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  1. ZN Anhor

    [FOX] Realism

    And if he did it without ACE, that would be fantastic!
  2. You know that you can name each mod and their folder as you want? If you rename Exile in Tralalalala it works too ..... but it just has to be called in the commandline as well.
  3. ZN Anhor

    infiSTAR scripting prob

    Nope. I will continue to pursue the matter. At least I found out ..... the infiSTAR Discord Support has even less experience with scripts than me. Apparently Chris is currently in the hospital, so that no one is able to help. I send him my best wishes and now wait until he is available again. I am relatively sure that the error lies in this line of code:
  4. Thats the way I do every update (for each mod). Never "patch" files. Delete the mod folder complete, dont forget to delete the key of the mod in your key folder. After that, reinstall the mod complete new.
  5. ZN Anhor

    infiSTAR scripting prob

    Thank you for your answer. However, I am not sure if the problem is caused by Arma, or because of infiSTAR and its (missing) update. Even if Arma introduces changes, third-party software should be changed accordingly. In my opinion a faulty call in the infiSTAR software is responsible for the fact that it does not work. I have already dealt with it and found out that this call can be found in the EXILE_AH.sqf. However, my knowledge is currently not enough to solve the problem. Unfortunately, infiSTAR Support is not good at the moment. On my ticket that I opened on infistar.de I got the answer I should go to the infiSTAR Discord. So I have done this and tried to get help ...... 2 hours waiting for nothing. Then I started a ticket through the Discord system. After more than 24 hours no answer till now.
  6. Hi Folks, I know, this is not the infiSTAR forum, but their support is absolutely bad at the moment. And maybe someone of you already experimented with it .... infiSTAR has some built-in animations for the players ....... for example, the "Fuckfinger" animation or the "Surrender" animation. Now I came up with the glorious idea to expand the whole thing to give the players more interaction possibilities! Below is the code I inserted ..... EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG There were 2 problems ...... 1. Most animations will not run, though infiSTAR says they can be canceled with "Space" 2. Canceling with "Space" does not work What did I miss, what did I do wrong? Has any experience with the matter? THX Anhor
  7. Vietnam1968.psyfx_pht.pbo And it works fine as I say.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401
  9. My new Mission is called "Vietnam1968.psyfx_pht.pbo" and it works fine. Thx for your comments @all
  10. Normally, the mission looks something like this: Exile.Altis.pbo In my case, it would have to look like this: Exile.psyfx_pht.pbo The question is whether the underscore is allowed?
  11. ZN Anhor

    Vehicle Repair Script

    And the option to change the duration is also very nice ........ 😜
  12. ZN Anhor

    Vehicle Repair Script

    Think it will work ...... I made some extensions for the advanced script. It has no repair script for Tanks (no Wheels, need Tracks) and Boats (most are made from Fiberglass not Metal) ....... so I made 2 new files called "Bones_fnc_salvageAndRepairMenuTank.sqf" and "Bones_fnc_salvageAndRepairMenuBoat.sqf ". After that I added both to "Bones_fnc_salvageAndRepair.sqf" ......... should now work perfect for me. BTW, I use Extended Survival Pack from @ServerAtze ............. so I change the parts needed to Engine, Fuel Tank, Glass, Fiberglass and so on.
  13. ZN Anhor

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    It seems my A3XAI is exactly the same ....... dont know from where this A3XAIVersion 3 came ..... 🙄
  14. ZN Anhor

    Vehicle Repair Script

    Thx for your assistance @chernaruski and @Irkutsk86, but it seems this is a missunderstanding. The motto of my server is Vietnam 1968 ......... and therefore there are no Exile or Vanilla vehicles. We use only vehicles of "Unsung Vietnam War Mod", which also applies to all weapons, loot and other equipment. There are no free vehicles on our server (by decision), these must all be bought from a trader. (As we say on our server or website: we do NOT play Exile, it´s just a kind of framework for us) So the question is if the repair scripts work WITH these vehicles? (because the author mentioned something like this in the readme)
  15. ZN Anhor

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    I check the difference between both and maybe change mine.