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  1. https://web.archive.org/web/20180507003835/http://www.exilemod.com/topic/23549-malden-barracks-no-loot-solved/ I heard this moron RaVeN103 has a solution. xD
  2. Update 1.0.2 23th October 2019 add RwG_Wood_Window_Grid_Static - RwG_Wood_Window_Grid_Kit RwG_ReInforced_Window_Grid_Static RwG_Palisade_Straight_Static RwG_Palisade_Straight_Podest_Static new cfgconstruction-array add items RwG_Item_MetalGrid_Upgrade RwG_Item_Blowtorch RwG_Palisade_Kit fixed fix some snappoints some item-interactions CustomCodes to upgrade grids and reinforced Crafting Recipes vers. 2
  3. there are still two minor flaws in moving reinforced floors, but I will not upload that today
  4. Hey guys, I have a question about the fire. I do not find a good solution to change the position of the fire. in the memory-lod the action-point is indicated, but unfortunately the fire burns on the ground and is therefore hardly visible. Is there a simple possibility?
  5. Update 1.01a 20th October 2019 add items RwG_Item_Bench_Vise RwG_Item_Wooden_Beams fixed workbench issue CraftingRecipes vers.1 CfgInteractionModels
  6. ok, i think i found the mistake. both workbenchs have the same cfgconstruction-class as "Workbench" We fixed the bug, i will release an update soon. Thanks
  7. Crafting RwG-Parts?
  8. Well, dodged a bullet.😁
  9. I try to put the mod on a playable condition (hopefully version 1.01^^). Additional content and various changes will take longer.
  10. then you have to do that ^^
  11. did you insert the customcode?
  12. Update 1.01 20th October 2019 ReInforced Doorway has shadow-lod 0 and view geometry ReInforced Doors have shadow-lod 0, phys geometry and view geometry ReInforced Gates have shadow-lod 0 fixed some cfgConstruction-issues some doors and windows did not have exileRequiresSimulation entry - fixed add RwG_Container_Locker_Blue_Static/RwG_Container_Locker_Blue_Static (maximumload 700) add RwG_Item_Box_M_Kit/RwG_Container_Box_M_Static (maximumload 500) add RwG_Overhead_Light_Kit/RwG_Construction_Overhead_Light_Static To make the lamp dependent on the generator, use this Custom Code by El'Rabito Exile-Base-light-overhaulExile-Base-light-overhaul
  13. yes sorry, I fixed it. I will upload the update today.