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  1. # ExileServer-ClearBuffer-Fix This fixes some broken Vanilla code that skipped elements in the ExileSystemPlayerSaveASYNC and ExileServerVehicleSaveQueue on clearing buffers on server restart. Which is rather bad because it can cause loss of gear/vehicle rollback or allow duping! WARNING: Make sure every player was kicked before the ExileServer_system_rcon_event_clearBuffers is run! # Installation * Replace @ExileServer\addons\exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_rcon_event_clearBuffers.sqf and repack your exile_server.pbo Download: Github
  2. Why ? Works without a problem. Nvm i see why, i copied the install text from another fix and forgot to adjust it 😅
  3. # Exile-Tree-Chopping-Fix This fixes a issue with the tree chopping where it creates a new lootHolder for every single log due to the "centerpoint" of the tree being out of range. # Installation - Replace ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest in your exile_server.pbo and repack it. Download: Github
  4. # Swoosh & Swing Fix Fixes a exploit with the axe and sledgehammer. # Installation 1. Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_object_shippingContainer_smash.sqf & ExileClient_object_tree_chop.sqf and add the files to your missionfile. 2. Done Download: Github
  5. El' Rabito

    Autorun Exploits fix

    Updated! Fixed another autorun exploit 😅
  6. El' Rabito

    Exile Grinding - Rebalance

    You messed up your exile.ini by the looks of it. Check that.
  7. # Exile-LootGarbageCleaner-Tweaks This fixes some broken Vanilla code that stopped the whole garbagecleaner forEach for the first building that doesn't exceed loot lifetime. And also adds player detection to skip deleting of loot in buildings if a player is close. # Installation * Replace @ExileServer\addons\exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_garbageCollector_unscheduled_deleteLoot.sqf Download (Github)
  8. This fixes the problem with stuck territory radius marker arrows. Now every player of a territory can delete the radius markers without any problem. # Installation - 1 - Make a CfgExileCustomCode override for ExileClient_gui_xm8_slide_territory_event_onRadiusButtonClick.sqf - 2 - Done Download (GitHub)
  9. Nice one, never bothered to try because i heard it's not working properly (AI underwater) guess i was wrong 😆
  10. I wanted to add this for my building script replacement scripts 😉 Since i didn't add any license, the strictest license applies. You can't use it without a permission # License Info: If you server is named KFB (Kentucky Fried Bambi) you have no permission to use this. Any violation will result in a DMCA.
  11. El' Rabito

    [Need help] Drag Dead Body Script

    No. If you die in Exile you are dead for Arma. Reviving creates a new player object
  12. El' Rabito

    [Need help] Drag Dead Body Script

    Can't move dead bodies in MP. Nothing will change that ^^ You would need to remove the death and replace it with Arma default "incapitated status".
  13. # Exile-Serverside-Player-Wages What it does: Serverside player wages with safezone/territory check and respect multiplier. # Installation 1. Add this line below to "\@ExileServer\addons\exile_server\bootstrap\fn_preInit.sqf" ['ExileServer_system_PlayerWages_thread','exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_PlayerWages_thread.sqf',false], 2. Add ExileServer_system_PlayerWages_thread.sqf into "\@ExileServer\addons\exile_server\code\". - Adjust the poptab amount,respect multiplier and the toast message to your likings. 3. Add this line below to "\@ExileServer\addons\exile_server\bootstrap\fn_preInit.sqf" - The number at the beginning is the time in seconds (How often it runs). [600, ExileServer_system_PlayerWages_thread, [], true] call ExileServer_system_thread_addTask; 4. Repack your server pbo and done. Download (GitHub)
  14. Yes ofcourse, an override always overrides the Vanilla Exile function.
  15. ExileClient_object_player_stats_update https://github.com/HellBz/Exile-Server/blob/master/%40exile/addons/exile_client/code/ExileClient_object_player_stats_update.sqf Line 44