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    Using Launcher crashes browser and Teamspeak

    ...no, I can be bothered. If I need TS I'll just start it later. It's nice to know what is causing it.
  2. When I start Arma with the .exe, everything is fine When I start Arma with the launcher, browser and TeamSpeak crashes I suspect my issue is local on my end because all of my research yesterday (all day. 😣,) showed no results. I'll keep it simple just in case someone might have a quick solution I've tried all of the usual suspects, i.e: Firewall stuff, verify integrity, etc.
  3. pvt. partz

    Using Launcher crashes browser and Teamspeak

    ...nope, Battleye still crashes internet/TeamSpeak ...woop. but if Discord is up, it only crashes TeamSpeak. I must living in the twilight ozone!
  4. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Still messing around with a port and I'm having an issue with churches not saving. If I'm not mistaken, it seems someone (me? don't remember) had this issue a long time ago but I can't seem to find it.
  5. I was just about to expand a little on what alky_lee said when I looked over on Steam for TPW. If I'm not mistaken I thought I had read in the past that TPW will NOT upload to Steam so I wonder if this one is legit. So I was going to say that TPW could also be in the !Workshop folder (which of course is in the main Arma 3 directory), if you subscribed to it. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\TPW and C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\TPW
  6. ...just wondering if you need to set your hpp file to read only once you make changes, that is if you are still playing the same mission as you were prior to making changes. Just a wild guess.
  7. I'd like to ask for a little help finding CUP classnames. I tried the 'Docs" link on the site but it doesn't go anywhere. Google hints that it may be temporarily unavailable. Thanks
  8. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    ...Ah, that's a big help!
  9. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I've reworked Cambodia because bludski has released an updated, version of PKL. This new version has a much more openness to it so I'm hopeful that enemy spawns will be a bit better than the original. Which leads me to ask Rydygier a question: ...As we are aware of how CP & HC's are spawned, Do the Garrisons also require certain conditions similar to CP's and HC's?
  10. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    ...Ha, I like to try to make my way up to a good vantage point and watch all the commotion around me. Then when everything simmers down and you decide to it's safe to move on, Bam, more action!
  11. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    ... barring low (known) fps's
  12. pvt. partz

    military simulator yet you die through walls

    I can't say for certain but I am convinced that I have been killed by ricocheting bullets ...and yes, you can clip through walls. Here's how ...just one of many "glitches" that we have played the game with. I think most folks understand your frustration but after nearly a decade, you should just find mods to overcome some of the short comings, (EM), and enjoy the multitude of positive and enjoyable game experiences A3 has to offer. You know, there are other fun things to do in Arma as well, like Editing, mission making, Terrain making, model making. You might find you have a gift something else that you could share. BTW, even with over 5700 hours I still get pissed sometimes when I drive into a rock the size of a lunch box and roll a tank over, end to end! lol
  13. Everything is Ok here......here is my .hpp
  14. pvt. partz

    Using Launcher crashes browser and Teamspeak

    ...You are exactly correct @Dedmen Thank you
  15. pvt. partz

    Project injury reaction

    ...maybe a config file that can be edited by the user to input their own words (even a players own "country" language)?
  16. ...even after almost 7 years, it's still so much fun thanks to modders like yourself!!!
  17. pvt. partz

    JBOY Scripts Compilation

    Hello Johnnyboy We've been talking about you fella! lol I was looking at your script where AI randomly wander around and flip on and off the light attachment while the squad leader from time to time barks orders for whatever reason. I haven't used it yet because I don't know how really. I almost always play SP (Pilgrimage) and I don't know how to command your script to attach to Ryd's method of spawning the AI groups. Also I was wonder, that is if you are inclined to fiddle with your mod a bit more, could you enable the AI to also loaf around and at times one or more will light a smoke, sit, crouch, walk around aimlessly, go pee, etc? Is there any way at all that if you are able to make such a project, or rather expand on what you already have, to make it a mod? I know I sound a bit greedy but my abilities to enter lines of code might fall short. Unless your instructions are easy. 😵 Thanks Johnnyboy !
  18. ...mmm, the AI do turn on the light attachment but I think the squad leader also talks up commands every so often (30sec's default I think). Maybe I just read more into this particular script than was actually there. Wishful thinking perhaps? 😄 Since I only play Pilgrimage, pretty much, I see where you have to place the script into the squad leaders init but I was wishing it could be made as a mod to randomly select a group in a players LOS (area) I'll ask him real nice if he can make such a thing. A simple mod for players like me. 😚
  19. I have been looking for a script that makes AI casually mill around, stop and light a cigarette, loiter in a small area. I thought it was something that KillzoneKid made a long time ago but just can't find it. I figured this thread would be an ideal place to ask. Thanks Upupupup! wait a minute, I found it! It was Johnnyboy and here it is although this one is chatter. I think there is one where they occasionally light a cigarette too. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190880-release-jboy-patrol-chatter-and-lights-onoff-scripts/
  20. ....and as I read through this thread I found the answer I was looking for, however I was sitting straight up in my chair hoping that the AI (enemy) would be improved with your mod. It would be a huge improvement to see AI stepping over fences, rolling and all the other great features you have improved. I play SP but never with my own AI units. Will you be able to address the AI enemy functions in the future? Thanks
  21. pvt. partz

    Project injury reaction

    Really liking this mod. Thanks for your hard work!
  22. pvt. partz

    Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen

    Anything is possible, but it is quite difficult. You would have to download the coop version found on the front page of the original Pilgrimage release found HERE. This version is based on the Altis terrain. You can also find some coop ports from other terrains HERE. Porting can be quite difficult (time consuming)if you are looking for detailed authenticity, but definitely doable. I'll look through some of my old files to see if I made any notes on how to remedy some stuff in the port process. Once you get it working though, playing coop is the best way to enjoy Arma imo. Many players seem to have moved on but I miss those days. Give it a try and good luck. Personally, I won't be porting anymore. I still enjoy SP with all enemies on 100% and ambient combat & artillery ON !!! PILGRIMAGE...the best mod ever made for ARMA.
  23. Staszów wita! Niniejszą adaptację scenariusza Pilgrimage dedykuję przyjacielowi - Rydygierowi. Ported by Pvt. Partz and Rydygier Mod’ Requirements CUP Terrains - Core IFA3_AIO_Lite CBA_A3 Great news for all you pilgrims out there! Players will now have, the opportunity to experience a completely new Pilgrimage theme. Every detail has been scrutinized and edited to give Pilgrimage during WW2 the most authentic experience possible. Pilgrimage is set during WW2 in an area near Staszow, Poland. In the south, the area is still picturesque with small villages and quaint farms, but the front is drawing closer. In the northern parts fierce fights have put the scars on the landscape. Both the Germans and Russians have been fighting bitterly recently. The loss of life and property has been high, and it is expected to become much higher before Germans will be forced to retreat. Meanwhile, the Polish Home Army cells and other partisan groups in the region continue the struggle to regain Poland’s independence and to speed up German defeat. Aleks and his brother had become separated a few days earlier. Now it is rumored that Filip has indeed been killed. …and Aleks must now risk everything to find his beloved brother. Download: Staszów Credits Rydygier------------------------------Award Winning Pilgrimage Mission Cup Terrains Team CBA_A3 IronFront Lite Team-------------AFA3_AIO_LITE Phantom Wolf----------------------Holster Action Sgt Justin-----------------------------Lock/Unlock Vehicle Installation: To play Pilgrimage, copy the .pbo file to your ArmA 3/Missions folder. Place the required mods into a place of your choosing, then include them into your start parameters. Bonus Features: Garden textures collisions do not work properly and have been mentioned to the nice folks at IF. (driving onto them will result in your vehicle being destroyed) Change Logs: 05-06-2019 Changed: script so that hidden camp loot box is no longer packed full of loot. changed: the intro pic to allow all the info to be properly displayed fixed: church marker was slightly off, moved it to the proper location fixed: diary script so now grave markers work 05-09-2019 fixed: civilians not spawning fixed: German & Russians will now engage each other in combat 06-23-2019 Improved the caching system. Improved holy place coordinates. Corrected POI intel script. Changed: Polish enemy radio chatter is now English, (takes away from the authenticity of the mission but we felt it was needed for the players benefit). Private conversations are still Polish. Removed a lib_kfz1_mg42_sernyt vehicle from the CP array as it was giving many .rpt errors. Replaced airport tower “w/interior” to airport tower “wo/interior”. (interior objects consisted of PC’s). Optimized all scenery objects. Disabled "decoy" action. 07-13-2019 Fixed: all objects containing the word "dirt", were accidentally placed at the bottom left corner of the map. Download Link Updated
  24. pvt. partz

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.1117

    ...please don't! 🙏
  25. pvt. partz

    Enhanced Movement

    EM has worked flawlessly and I'm running many mods. FYI Edit: I should add, SP only.