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  1. install extendedbase its part on mission.sqm https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647753401
  2. Thomas TKO

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Hi , its possible change dms mission so ai shoot with HMG , GMG on Tank ? , i found nothing why not shoot on it
  3. Thomas TKO

    News on Weferlingen

    Change building parts to 400 from 320
  4. https://github.com/ThomasTKO/ExileStuff
  5. i have try but lock self on 0:25
  6. clint have Contact and Enoch folder server have only Enoch sure you can loaded Contact on server loaded as mod , have you try add mother ship on server ?
  7. The stuff like weapon , vehicle ? or statik objekt like alien Ship ? for objekt i ask on arma 3 discord: ThomasTKO13.08.2019 hi , short info why its on 2 folder the contact DLC , when place alien stuff on server @ "mission.sqm" need load contact folder ! but then different map screen , not ok for player marker some stuff on map like PVE , so why its on 2 Folder ? Thanks Dedmen13.08.2019 because the singleplayer only stuff isn't checked for multiplayer use and might be broken. And the alien stuff doesn't fit into the base game ThomasTKO13.08.2019 ok , but come sometimes on MP? not sometimes its come later on MP? Dedmen13.08.2019 no not planned afaik
  8. solved the problem ? , see by frind its wrong uploaded the exile mod first he have 2 exile mods on folder , next he have @@exile delet the @Exile folder upload @ExileMod folder from clint change startup name from @Exile to @ExileMod and worked
  9. Nice its worked, the climb addon , extendet base mod , Sound mod blastcore, sma weapon, VEMFr Town RAID mission, a3xai, dms and the blckeagls Missions without problems
  10. You can use altis pbo only mission.sqm initserver and initplayerlokal its other , this its on Map Sektion, but i See not you loaded mods like -mod "enoch;@exile;" - servermod "@exileserver;" And dount forget rename Exile.Altis to Exile.Enoch and Call on Server config.cfg
  11. Thomas TKO

    News on Livonia

    Add new Mission up to 80AI Waffenlager Ausbildungsager FarmerZodiak Area51 Das Kraftwerk Die Waffenschmiede Die Raketenbasis Die Fabrik Das Radar Facebook Wald unten ein wenig dezimiert Roaming Ai Heli entfernt "Sound Bug"
  12. I try TKO.Weferlingen.pbo last Day but all time missing World . Strange what for File Change? Only class mission on Server cfg and mission pbo !
  13. Your File Call Vietnam1968.altis.pbo as exempel or Vietnam1968.what_you_wish.pbo ?