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  1. Vidda

    Agree. Hopefully there is a fix for this. It could be a game breaker in some missions. Great map. So much time and effort. Can't wait for it to be finished.
  2. Trigger / Teleport Blur Fade In

    First of all I love your sound mod. I'm no script expert by any means but this might help get you started. I found it on the net some time ago. // Start with a silent black screen. titleCut ["", "BLACK FADED", 999]; 0 fadeSound 0; // Spawn text effects. _this spawn { params[ ["_missionName", "TEXT HERE"], ["_missionAuthor", "TEXT HERE"], ["_missionVersion", "Version 1.0"], ["_quote", "Free the civ's...\n\n-A quote"], ["_duration", 9] ]; // Starting quote as volume fades in. titleText [_quote,"PLAIN"]; titleFadeOut _duration; _duration fadeSound 1; sleep (_duration - 2); // New "sitrep style" text in bottom right corner, typed out over time. [ [_missionName,"font = 'PuristaSemiBold'"], ["","<br/>"], [_missionAuthor,"font = 'PuristaMedium'"], ["","<br/>"], [_missionVersion,"font = 'PuristaLight'"] ] execVM "\a3\missions_f_bootcamp\Campaign\Functions\GUI\fn_SITREP.sqf"; // Fade from black, to blur, to clear as text types. sleep 3; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable true; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [6]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 0; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectAdjust [0.0]; "dynamicBlur" ppEffectCommit 5; titleCut ["", "BLACK IN", 5]; };
  3. Door Keypad [SCRIPT] Request

    Very nice, good job. When I download it from Dropbox or Armaholic the file always says "unknown format or file is damaged". Anyone else?
  4. If your trying to have heli2 go to transport and unload waypoint, then wait for other players to get into heli2, add time to the transport and unload waypoint timers. The heli will sit there until the timer times out. Assuming I understand the mission correctly. Personally, I use LAND waypoint and add time to the waypoint timers if I want the heli to stay on the ground for say 30 seconds then he will the fly to the next MOVE waypoint.
  5. Are you going to finish this and test?
  6. Pilgrimage - Ported

    I don't know how to do that myself but Pilgrimage is compatible with a lot addons. Your out of luck with me.
  7. Enhanced Movement

    Yea, dumb me was looking for the blue cube. Never used the puzzle piece in the lower right corner even tho the his pic showed it outlined in red. With BB patience I got it to work. Sorry BB for the false alarm. This is by far the best mod (to me) for Arma. Thanks BB for your continued contribution.
  8. Enhanced Movement

    Going to upload a vid to YT, give me a few minutes.
  9. Enhanced Movement

    BTW, what's the purpose of the second pic? One can't get to options>expansions from within the editor (at least I can't).
  10. Enhanced Movement

    Correct. Like I note, can only get there from main menu.
  11. Enhanced Movement

    I can only get what shows in your third pic (BTW all pic's I show are mirrored from your link) from the main menu.
  12. Enhanced Movement

    The first picture shows how to get there from the main menu. The second pic shows from within the editor. This is what I see in the third pic. I can get to what shows in this pic from the main menu but it does not show the green text on the right for me. Am I looking at the wrong pic's?
  13. Enhanced Movement

    I tried, from BI download and Steam version. Options>expansions>Enhanced Movement shows no option to change controls in any. This was from main menu. I'm using Arma 3 Apex keyboard preset. I can still assign and unassign my jump key (space) while in game under custom controls in all versions. Hitting esc while in game does not show the old way of binding keys from the GUI at the lower right IIRC. (currently testing Steam version). While in game (esc) I do not know how to get to Options>expansions>Enhanced Movement, it doesn't appear, only from in the main menu it appears. The only mod used was EH to test. Launcher version: 1.5.144637 Game version: 1.82.144647 Branch: main / beta branch not specified Too bad I can't get this to work because I like this new change.
  14. Enhanced Movement

    I see foxhound just put up another version, I'll try that and the Steam version today and provide feedback. It will be a few hours before I can provide feedback. Edit: I didn't try from an in game scenario, tested from the editor both in Altis mission and VR. Will test in game.
  15. Enhanced Movement

    I downloaded from BI link above and the new control key settings are not there for me. The launcher says this mod date is 5/8/2018 so I know it's installed correctly. BTW, the instructions in the readme on how to bind the keys looks nothing like this. https://imgur.com/a/KwwAbok This video in the readme is wrong. I can't play Arma without this mod! Since it works for others I'll keep trying to figure out what's wrong. If there is anything I can provide to debug let me know.