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  1. Thomas TKO

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Add !! _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; !! on a3_dms\scripts "fn_CreateMarker.sqf" line 102 Like private _dot = createMarker [format ["DMS_MissionMarkerDot%1_%2",_num,round(time)], _pos]; _dot setMarkerType _markerType; _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed";//text color add it _dot setMarkerText _text;
  2. Thomas TKO

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Add _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; on fn_CreateMarker.sqf line 102 private _dot = createMarker [format ["DMS_MissionMarkerDot%1_%2",_num,round(time)], _pos]; _dot setMarkerType _markerType; _dot setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _dot setMarkerText _text;
  3. use exile plugin to make Trader , Buildings , this to make loot https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2504970130&searchtext=exile , for marker playerslots spawn points open exile tanoa mission.sqm on editor coppy all, then load new map and place all down change name Position save it , drop on exile.tanoa the mission.sqm rename the folder from Exile.Tanoa to Exile.Chernarus_2035 , drop export initserver and initplayer on it , add world name on class CfgExileEnvironment config.cpp like class Chernarus_2035: Altis
  4. Thomas TKO

    Extended Base Mod

    You need the custom Code override from ebm , its on the mod i think
  5. Thomas TKO

    Exile SafeX - Personal Trader Storage

    Safex_server.pbo go to @exileserver /addons folder , same place its exile_server_config.pbo and exile_server.pbo
  6. Thomas TKO


    Ok its start with Statik timer 4h , why use this ? Dedi Box? Then use Windows and a stop.bat
  7. Thomas TKO


    Then your Database on different time Zone? , check rpt for time you have,how make you restart its Dedicated or some shitty gameserver like nitrado
  8. Thomas TKO


    I wrote you where you set it , but it's just a timer , it just looks at the database for the time !!!!!! Statusbar make not a restart !!!!!. set on Custom\StatusBar , statusBar_update.sqf , _restartTimes = [0,4,8,12,16,20,24];
  9. Thomas TKO


    Custom\StatusBar , statusBar_update.sqf , _restartTimes = [0,6,12,18,24]; // Military Time ! _restartTimes = [0,4,8,12,16,20,24]; // Military Time
  10. Thomas TKO


    true its extdb2 ,extdb3 its for arma3server_x64.exe and need this https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile and then the extdb3 override for statusbar to check the time on database
  11. Thomas TKO

    Tanoa Files

    Jetzt warst du schon so oft im ts und discord ! Warum zur Hölle fragst du mich nicht einfach ?
  12. Thomas TKO

    Loot Positions

    Its on Exile Discord ! Andrew — 06.05.2021 S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Arma 3 CLDC has been released! https://www.dropbox.com/s/pk1tmvccvtcjhjp/Prairie Fire CDLC Exile Files.zip?dl=0
  13. Everything you need to play Exile on Stozec With Trader , Spawn Points , Statusbar , R3f_Logistik , KillFeed , Rocket Warning , Sell Mission Box on Trader , Town Mission , DMS Random Mission , Ghostrider-DbD- blckeagles Mission System and Loot Spawn for Stozec https://github.com/ThomasTKO/Exile.stozec Exile on Gabreta
  14. Thomas TKO

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    why should you need a separate file? uniformTypes0[] = { "BWA3_Uniform_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform_tee_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform_tee_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform_sleeves_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform_sleeves_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform_Ghillie_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform_Ghillie_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform_Crew_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform_Crew_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform_Helipilot", "BWA3_Uniform2_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform2_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform2_sleeves_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform2_sleeves_Tropen", "BWA3_Uniform2_Ghillie_Fleck", "BWA3_Uniform2_Ghillie_Tropen" }; that's also possible ! make sure this its on 0 , generateDynamicUniforms = 0;
  15. think it's easier to change the recipe to craft the explosive charge , surely you could change it with a mod , all the setting its on @exilemod exile_client.pbo