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  1. major-stiffy


    Did you try searching?
  2. major-stiffy

    Exploding of vehicles BUG

    Solved in latest Dev branch. Thanks KK
  3. I've put in a ticket for this but am curious if anyone else noticed this bug. Video link referenced in ticket. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T177911
  4. major-stiffy

    playSound3D arguments

    I've used this IIRC with success. 17 is the total time of the sound play time.
  5. If the object doesn't have a "ruined" or damaged model/object as an asset, I don't think you can.
  6. major-stiffy

    Mission start

    I guess Steam but I've never done it. Sign up for a Google drive. https://www.google.com/drive/
  7. major-stiffy

    Mission start

    I think in order for someone to help you'll have to show some code or give a place to download and test your mission.
  8. major-stiffy

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Heads up when doing this because it can find doubles. This was taken from HERE.
  9. major-stiffy

    Alleged"s/Bailing_outs finds and stuff

    this addAction ["Say something", { { null = execVM "yourscriptname.sqf" } remoteExec ["call", 0]; }, nil, 1.5, true, true, "", "" ]; Put in the init of the object.
  10. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setTerrainGrid
  11. major-stiffy

    Deleting a group

    {deleteVehicle _x} foreach (crew Your_VarName); deleteVehicle Your_VarName;
  12. major-stiffy

    Briefing images on Rugged Tv

    I do not.
  13. major-stiffy


  14. major-stiffy

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I've never seen one that does that. I wish there was one. I've seen the script that find checkpoints for us but not holyplaces.