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  1. Hi TB Do you still have this available? Thanks
  2. GF Ravage Status Bar script

    Thanks Mr. Obvious. I found it but tried twice to include your line but being a script noobie I didn't get i right. Some help? intro.hpp class RscTitles { titles[] = {}; class rintro { name = "rintro"; duration = 10000000; FadeIn = 0; IDD = -1; MovingEnable = false; onLoad = ""; controls[] = {rintro}; class rintro : RscPicture { text = "cosmic\rvg_escape.paa"; //x = safezoneX; //y = safezoneY; //w = safezoneW; //h = safezoneH; x = -0.25; y = -0.65; w = 1.5; h = 1.5; }; }; How to add... { #include "GF_Ravage_Status_Bar\GF_Ravage_Status_Bar_HPP.hpp" };
  3. GF Ravage Status Bar script

    These are the errors I see though when I add those lines in description.ext https://postimg.cc/gallery/38b3m79ta/
  4. GF Ravage Status Bar script

    Hi George, I'm a bit confused how to include this mod with the missions in THIS LINK Here is the file structure. Right or wrong this is what I did. Copied your initPlayerLocal.sqf into Ravage-[Coop]The_Escape_NE.Altis. Copied your folder from the download GF_Ravage_Status_Bar into Ravage-[Coop]The_Escape_NE.Altis. I tried launching a MP mission within the editor and the status bar did not work, again maybe this is wrong. Would you please expand instructions on how to incorporate this mod into existing missions? I only used Ravage mod and CBA. Thanks
  5. Pilgrimage - Ported

    This has become more of a pain in the butt than I want to take on right now. The CUP requirements for this map are making it impossible for me to copy/paste the assets to be able to start over. I used CUP terrains complete which no longer is distributed that way but the Lingor map requires CUP terrains core. I tried making all the assets I placed into a composition but when the composition was placed on a bare Lingor map, they were not placed correctly making a lot of work to fix them. So..please try to make the current release work if you can. At some point all of the COOP maps need to be updated to Ryd's latest release anyway. A lot of work required which will make for a nice winter project later this year. Wait...while I was typing this I had a brain fart. If you have CUP Terrains Complete (if not I can upload it) and of course the latest Lingor please give this release a shot and let me know what you think please. I changed it to two players, deleted the unplayable unit and added Belbo's respawn script. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al4irMhnXznahXzQ1Wm0eVy45gKU
  6. Pilgrimage - Ported

    Lingor COOP I just launched MP > LAN and this is what I saw. Keep in mind the Autorifleman is not playable/can't die and was used as a spawn position if you or your friend died. Here it shows 4 units. 3 playable and one not playable (can't be selected in role assignment). All are in the same group.
  7. Pilgrimage - Ported

    @domithious Not sure why you are deleting them in the editor. If you don't want them to appear use the disable AI button once your friend has selected their player. Also at the time of release I used CUP Terrains 1.4.0 Complete. http://cup-arma3.org/download but I see it is now changed. It's been awhile since that was released and I've learned a few things since then. Give me a few days to review/redo Lingor and I'll see if I can clean it up.
  8. [SP] Pilgrimage

  9. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Thanks. I don't use ACE or even have it installed.
  10. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Question about civilians. I was hurt to the point of moaning but had no action to heal myself (or flower on the screen). Approached a civy who was medic, scrolled mouse wheel hoping to get action for heal but was not there. True that I was not hurt enough? Action to heal is scroll mouse wheel? I haven't played with civy's in quite some time so I don't know.
  11. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Noob Good luck with the DLC shit.
  12. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Unpacked it again, I can hear the fire sound but no fire. Might be but at 3 different locations?
  13. [SP] Pilgrimage

    I was not playing with AC if that helps.
  14. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ryd 2 things I've found so far in Beta 5. I saw 2 T-140 Angara tanks occupied. I assume those are DLC? One time I unpacked a hideout, the fire pit was about 2m above the ground. Another time I unpacked there was no fire pit at all. This shows no fire.
  15. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Are Civilian population required?