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  1. # Exile-BulletCam Tweaks/Nerf # Changes - Adjusted timings. - Disabled the ability to shoot from/into territories (Can't use them as raiding tool anymore etc). - To add something i just added a map marker (useless but i found it somehow interesting). - Remove the code parts with "BulletCamMarker" if you don't want it (Line 64 - 95). - If the BulletCAM impacts there is a green marker on the map. - If out of range there is a red marker at the position were the camera transmission was lost. Example Videos: # Installation - 1 - Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_system_bulletCam_thread.sqf - 2 - Done Download (GitHub)
  2. El' Rabito

    Display toasts for longer

    ExileClient_gui_toaster_addToast line 53 ExileClientToasts pushBack [_toastControl, 0, diag_tickTime + 20]; The 20 at the end is the duration in seconds.
  3. El' Rabito

    Matrix Exile Mod Base Framework

    It's just a splitted Exile config (seperate files) by the looks of it. Not even included some of the major community fixes 😝
  4. What it does: Extended Anti Wallpeek script that also triggers outside of territories and your own territory. If you try to glitch through objects with freelook it will fade the screen to black and forces first person for 60 seconds. It will cover most of the buildings but sadly not objects like map fences since they have no "object type", but better than nothing. # Installation - Copy the Exile_Client_EAWP_thread.sqf to your missionfile and add the code from the initplayerlocal.sqf Download: Github
  5. #Updated: Found the actual reason, on removing a element the construction number on the flag is not getting updated. If you remove another element it does update. Spawning that update call with a small delay solves the problem. https://github.com/ELRabito/Exile-Move-Element-Fix You can remove the old workaround -> https://github.com/ELRabito/Exile-Move-Element-Fix/blob/f2a5220e5e52fe21b393cf228bb8453ec4952070/ExileClient_object_construction_move.sqf
  6. # Updated Added the watercheck again since some people have problems with it over water.
  7. Updated: Cleaned up the TRADER.SQF script.
  8. Yes you can. But if your objects file is 5MB your server will run like crap with that many objects.
  9. Player ? Admin ? If admin add this to sever: https://github.com/MGTDB/Exile_Abandon_Territory if player ask admin of the server.
  10. First, nice mod. Second: Can you explain what exactly the Seed does ? I don't really get it 😅 And another problem, it seems to mess with vehicle locality. We use this to ensure some actions can only be exectued when the vehicle is local to your client. And with your script/mod running you always get an "error" ^^ if !(local _vehicle) then { throw "Please get in as driver/pilot first."; };
  11. >> Server IP: >> Map: Chernarus Expanded - Custom Chernarus version only for our server. >> Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/8145463 >> Discord: https://discord.com/invite/WHZ5aNq >> Description: Non-Militarised DayZ style survival server with tons of custom content unique to our server and hundreds of changes/fixes to Exile & addons for better gameplay, balance and immersion. >> Noteworthy features besides the usual stuff:Custom loot & Heli loot drop/crash script, Basic trader supply so you have to loot for the good stuff , VCOM AI + Lambs Danger .fsm (AI mods), Infection from Zombies, Custom dynamic missions and a hardcore static mission "Sector-X", Custom persistent world vehicle spawn, All Vehicle inventories are re-balanced/resized, Dynamic weather & time (persistent over restart) with effects on the player, Radiation Zone Gas-Mask filter system, Simple and clean HUD/interfaces, Inventory interaction sounds, Custom base building elements, Extended crafting system, Tree remover in your territory, Custom revive system, Blindfold players, Defuse explosives, Lots of custom Xm8 apps like remote hangar gate/elevator/light control, vehicle marker, mute player and much more. Preview playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p79Y_6b4_kk&list=PLa7xAz_mDawLGBv2n2qUXAHZRIyAd-9bk
  12. Deleted my old messages. Didn't help was just randomly correct.
  13. This fixes a dupe method for Exile. Download (GitHub) Installation 1. Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryClosed.sqf 2. Done
  14. El' Rabito

    [RU_56] DayZ + Stalker

    You know its not allowed to re-upload Exilemod to steam ? I would remove otherwise you will get a DMCA. Same for all the other mods you have no permission to re-upload......