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  1. Sorry to comment on such an old post, but info on this topic is very hard to find :) I've been working on a 2D AAR mod called OCAP and am very interested in branching into TacView as a 3D alternative. The biggest challenge has been converting Arma coordinates into an effective world-scale Lat/Lng for this pursuit. With a simplified CRS system for the 2D playback, we haven't needed to do such mapping, but because TacView uses real-world positions, it's a requirement. Exporting terrains to map can work, as their configs often include (rough) latitude and longitude references. I've already experimented with generating in-game terrains into TacView overlay tiles, haven't played with actual height mapping yet. But I'd be very interested in how you were able to translate in-game cartesian X/Y coordinates to spherical world space. There are a lot of potential applications for doing so.