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  1. Issues being seen in your sites -AI have a hard time seeing me or don't shoot back when i shoot at them -They also ignore zombies
  2. So should I configure the VD settings through the server or mission for my Hosted MP mission?
  3. lv1234


    Yeah, car patrol system has been out of control these days. Not only in their pathing but spawning too much no matter how much you change the ai multiplier.
  4. lv1234


    So does the malvertising still occur with adblock? Because I'm not seeing it
  5. lv1234


    @haleks I have a question about your ai trader codes listed here: https://ravage.fandom.com/wiki/Tools_for_Mission_Makers After putting the codes inside the init section of my manually placed units and playing my mission, I see a random issue where the units fail to act as a trader at times.
  6. Just using ordinary respawn camps that players can find when looting via ravage mod.
  7. Sorry first time posting here in this section, what info do you need?
  8. Hi, I realize that players can set their respawn point at multiple places using 1 respawn camp in one of my zombie survival missions. I felt like that made it too easy and want it more hardcore. I want to make it so that if a player finds a respawn camp, they can use it ONLY ONCE to set a respawn point and never be able to reuse it again.
  9. lv1234


    Hello everyone Back after testing my MPmissions for a couple of hours. Apparently when fixing the "death/damage by the ravage indoor noticeable structures" bug, found multiple things that could be causing the bugs -Found removing all manually placed "empty" objects fixed the problem -Upon further testing, removing only manually placed "empty" objects belonging to mods & dlcs seemed to reduce the issue with some of the furnitures still causing damage/death to the player I'm not 100 sure how to actually to fix the problem completely without removing all of my manually placed items edit: found that certain manually placed items within a trader camp were causing it!
  10. lv1234


    It seems that every time i touch the indoor looting items, I either take damage or die which seems to be caused by manually placed camps as deleting all of them takes away the issue edit: it still happens but less severely.
  11. lv1234


    So considering the issue I'm having with the indoor looting bug in my mission (which is most likely caused by my manually placed items, which would take a very long time to debug). Is there any way for us to have the "old" interior looting system back that we had before the new one?
  12. lv1234


    Can anyone help me with a bug I've been experiencing in my ravageMP mission? I'm having this bug where my character dies when touching some of ravage's indoor lootable "furnitures". I have ruled out mods and load order after multiple tests on different test scenarios. If anyone needs my mission please tell me as I will freely link it to them.
  13. Hosted MP...Looking forward to the fix!
  14. Using your latest steam one. The main issue here is that it just won't spawn however in SP, it works. Everything else works though at very least.