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  1. lv1234

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Been loving the vanilla Altis scenario. Wondering if there are any other scenarios like pilgrimage or modded pilgrimage that brings a new non vanilla experience?
  2. So for some reason I'm able to build a base right off the bat when I spawn, is that normal?
  3. lv1234


    Hello, ravage community I'm not sure if I asked this question before but is there any explanation why we can't sell uniforms/vests etc. to the gear trader? Also when adding custom items to traders, does anyone know the full code/item list of the "default" ravage gear and weapons traders that you can buy & sell?
  4. a3 load order: https://imgur.com/a/kqMPtzc (altis and tanoa) Edit: Even happens with these minimum amount of mods: https://imgur.com/a/1zVPcus (both altis and tanoa)
  5. So i have a bunch of bugs to report. -It seems that the ai in the bandit camps stand around and don't move even when the player is near them. -Hostile dogs are somehow able to damage and kill my trader camp survivors even though the survivors are configured to not take damage at all + the survivors don't attack the dogs -I specified only 1 group of stalkers and ai patrols to spawn but somehow, the game adds 2 groups of each even though I specified 1 only.
  6. lv1234


    Ok, I'm not here looking for a new code yet. I'm just here to report a bug and wondering if haleks knows about it or planning to fix it. If he's not, then I'll look into other alternatives you both provided.
  7. lv1234


    Nope it's not a vanilla function https://ravage.fandom.com/wiki/Tools_for_Mission_Makers Look at "how to earn banknotes from killing zombies section"
  8. lv1234


    @haleksI realize that the system for earning banknotes from zombies is bugged. I realize that I earn banknotes from zombies even if I DIDN'T kill them aka another ai unit kills them. Any possible way for this to get fixed?
  9. I already have a 1tb m2 ssd on the way by next week. Hopefully it will make a difference, it probably will tbh esp. the loading times.
  10. Take note that I RARELY play pure vanilla Arma 3, at the most I play modded or at least lightly modded Arma 3. However even with not so much mods, I still feel like my system isn't performing well as it should. In general, very rarely does my game come close to getting 60fps (even with vsync off) and it is uncommon for me to get 50fps when playing unless it is in a very deserted/empty area of a map. In populated areas, I get around 30-40 fps, sometimes dipping down to 25 fps. I'm so far playing at standard settings with some things turned down like AA, bloom, radial blur, water reflections. A mission that I'm playing that shows this similar issue is Pilgrimage lingor with these mod loadouts So here are the things I have tried so far or have already checked: -GPU drivers are up to date -CPU and GPU are not overheating nor having high usage (though GPU may spike up to 95% briefly depending on what is happening, cpu never reaches 50%) -Modified certain A3 settings: Platform changed from 32-bit to 64-bit used -malloc=system Forced A3 to use 4 cores of my cpu Didn't change this but, unsure if the memory allocator is supposed to be windows or intel TBB allocated Hyperthreading enabled specs: I7 7700 rx 5700 XT 8gb 2x8 16gb DDR4 2400mhz RAM 1TB 7200 RPM WD mechanical HDD Playing with a 75hz 1080p monitor
  11. lv1234


    Any plans to make it so we can tweak HOW long dropped items stay on the ground before deletion?
  12. lv1234


    @haleksBTW does your cleanup function include dropped items in general?
  13. lv1234


    Hello, ravage community I'm back after a long departure and have been editing my single player missions recently. I'm running into a strange issue with my placed down "virtual arsenal" boxes. When playing through my SP mission and trying to open the arsenal boxes, I get stuck on a loading screen leading to the arsenal. This doesn't happen when spawned near the boxes in the eden editor. I have the arsenal option checked on the boxes and had the arsenal container command placed in the init just in case 0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;. Mod list: https://imgur.com/a/ykzZC31
  14. Issues being seen in your sites -AI have a hard time seeing me or don't shoot back when i shoot at them -They also ignore zombies