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  1. major-stiffy

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    When you don't use any intel. 😁
  2. Tweaked this from a script @Larrow some time ago. Tweak it to suit your needs. { _x addAction ["<t align='left' color='#F7D358'>READ CONTENTS</t>", { params[ "_target", "_caller", "_ID", "_args" ]; //Set this examined intel as found, so the action on it is no longer active //Also PV to all clients so their action for this box is no longer active _target setVariable ["isFound", true, true]; //Get the number of boxes found, default 0 _currentFoundBoxes = _caller getVariable[ "boxesFound", 0 ]; //Increase count by 1 _currentFoundBoxes = _currentFoundBoxes + 1, execVM "scripts\yourscript.sqf"; //Update callers variable _caller setVariable [ "boxesFound", _currentFoundBoxes ]; //Maybe do something when # of intel have been found if ( _currentFoundBoxes isEqualTo 3 ) then { ["<t color='#ff0000' size = '1.5'>Intel found...STAND-BY.</t>",-1,-1,8,1,-1,789] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; sleep 10; execVM "scripts\yourscript.sqf"; //CHANGE THIS TO WHEN ALL INTEL FOUND }; }, [], 6, true, true, "", //_target (unit to which action is attached to) and _this (caller/executing unit) "!( _target getVariable [ 'isFound', false ] )", //NOT found ( default false ) !false == true 4 //distance for action ]; }forEach [ intel0, intel1, intel2 ]; When intel isEqualTo 3 it must match the amount of forEach. You can change it the amount to suit. That's all I have to offer. Good luck.
  3. Will this keep AI from walking through the door or wall like it is now? 😂
  4. Nice! MP compatible?
  5. major-stiffy

    Remoteexec of dynamic text possible?

    I always wondered what that meant exactly in a trigger.
  6. major-stiffy

    hint parseText for MP

    Thanks guys. I'll give this one a go and hope he sees it. I have no way of testing with a client without giving up parts of what the mission is about and I don't want to do that. 😉
  7. I'm making a simple mission for a friend and myself which I will host. I have an image I want to make sure my client can see. I am firing a script which contains the following line: hint parseText "Who<br/><img size= '5' image='pic\man.jpg'/><br/>is it?" call BIS_fnc_MP; I know call BIS_fnc_MP is suggested to not be used any more but how do I remoteExec this or will call BIS_fnc_MP still work? Or will hint parseText already be sent to client without MP in mind?
  8. Is the first waypoint a "move" ? If so they will stop momentarily then resume. If the driver is following a road, just put a waypoint where you want him to stop cause in my experience he will drive on the road to that point himself even if it's a bit distant away.
  9. major-stiffy

    3D sound played on moving vehicle

    I suggest you try it exactly as I have it because it works perfectly for me.
  10. major-stiffy

    3D sound played on moving vehicle

    This in description.ext ? class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class radiochatter { name="radiochatter"; sound[]={sounds\radiochatter.ogg, 20, 1, 20}; // filename, volume, pitch, distance titles[] = {}; }; the ogg file is in a folder called sounds.
  11. major-stiffy

    3D sound played on moving vehicle

    [humvee1, ["radiochatter", 100, 1]] remoteExec ["say3D"];
  12. major-stiffy

    Visibility Condtion

    Set them captive temporarily then undo it? setCaptive
  13. major-stiffy

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thanks folks. I'll do some more testing.
  14. major-stiffy

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ok so I’m not alone here. I don’t recall this being an issue way back when. Thanks for confirming.
  15. major-stiffy

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Tested with no mods on ported mission in Malden (does it on all maps). Still happens. Game breaker. 😞