. pvt. partz

    CO 02 Pilgrimage_Cambodia

    @domokun ...2 player Co-op, BUT, you can add more. ...running short on time but finally go around to it. 24 crummy hours in a day. 😏
  19. Pilgrimage Co-op Prei Kamaoch Luong| ព្រៃខ្មោចលង (RHSPKL) Terrain developed & created by bludclot Distributed by Red Hammer Studios This is a Co-op version of the great mission called Pilgrimage to be played on the terrain which I will refer to as Cambodia. This port has all of the weapons, units, vehicles used in the Asian conflict that raged during the 1960's, thus mod use is required. Every possible detail has been implemented for authenticity. Nothing will dampen your enjoyment, I promise, except getting shot! Warning, don't eat the rice! NOTE: This port is a WIP as is the original that Rydygier made for us. It remains a WIP with limited support. If something breaks, it may or may not get fixed but I’ll do my best. Requirements: ArmA 3 Apex RHSPKL Unsung Vietnam War Mod CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles CBA Asian Factions for CUP Notes about this port: 1) There are 5 churches very close together in the town of Le Coq d'or. They were already on the terrain and are part of future plans by the map maker. Only one will save and only one will show as marked. 2) This port is based off the WIP version that is played on Altis, which is much larger than Cambodia so settings set to high in the GUI will result in overwhelming odds against you. I suggest setting the Garrison, Check Points, & Hidden Camps be set to 50%. Ambient combat to low/low-L. 3) Cambodia continues to be developed so there will be changes necessary for Pilgrimage as well as new features are added to PKL. 4) Cell phones did not exist during this time period so phone calls will seem a bit out of place. Phones have been disconnected. Player will rely on radio messages for communications. 5) For in depth information about how to play Pilgrimage, please visit the forums Pilgrimage Guide . (thanks alky_lee) ! Features/Issues: 1) Added random par-drops / repelling paratroopers / river patrols. 2) Rebuilt some of the ancient ruins that were removed, although not nearly as extensive as the originals. The rebuilt ruins still give the illusion of a once holy place location relevant to the mission. 3) Added asset details to the map where holy places exist. 4) Hidden camps may at times spawn in a rice paddy. This may prevent you from “put out fire”/establish hideout. 5) The hide/show modules don’t always work properly. This will result in spawning assets at mission start not showing. This feature is only for aesthetics and does not affect game play. credits: Bohemia Interactive-------------For Arma III Rydygier-------------------------------For his award winning mod (mission), Pilgrimage. Bludclot--------------------------------For this gorgeous terrain. CBA-------------------------------------Community Based Add-ons Phantom Wolf----------------------Holster Weapon Sgt. Justin---------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicles Community Upgrade Project The Unsung Vietnam War Mod DOWNLOAD: STEAM DROPBOX
  20. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    🎆 Pilgrimage in Cambodia Co-op! 🎇 STEAM BI Forums https://i.imgur.com/tWglfcN.jpg
  21. When I start Arma with the .exe, everything is fine When I start Arma with the launcher, browser and TeamSpeak crashes I suspect my issue is local on my end because all of my research yesterday (all day. 😣,) showed no results. I'll keep it simple just in case someone might have a quick solution I've tried all of the usual suspects, i.e: Firewall stuff, verify integrity, etc.
  22. I've been looking for the trapkit but can't seem to spot it in the Editor. https://i.imgur.com/q5BcmKk.jpg
  23. Staszów wita! Niniejszą adaptację scenariusza Pilgrimage dedykuję przyjacielowi - Rydygierowi. Ported by Pvt. Partz and Rydygier Mod’ Requirements CUP Terrains - Core IFA3_AIO_Lite CBA_A3 Great news for all you pilgrims out there! Players will now have, the opportunity to experience a completely new Pilgrimage theme. Every detail has been scrutinized and edited to give Pilgrimage during WW2 the most authentic experience possible. Pilgrimage is set during WW2 in an area near Staszow, Poland. In the south, the area is still picturesque with small villages and quaint farms, but the front is drawing closer. In the northern parts fierce fights have put the scars on the landscape. Both the Germans and Russians have been fighting bitterly recently. The loss of life and property has been high, and it is expected to become much higher before Germans will be forced to retreat. Meanwhile, the Polish Home Army cells and other partisan groups in the region continue the struggle to regain Poland’s independence and to speed up German defeat. Aleks and his brother had become separated a few days earlier. Now it is rumored that Filip has indeed been killed. …and Aleks must now risk everything to find his beloved brother. Download: DropBox Steam Credits Rydygier------------------------------Award Winning Pilgrimage Mission Cup Terrains Team CBA_A3 IronFront Lite Team-------------AFA3_AIO_LITE Phantom Wolf----------------------Holster Action Sgt Justin-----------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicle Installation: To play Pilgrimage, copy the .pbo file to your ArmA 3/Missions folder. Place the required mods into a place of your choosing, then include them into your start parameters or subscribe via Steam. Bonus Features: Garden textures collisions do not work properly and have been mentioned to the nice folks at IF. (driving onto them will result in your vehicle being destroyed) Change Logs: 05-06-2019 Changed: script so that hidden camp loot box is no longer packed full of loot. changed: the intro pic to allow all the info to be properly displayed fixed: church marker was slightly off, moved it to the proper location fixed: diary script so now grave markers work 05-09-2019 fixed: civilians not spawning fixed: German & Russians will now engage each other in combat 06-23-2019 Improved the caching system. Improved holy place coordinates. Corrected POI intel' script. Changed: Polish enemy radio chatter is now English, (takes away from the authenticity of the mission but we felt it was needed for the players benefit). Private conversations are still Polish. Removed a lib_kfz1_mg42_sernyt vehicle from the CP. array as it was giving many .rpt errors Replaced airport tower “w./interior” to airport tower “w.o./interior”. (interior objects consisted of PC’s). Optimized all scenery objects. Disabled "decoy" action. 07-13-2019 Fixed: all objects containing the word "dirt", were accidentally placed at the bottom left corner of the map. 04-24-2020 Fixed: typo that might prevent a side mission from activating. Download Link Updated
  24. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen

    ...there have been times when the body might be hidden under a building. I don't ever recall this happening on Altis but it has happened on other ported terrains. Maybe non-default (older) buildings might be hiding it under floors and such. Sorry I can't give a solid answer.
  25. Pending you have it installed correctly... ...try this: Look for this line... tpw_soap_region = 0; // Region specific sounds. 0 = autodetect, 1 = Greek, 2 = Mideast, 3 = Fijian, 4 = French, 5 = Russian, 6 = German, 100 = polyglot ...in your root ArmA/userconfig/TPW_MOD.hpp file and set it to "0".