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  1. Thomas TKO


    Delete the _dir part on statusBar_update.sqf and the Custom\StatusBar\Icons\compass.paa , dount forget change the "%10" nr for the order
  2. Thomas TKO

    Trader Issue [solved]

  3. Thomas TKO

    Server Problem

    how did you come up with that ! only see clint VN mod on server , missing umsung stuff , some parseSimpleArray errors think the best way is to start fresh , server vn download , out of box cam lou nam pbo from exile discord , then addon for addon , mod for mod . Without Umsung mod thats realy not need
  4. Thomas TKO

    Server Problem

    You need download the vn server files with steam://nav/console this its the right download_depot 233780 233790 7907683864326938845
  5. Thomas TKO

    Server Problem

    Umsung its early VN cdlc , all maker of Umsung its on SOG , and all what i now its early asset now on VN cdlc . Realy think all asset on umsung its now on VN!
  6. Thomas TKO

    Server Problem

    not sure why will use umsung all uniform weapon its on vn think that umsung is now VN And i use it with Exile since its out, without problems
  7. Thomas TKO

    Server Problem

    Would start with less mod and why umsung loads its the first addon from SOG not sure some konflikt possible , File '@Unsung\addons\ashauvalley.pbo' not found , and eliminate the errors or delete your addons from exileserver , start with step by step addon for addon , mod for mod ! And not sure this worked well ! ;@Libertad_SA_Core;@Libertad_SA_Animals;@Unsung;
  8. Thomas TKO

    Exile on Sahrani

    Best way make it self , need the exile Eden plugin and time . Its not hard to make it self .
  9. https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Exile-Fapovo i add Cup stuff on trader you not wish commend out on mpmission config.cpp like class Exile_Trader_Vehicle { name = "VEHICLE"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Cars", "Trucks" // "CupBluefor", // "CupOpfor" }; }; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401 Extended_Base_Mod add to , but i place Mixer on mission.sqm so still need to play any problem or whatever feel free to ask me on discord.gg/rDxWpXb / ts.tko-gameserver.de
  10. Thomas TKO

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Add !! _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; !! on a3_dms\scripts "fn_CreateMarker.sqf" line 102 Like private _dot = createMarker [format ["DMS_MissionMarkerDot%1_%2",_num,round(time)], _pos]; _dot setMarkerType _markerType; _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed";//text color add it _dot setMarkerText _text;
  11. Thomas TKO

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Add _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; on fn_CreateMarker.sqf line 102 private _dot = createMarker [format ["DMS_MissionMarkerDot%1_%2",_num,round(time)], _pos]; _dot setMarkerType _markerType; _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _dot setMarkerText _text;
  12. use exile plugin to make Trader , Buildings , this to make loot https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2504970130&searchtext=exile , for marker playerslots spawn points open exile tanoa mission.sqm on editor coppy all, then load new map and place all down change name Position save it , drop on exile.tanoa the mission.sqm rename the folder from Exile.Tanoa to Exile.Chernarus_2035 , drop export initserver and initplayer on it , add world name on class CfgExileEnvironment config.cpp like class Chernarus_2035: Altis
  13. Thomas TKO

    Extended Base Mod

    You need the custom Code override from ebm , its on the mod i think
  14. Thomas TKO

    Exile SafeX - Personal Trader Storage

    Safex_server.pbo go to @exileserver /addons folder , same place its exile_server_config.pbo and exile_server.pbo
  15. Thomas TKO


    Ok its start with Statik timer 4h , why use this ? Dedi Box? Then use Windows and a stop.bat