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  1. Thomas TKO

    Need Help ?

    Have you Problem Join on TS ip : or ts.tko-gameserver.de or use Discord PM ME discord.gg/rDxWpXb
  2. No THE EXILE Workbench , when loaded @RwG Addon not possible to place out of stock workbench , put out the mod you can place the workbench
  3. You can not Build Exile Workbench no parts to see only building menü , without you can
  4. Thomas TKO

    News on Weferlingen

    New Stuff to Craft RwG Addon
  5. all fine , all doors windows go open can add a lock container worked , all Parts can move, pack , paint light worked with ElRabito Light stuff , i am happy ! no RPT dump , hope of more stuff . Brillant !!
  6. Thanks !! now i put it on server , my test Player love the RwG Addon
  7. i now , but only ask thats all , all owner hate a lot of updates not all 24/7 online . ONLY ASK NOT MORE !!
  8. With that worked , aber was mit updates wie oft passiert das ? doof wenn man an der Arbeit ist und täglich ein Update kommt
  9. speak about this ? https://github.com/ELRabito/Exile-Base-light-overhaul
  10. no,need for it , its not same as ebm lamp ? i now its something with generator but no have not and airport lamp from ebm worked try with generator still the same
  11. Nice , Window now worked , But the Lamp not worked with generator and without . Container locks nice and what about put on server havy work on the addon like many updates , its strange for server owner
  12. After restart cant open RwG_Wood_Window_Kit all other Parts worked , muved the RwG_Wood_Window_Kit then can open again
  13. Realy nice Parts, good work ! And you can paint the Parts 🤗
  14. install extendedbase its part on mission.sqm https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401