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  1. Whitey01

    Neueste Änderungen

    New Server IP IP: Port: 18000
  2. I'll see what I can do. Unfortunately it will take a while as I am in bed with a fever. Sorry dude.
  3. Whitey01

    Small Talk English

    Hi Scout. The Server has a new IP: IP: Port: 20000 LG Ghost
  4. Whitey01


    I've also been playing since the beginning. And now the last few years Arma3. And after all these years it's still fun. 😀
  5. Whitey01


    That's nice to hear. I wish you a lot of fun on the server! 😎
  6. Whitey01

    Ältere Änderungen

    | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Änderung 09.11.2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Neue Hardcore Mission ( Drogenlabor ) hinzugefügt | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | New Hardcore Mission ( Drug Laboratory ) added | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
  7. Whitey01

    Custom Sounds

    Ah OK thanks. 👍
  8. Hello friends. I have some custom sounds on our server and add them to mission.pbo. Unfortunately, this increases the size of the PBO and load times. Is there a possibility to pack the sound files on the server like for example the a3_custom.pbo? Which path should I then specify in the description.ext? Lg Whitey
  9. Whitey01

    Ältere Änderungen

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Änderung 02.11.2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Neuer Mod hinzugefügt ( Uriki's Mission Items ) | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | New Mod added (Uriki's Mission Items) | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Since I can't get the problem under control, I decided to use a script because it's all about the drag and drop function. But unfortunately I don't get anywhere either. There is no menu that can be selected. Does anyone have experience with this script or does anyone know whether it even runs under Exile? A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive
  11. Whitey01

    Ältere Änderungen

    | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Änderung vom 26.10.2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Neuer Wertsachen Händler hinzugefügt ( Im mittleren Map Bereich sowie in der südlichsten Händler Stadt ) Drogen Händler hinzugefügt ( Im mittleren Map Bereich sowie in der südlichsten Händler Stadt ) Special Vehicle Trader hinzugefügt ( Im mittleren Map Bereich ) Geldbündel zu den Random Geldtransportern hinzugefügt ( Credits zwischen einer halben und einer Million möglich ) | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | New valuables Dealer added (In the middle map area as well as in the southern Most Trader City) Drug Dealers added (In the middle map area as well as in the southernmost Trader city) Special Vehicle Trader added (In the middle map Area) Bundles of Money added to the random Money Transporters (Credits between half a Million and a Million possible) | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Whitey01

    Ältere Änderungen

    | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Änderung 05.08.2020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Neue Trader City hinzugefügt Special Vehicle Trader hinzugefügt hinzugefügt | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- | New Trader City added Special Vehicle Trader added | ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. It is best to test with different helicopters. I mean the UH-1H are the most buggy!
  14. Whitey01

    Trader Issue [solved]

    @El' Rabito Thank you very much for the script! Works perfectly. Unfortunately, I don't know how to enter that into the wastedumper. I think it belongs in the ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_event_onSellButtonClick. But I don't know how the codes have to be brought together.