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  1. and I would have to define _eachHumanPlayer as this? _eachHumanPlayer = allPlayers; ["You can hear a Helicopter in the distance."] remoteExec ["systemChat", _eachHumanPlayer];
  2. Hello everyone, I was hoping to find some help here. I just recently started tinkering with scripts to make missions for me and my friends to play. I want to implement a Huron that will fly to one randomly selected marker from an array of markers and place a cargo container, then fly off. The heli should start after a given time after mission start. For that I have a script that works in singleplayer, but not in multiplayer. 1) I have a systemchat message that displays when the script runs but it only shows on my machine. What do I need to do here? the relevant code is: systemChat str(format ["You can hear a Helicopter in the distance."]); 2) If I launch the mission in Editor MP, the debug message informs me that the variable _heli for my huron is "undefined variable in expression". I don't understand why it considers it "undefined". the relevant code is this: _heli_spawn = [_spawn, 0, _heli_class, West] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _heli = _heli_spawn select 0; ---------------------------------------------------------- Whole script is this (taken from some guy in the forum and slightly edited for my needs): P.S. i have the following in the init file: 0 = ["B_Heli_Transport_03_F","Land_Cargo10_military_green_F","spawn","destination",10] execVM "slingload.sqf"; Thank you guys in advance.