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  1. V 0.6.4 Images
  2. Version 0.6.4 Config Changes 1. Updated the picture map and also the UI map with the current map. 2. Added new keypoints to the map. Heightmap changes 1. Added a port in the centre of the southern island for variety. 2. Shifted the hangar bay to the side for the third airport. 3. Increased the dock space for the port in the middle islands. 4. Added a trench system to the middle island. Southern Island 1. Added school, office area and hotel area. City is finished. 2. Added port on the Southern Island. 4. Split the race track due to port in the centre. 5. Rail track around the island. 6. Trees added to the island. 7. Race track details added at the grandstand area. 8. Added street lights and industrial lights to the city and port.
  3. WIP Images from the Southern Island
  4. After a bit of a hiatus, I have once again started to work on this map. I am still aiming for the deadline of Q1/Q2 of 2023. But one thing is for certain that I will be releasing V1.0 before the end of this year
  5. @Melody_Mike No issues, feedback is always appreciated, I still have a lot of the island left to do so will keep your points when making. There are four more islands also coming in, just need time to make it.
  6. If you mean CQC yes, the towns/cities are designed in that manner to break up contacts. For long range engagements, not so much, the map is not designed for that. There is one place you can do that and it is the farms on the North Western island
  7. Version 0.6.3
  8. Version 0.6.3 Southern Island 1. Added third part of the only city on the island. 2. Added race track artifacts, the seating area and the pitstop area.
  9. The third part of the southern city and intial structures for the race track will be coming out soon, after that the fourth part will be worked on including all the lights, maybe a port and the remaining vegetation for the southern island
  10. Version 0.6.2 Southern Island 1. Added second part of the only city on the island. 2. Fixed race track paths and size as it was too small earlier.
  11. Images from the V0.6.1 update featuring the Hatchet H-60 mod
  12. Images will come later, there is a lot of stuff to do and update to reach V0.7 I will keep posting WIP pictures though
  13. Version 0.6.1: Southern Island: 1. Added hilttop resort, Corre Alter Corrn Conti 2. Added the firs part of the only city on the island. 3. 3 Race tracks are laid down with a common starting point. They differ in lengths, but the first leg and ending leg are the same. Config: 1. Removed taxiways from the map as they appear off the island. The runways are still outlined.