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  1. @Harzach I got confused with my own scripts, flak refers to the original script. My bad, will change that in my post. Much appreciated for correcting me.
  2. @Harzach thanks for that info, did not know that. What I had meant that in this context it will not work as the script Captinlarry is calling requires variables to be passed.
  3. It's supposed to be, this removeMagazinesTurret ["4Rnd_Titan_long_missiles", [0]] A square dictionary and not curly around the 0, _this can be passed to the script. It will work for a different way of using flyinpenguin's script you can refer to the links below, Tigris Usage https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/235667-update-and-release-aa-vehicle-flak-conversion-script/ The above is a separate post linking this post to the scripts which can be used via execVM.
  4. Version 0.5 : Created a better satellite image and merged it with the light image to make features stand out. Changed the terrain lighting config values for the map to make the satellite map blend better with the clutter mask. Updating mask and satellite image to reflect farms properly. Heightmap fixed for the bridge on the north-western island. Fixed the clutter height to make the grass taller than the shrub. Reducing the clutter a bit as it is too tall for playing. Ocean : Add windmills at sea on concrete platforms. North-Western Island Adding the Port on the sourthern edge. Added farms on the northern edge. Adding the office on the top of the mountain. Either small trees and bush or large trees and bush. Bush scale should be set between 2 and 2.5, both inclusive. Adding a residential structures to the western and northern edge of the island, 3 cities present on the island
  5. North Western Island Port
  6. Aerial view of the second city
  7. @-Joe- Yeah I am thinking of changing the mask and satellite images when all structures are placed. It's part of a long list of to-dos. I actually have no place for pavements as I completely forgot about those while making this city and the next one[the next reply has an aerial top-down view]. In the third one I'll put down the pavements, as there may be some space. Roads is a definite as I have to change the mask as well as satellite image for them. The residential areas will need some tinkering about. For the cities, it may just turn out be like the farms, as that is faster and less messier then changing the satellite and mask image for each individual house.
  8. The first major city on the North-Western Island
  9. North Western Farms with roads
  10. North-Western Island Farms
  11. Version 0.4.3 Changelog => Remade the heightmap to suit a larger land bridges with more trees on it. Added trees to the Northern and North-Easter islands. Added dirt trails to the North-Eastern Island. Added a wall around the training area on the North-Eastern Island. Fixed the port on the eastern edge of the island.
  12. Saaret Release date : Estimated May/June 2022 Saaret is my first map for Arma 3. All structures placed on the map are from Arma 3 assets, no mods such as CUP - Core. It is a completely fictional terrain. Plopper is used for object placement. The islands are divided into 3 different zones namely, The Northern Islands : Consists of three islands which are connected via causeways and contains the capital of this archipelago. The Middle Islands : All three islands are controlled by the military and are used for bases as well as training purposes. The Southern Islands : Two islands, one natural and the other man made which is an airport. Description Terrain Size : 8192m x 8192m Map Size : 2048 x 2048 Cell Size : 4 Version : 0.5 Features This map takes inspiration from the South Pacific, especially The Solomon Islands and The Marianas. The clutter is quite tall, such that even in third person you can barely see what is ahead of you, so be prepared for close quarter combat. Bunkers can be hidden in rocks and trees, airports are protected using rock formations, an underwater tunnel for moving undetected using a SDV across the middle islands. There is a high tree density on the islands, which combined with the tall clutter does not cause a major performance drop while moving or flying on the islands. The image album is available here. More images will be posted in this thread. Goals Initial goals are to populate all islands with man-made structures, roads and lights After that I will start to add trees to the islands. Dependent upon how Arma 3 handles the map, the clutter size will be reduced or the tree density will be reduced. Finally all the underwater stuff will be added. Links Steam Workshop[V0.4.3] : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2619970987 Youtube links : North Island Showcase - https://youtu.be/4NiBvRqHlyQ Causeway showcase - https://youtu.be/y-8q7hi9urg Saaret Night Flying - https://youtu.be/gKvpoaAwLZY The very initial version showcase - https://youtu.be/FMR9w7dBfMM Any and all feedback is appreciated. Changelog: