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  1. Yeah I think I will wait until the script is updated again without blacklists. Also I think even without the blacklists, the script should still spawn stuff inside the land right?
  2. So those markers are for what scripts? Just to double check again (IK campsites are one of them, even though THEY should be automatic like before) And did we have to do this for the previous script before the arma 3 update? Because, I didn't do the land marker stuff and it worked flawlessly since I was using the "marker-less" scripts including the shipwreck spawn.
  3. I do not, but I'm positive that I'm using the non-marker version for both of those ( at least i think i am)
  4. I don't think my scenario folder doesn't have an initserver.sqf only init.sqf and VDinit.sqf. When i play the game nothing spawns at all, inc the horses and such.
  5. Where is this located? Does this apply to SP too? Since going in both mp and sp shows the same thing.
  6. Did we have to do that in the previous version, since I didn't do that in the previous version and the scripts still worked fine So these are the mods that I have used for my test -CBA3 -Ravage -Dbo horses -Cup terrains core As you see it is all minimal and of course required for the scripts and ravage to work Old code has already been deleted and up to date with the latest ones. Same thing still happens when nothing happens (no horses spawn inc. bandit camps, crashsite and hideouts)
  7. Just tested your whole scripts (excluding jboy dog) on a test mission with very reduced mods. Still the same thing
  8. Woops must have posted in the wrong thread I did replace all the "broken" script files with your new and improved one released. Unfortunately, the problem still isn't fixed.
  9. lv1234


    HI VD I'm having a problem with your new scripts that I replaced with my older ones (BC, HO, CS, SW, Horse spawner). They don't seem to be showing up at all in the zeus editor both in SP and MP for my mission. I replaced all essential files including the vd settings and vd init but still the same issue.
  10. Is there some death penalty implemented into this sp scenario? I want something to motivate me from dying less and so that it won't be a simple save reload when i die...If its too complicated, then that is fine.
  11. lv1234


    VD is planning on that already after seeing his works. He actually has you gather resources to build stuff rather building them out of thin air. He had a base building script that relied on edn fortifications but as of right now, he has chosen to abandon it due to it not working everytime you save and exit. Instead he is planning to build a new fresh basic and simple base building script that no longer relies on edn fortification. Gotta say it looks good so far. I do gotta say though he should be careful about the ai and zombie "walking" through the structures though like you stated.
  12. lv1234


    I think whenever we get a basebuilding mod/script working for ravage, then I won't mind the night. I believe vandeanson is working on one (can't wait!)
  13. lv1234


    Is there any plans to have "sleeping" actually work in MP? if not, is there a script or mod out there that does a similar thing? Really hate the dark nights
  14. lv1234

    (MP) Ravaged Islands of Tanoa

    Mission updated again..Look at changenotes to see the new things that are added!
  15. Yeah it turns out that I had to replace the scripts with your latest one. Looking forward to that base building script of yours! Starting to get tired of the current edn-base building script due to how buggy it is