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  1. and i forget "RwG_Item_Box_M_Kit", "RwG_Item_Locker_Blue_Kit", "RwG_Overhead_Light_Kit", and a exemple to craft class RwG_Workbench: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Werkbank"; pictureItem = "RwG_Workbench_Kit"; returnedItems[] = { {1,"RwG_Workbench_Kit"} }; requiresFire = 1; components[] = { {10, "Exile_Item_MetalScrews"}, {8, "Exile_Item_Metalpole"}, {6, "Exile_Item_JunkMetal"}, {6, "Exile_Item_MetalBoard"} }; tools[] = { "Exile_Item_Grinder", "Exile_Item_Screwdriver", "Exile_Item_Hammer" }; }; class RwG_Elevator: Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Aufzug"; requiresConcreteMixer = 1; pictureItem = "RwG_Elevator_Kit"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "RwG_Elevator_Kit"} }; components[] = { {1, "Exile_Item_Codelock"}, {1, "Exile_Item_Laptop"}, {6, "Exile_Item_MetalPole"}, {6, "Exile_Item_MetalWire"}, {1, "Exile_Item_DuctTape"}, {5, "Exile_Item_MetalScrews"}, {6, "Exile_Item_JunkMetal"}, {6, "Exile_Item_MetalBoard"} }; tools[] = { "Exile_Item_Pliers", "Exile_Item_Handsaw", "Exile_Item_Screwdriver" }; };
  2. "RwG_Item_Electric_Engine", //Motor "RwG_Item_Box_Of_Nails", //Nägel "RwG_Item_WoodPlanks_Upgrade", //Wood Planks Upgrade-Kit "RwG_Furnace_Kit", //Furnace Kit "RwG_Anvil_Kit", //AMBOSS "RwG_Elevator_Kit", //AUFZUG "RwG_Workbench_Kit", //Workbench Kit "RwG_Wood_Wall_Frame_Kit", //Wood-Wall (Frame) Kit "RwG_Wood_Wall_Kit", //Wood-Wall Kit "RwG_WoodGrid_Wall_Frame_Kit", //WoodGrid-Wall (Frame) "RwG_WoodGrid_Wall_Kit", //WoodGrid-Wall "RwG_Wood_Window_Frame_Kit", Wood-Window (Frame) "RwG_Wood_Window_Kit", //Wood-Window "RwG_Wood_Window_WipUp_Kit", //Wood-Window (TipUp) "RwG_Wood_Doorway_Frame_Kit", //Wood-Doorway (Frame) "RwG_Wood_Doorway_Kit", //Wood-Doorway "RwG_WoodGrid_Doorway_Frame_Kit", //WoodGrid-Doorway (Frame) "RwG_WoodGrid_Doorway_Kit", //WoodGrid-Doorway "RwG_Wood_Door_nLock_nWin_Kit", //Wood-Door (No Lock & Window) "RwG_Wood_Door_nLock_Win_Kit", //Wood-Door (No Lock w/ Window) "RwG_Wood_Door_Lock_nWin_Kit", //Wood-Door (Locked, no Window) "RwG_Wood_Door_Lock_Win_Kit", //Wood-Door (Locked & Window) "RwG_WoodGrid_Door_Kit", //WoodGrid-Door "RwG_Wood_Gate_Frame_Kit", //Wood-Gate (Frame) "RwG_Wood_Gate_Frame_Swing_Kit", //Wood-Gate (Frame/Swing) "RwG_Wood_Gate_Swing_Kit", //Wood-Gate (Swing) "RwG_Wood_DoubleGate_Frame_Kit", //Wood-DoubleGate (Frame) "RwG_Wood_DoubleGate_Frame_Swing_Kit", //Wood-DoubleGate (Frame/Swing) "RwG_Wood_DoubleGate_Swing_Kit", //Wood-DoubleGate (Swing) "RwG_Wood_Floor_Frame_Kit", //Wood-Floor (Frame) "RwG_Wood_Floor_Kit", //Wood-Floor "RwG_Wood_FloorPort_Frame_Kit", //Wood-FloorPort (Frame) "RwG_Wood_FloorPort_Kit", //Wood-FloorPort "RwG_Grid_Wall_Kit", //Grid-Wall Kit "RwG_Grid_DoorWay_Kit", //Grid-DoorWay Kit "RwG_Grid_Door_Kit", //Grid-Door Kit
  3. Thomas TKO

    [HELP] DMS Positions Array

    True for Statik DMS Mission need the position _pos = [ //Ai [12345,54321,0] , [2345,5432,0] , [76543,3245,0] ]; _pos = [ //hmg [12345,54321,0] , [2345,5432,0] , [76543,3245,0], //high posi hmg on exemple Container tower //not the position from export you need the high from building not from map self [12345,54321,17] , [2345,5432,17] , [76543,3245,17] ]; Then need center position, position for the Box and maybe for the vehicle part from loot
  4. For other map you need the real name its called pja310 so use Exile.pja310.pbo then need Mission.sqm for mapmarker and Player slots , spawn points and initplayerlokal for new trader position with initserver for the building parts , then need serverside for lootspawn the cfg buildings for the map like this https://github.com/ThomasTKO/CfgBuildings M3eden to place trader and export https://github.com/ThomasTKO/ExileStuff
  5. Thomas TKO

    Removing Map Markers

    go to the markers and make them invisible like this dataType="Marker"; position[]={11457.191,221,7511.5068}; name="ConcreteMixerZoneAlikampos"; text="Concrete Mixer"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileConcreteMixerZone"; colorName="ColorRed"; alpha=0; //invisible fillName="Border"; a=600; b=600; angle=15.142997; drawBorder=1; id=474; with spawn points make 1 on middle of the Map and on config.cpp @Exileserver / Addons / exile_server_config.pbo change spawnZoneRadius = 200; to spawnZoneRadius = 5000;
  6. Thomas TKO

    Australia Server Files

    Found it ? https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Australia , i update Australia files on github with Finish PBO`S
  7. Thomas TKO

    News on Chernarus

    I will close my chernarus 2035 server end of next mounth 1.04.2020 its over with chernarus 2035 , Think its fair i give poptaps and Respekt to other Server like Weferlingen or Virolathi so send me the pic from your poptaps and Respekt and tell me on what server you Play .
  8. Thomas TKO

    Loot problems on Rosche

    🤦‍♂️forget it, i now only englisch !! sorry !!
  9. Thomas TKO

    Loot problems on Rosche

  10. Discord have 100-server-limit so give me your Discord
  11. 21:42:17 Warning Message: Script debug\blckClient.sqf not found and join ts.tko-gameserver.de or discord
  12. Have you delete extendedbase mod stuff from Mission.sqm or loaded extendedbase mod on server ? Send me your server rpt on pastebin.
  13. Thomas TKO

    Recruit AI

    maybe this https://github.com/aussie-battler/Salty-Dog-Exile-Recruit-Ai-V2