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  1. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    That would be a very long video with not a lot happening apart from me dying a lot. I like to fight the AI on equal terms. That means I get to know their last known location. The map is not always accurate or up to date. I often see enemies that don't show on the map or get called out. The AI do cheat. They open fire before they come round a corner as they know you are there, as in this Malden run.. Friendly markers remind me where I last left my medic, especially when resuming a mission a day or two later. (They also help me avoid killing friendlies later in the mission). I play the mission for fun, not to drag things out by having to orienteer my way around and count my paces to measure distance travelled and waste time going the wrong way. I'm quite capable of doing that in any case, especially following intel from a single civilian who sent me that way. I did do a couple of videos back in 2017 on PKL. The joys of trying to navigate around that temple deep in the jungle, and I definitely couldn't get a vehicle to the body.
  2. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Obviously I don't use any mods while testing/editing the mission. My frames were on the low side even then. Obviously the map is the whole of Vietnam and not just a simple island. I wondered at the amount of detail in the map considering the overall size. Some hit on FPS is inevitable on such a terrain in Arma 3. I have yet to try it with my modset, but they should only have a minimal impact on FPS.
  3. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    A rough and ready ported version of Cam Lao Nam can be downloaded at https://www.dropbox.com/s/hva15bz19eo1o80/Pilg_Vietnam.cam_lao_nam.pbo?dl=0 The radio messages still refer to Altis and Tyrone doesn't have a clue what is going on. but there are a selection of landing places, around 50 chapels/churches/temples, and a full set of checkpoints, strongholds and airfields. Please be aware that some of the Vietnamese squads can be around 20 odd soldiers. It should lead to some challenging firefights. EDIT: Updated to use SOG assets. Ambient combat still spawns modern units though. Tyrone has been updated as to the situation.
  4. There is no need to unsubscribe. I have the Steam version and a locally installed version both installed at the same time. They show up together in my list of mods in the launcher. Just be sure only to run just one version at a time. I use one set of settings in the Steam version for use in general missions and another set of settings in the local mod. Depending what mission I am on , I can quickly change from one to the other just by running the correct version from the launcher.
  5. I have had that in Hetman War Stories where the commanding AI would utilise air units spawned in by TPW AIR. It is likely that other dynamic missions will be the same. It adds to the ambience even more.
  6. alky_lee

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I did port the mission to Cam Lao Nam, but the DLC factions weren't properly configured, so I found pilots on static weapons but no helicopters, so it hasn't progressed any further than that. But the mission will work on the new map.
  7. That has been an Arma bug for years now. It happens with vanilla assets when loading saves, mainly armoured vehicles such as APCs and tanks. It doesn’t seem to happen with Mrap class of vehicle.
  8. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    The things you see are given co-ordinates in JR_Init. The things that are missing are entirely produced by scripts that require certain things from the map config as to town and building locations. Something is missing in the map config which is causing the scripts to fail to provide values. Is anything showing up in the RPT log?
  9. From the " readme with installation and usage instructions" in the first post, you can place a trigger over the area to exclude and disable the modules as below. ASSIGNING TPW MODS TO DIFFERENT PARTS OF A MAP ============================================== The following variables can be used to activate/inactivate the various TPW MODS ambient life behaviours whilst the game is running: - tpw_animal_active = true/false - tpw_boat_active = true/false - tpw_car_active = true/false - tpw_civ_active = true/false - tpw_compress_active = true/false - tpw_crowd_active = true/false - tpw_duck_active = true/false - tpw_fire_active = true/false - tpw_firefly_active = true/false - tpw_fog_active = true/false - tpw_furniture_active = true/false - tpw_houselights_active = true/false - tpw_park_active = true/false - tpw_radio_active = true/false - tpw_repair_active = true/false - tpw_sanity_active = true/false - tpw_skirmish_active = true/false - tpw_soap_active = true/false - tpw_streetlights_active = true/false - tpw_zombies_active = true/false For example, setting tpw_animal_active=false in the debug shell will prevent new animals from spawning (but won't remove existing animals). This behaviour can be automated using triggers. Let's say you want to exclude all ambient life stuff from a 5km x 5km northeast corner of Altis. In the editor create a rectangular 5000x5000 trigger (but of course it can be any shape, size and angle you require), place it over the appropriate northeast area of the map, and set it thusly: Type: None Activation: BLUFOR, repeatedly,present Condition: vehicle player in thislist && time > 10; On act. : tpw_animal_active = false;tpw_boat_active=false;tpw_car_active = false;tpw_civ_active = false;tpw_civ_active = false;tpw_firefly_active = false;tpw_houselights_active = false;tpw_park_active = false;tpw_radio_active = false;tpw_skirmish_active = false; tpw_soap_active = false; tpw_streetlights_active = false On dea. : tpw_animal_active = true;tpw_boat_active=true;tpw_car_active = true;tpw_civ_active = true;tpw_civ_active = false;tpw_firefly_active = true; tpw_houselights_active = true;tpw_park_active = true;tpw_radio_active = true;tpw_soap_active = true; tpw_skirmish_active = true;tpw_streetlights_active = true
  10. alky_lee

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Even when I play other scenarios I still note the churches even though I don’t need to.
  11. TPW, As it has been announced today that the Armaholic site has closed, you may want to remove the Armaholic link from the first post.
  12. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I've tried the Vidda version RC3 (from the first post in this topic) and it starts normally for me without delays. It seems that your mission is hanging when putting down the abandoned vehicles. If you can get into the game world through the savegame you have, try pressing ESC and then restart and see if that makes any difference.
  13. alky_lee

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    It happens to me and I don't use VComAI. It's a nightmare with the gunship. I think it's to do with being spotted by enemy and has a timeout on the map the same as if you had spotted enemy with their markers. It's no longer sufficient to break line of sight for them to forget about your vehicle. I have to hide it in thick trees or inside a building to be safe. I don't like to lose my hard earned mobile arsenal. The other alternative is to kill all the enemies in the area.
  14. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I’ve been running a few test missions and it’s been a bit different. When I port the mission, I do the strongholds first, but by the time that I’ve finished the port, I’ve forgotten where they are. It makes it interesting for me too.