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  1. #Updated - Optimized and fixed a additional bug that left Vest/Uniform/Backpack on the ground on TakeAll, even tho the slot is empty and the player could pick it up.
  2. What it does: This fixes a a couple of problems with the serverside Virtual Garage scripts. - Just realised the bug (Duping) still exists in the current server files and there is no public fix on the Exile Discord listed, nor is there a thread in the Unofficial forum. - I optimised it slightly and also included the "Nickname problem" bug fixes from @Crito-VanaheimServers for convenience. Download & Installation (Github) Support Me: www.buymeacoffee.com/ElRabito
  3. On button press the character will use a appropriate medicine depending on the severity of the damage. Makes it a bit easier, fluid and less immersion breaking to consume healing items in Exile. To balance it a bit the system only detects medicine items in Uniform or Vest. If no appropriate medicine was found the script will use any available med the player has. If the player is bleeding it will use a medicine from the allowed LightMeds array. So it's better to add only items that stop the bleeding (bandages, dressing etc) to the LightMeds array. Checks for basic exploits/bugs already in place (Animation skipping, using it while swimming etc). Sound effect to mimic the sound of searching for a appropriate medicine, error toast with information and sound clue if no medicine was found in the vest or uniform. Code examples for putting it on a normal number row key like 8 or custom user action are included (Optional or use them both). Download & Installation (GitHub) Support Me: www.buymeacoffee.com/ElRabito
  4. El' Rabito

    Most Wanted: An Exile Bounty Mod

    Never hady any problems with BountyKing (other than some balance issues that i manually fixed).
  5. #Updated Optimized and fixed a additional bug that deleted your UAV terminal if you used "Take-all" while a GPS was in the lootHolder.
  6. Stops that annoying moaning when the player is only slightly injured. Small tweak but damn it's needed 🙃 Settings * Change the value of _ExileClient_MinInjured_MoanThreshold to determine when the player character should start moaning when injured (default: < 80% health). Installation Make a Customcode override for the following Exile function in your missionfile or merge the code if it already exists! * ExileClient_object_player_event_hook For merging * The code part is marked with //StopMoaning Startc and //StopMoaning End. Download: GithHub Support Me: buymeacoffee.com
  7. You realise this post is from July 13, 2020 ?
  8. # ExileMod-CruiseMode Cruise Control for ground vehicles and boats (Bind a button to Custom User Action 8). - While having cruise control active the vehicle keeps the speed it had when the player had activated the cruise control. - The vehicle accelerates by itself and manually accelerating is possible. - Accelerating above set speed limit is possible - Applying brakes disables Cruise Control. # Installation Make a Customcode override for the following Exile function in your missionfile or merge the code if it already exists! * ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp # For merging * The code part is marked with /* ExileMod Cruise Mode Start / and / ExileMod Cruise Mode End */ (Line 47-59) Download: Github Support Me: www.buymeacoffee.com/ElRabito
  9. El' Rabito

    DMS maxAI

    There is no such thing for DMS. Sounds like a bug somewhere
  10. ExileMod-Holster+ * Keeps the firemode on weapon switch/holstering instead of resetting every time. * Also works for under-barrel modes or sidearms with full auto mode. Installation Make a Customcode override for the following three Exile functions in your missionfile or merge the code if they already exist! 1. ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyDown 2. ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp 3. ExileClient_object_player_stats_reset Merging existing overrides 1. The code parts are commented with /* Holster+ Start*/ & /* Holster+ End*/ ! 2. ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp contains multiple code blocks for the buttons 1,2,3,4. 3. ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyDown is for the binocular related stuff. Download: Github Support Me: buymeacoffee.com Preview Video
  11. El' Rabito

    NEW SERVER: Pimpin Malden Exile

    You get 80 FPS because your server is empty and Malden is a small map, just sayin 😅
  12. Requires a mod and knowledge about the exile config setup for constructions or script changes. Not easily done for beginners ^^ Part of it as example (only ~25% of the needed config) Good luck.
  13. El' Rabito

    ExileServer ClearBuffer Fix

    Probably not, it's the naked bug (Arma bug). Server is not aware of the client uniform/vest (like other players which see them naked). Use the infistar !fixme command before logging out to avoid that. Which does that on the client side. player setUnitLoadout (getUnitLoadout player)
  14. El' Rabito

    ExileServer ClearBuffer Fix

    Because the Exile restart system is stopping the Exile thread system. So players that didn't get kicked when the Exile restart/shutdown system is calling ExileServer_system_rcon_event_clearBuffers and stopping the thread system, wont be saved properly.
  15. # ExileServer-ClearBuffer-Fix This fixes some broken Vanilla code that skipped elements in the ExileSystemPlayerSaveASYNC and ExileServerVehicleSaveQueue on clearing buffers on server restart. Which is rather bad because it can cause loss of gear/vehicle rollback or allow duping! WARNING: Make sure every player was kicked before the ExileServer_system_rcon_event_clearBuffers is run! # Installation * Replace @ExileServer\addons\exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_rcon_event_clearBuffers.sqf and repack your exile_server.pbo Download: Github Support Me: buymeacoffee.com