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  1. so you got it updated from here Key Server key: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/o2jz1lqeqmfojbe/exile.bikey Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1487484880
  2. rgscriven

    Battleye Public Variable kick

    you could always remove the publicvariable.txt as a test
  3. rgscriven

    Battleye Public Variable kick

    !"radio_request_76561198067366458WEST" = ["tf_fadak"] add to line 3 of your publicvariable.txt then reset your filters to take affect, or restart server
  4. glad you got it working
  5. here is my complete config.cpp and everything works
  6. class heliPatrol { enabled = yes; classesVanilla[] = { "B_Heli_Transport_01_F", // Ghosthawk "I_Heli_light_03_F", // WY-55 Hellcat "B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F" // Armed Littlebird }; // the types of heli(s) classesHeliDLC[] = { }; classesApex[] = { }; locked = no; // enable/disable heli lock to prevent/allow players from flying it }; Thats how mine is setup with no issues
  7. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    Ive tested this with the new update and the issue now is with the CfgFunctions as inside my description.ext uses the CfgFunctions so im doing some testing on my end. Also if it works, how would you get up the vehicle tune to do it, or is there certain keys to use. Also after watching the video where were you doing the tuning aka safe zone, at a base with flag as we use on exile server mod Also i noticed this inside the GOM_functions.hpp class initParams{file = "scripts\GOM\functions\VehicleTuning\GOM_fnc_initParams.sqf";preInit = 1}; preInit = 1 was just wondering if that is correct or a typo
  8. Has anyone had the issue with extended base mod since the arma 3 update today, which the mod gets corrupt and you have to reinstall it Disreguard as steam workshop has been funny buggers and hope its fixed soon
  9. This is the virtual garage for anyone who wants to use it standalone without adding other scripts and with non exile virtual garage. All the files needed are inside the Virtual_Garage.pbo https://github.com/rgscriven/Arma-3-Exile-Virtual-Garage
  10. for the zombies to work if you use exilez_mod you would need to make a new trigger positions and settings for the new map which are all inside the exilez_mod folder to edit.
  11. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    ty mate for that
  12. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    this is the issue im having https://www.dropbox.com/s/wvehho28m2s4gsd/20190729175449_1.jpg?dl=0 as there is noway to add image here
  13. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    Reason im asking for the mod version, is that with some of the exile scripts use the defines.hpp
  14. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    is there away to make this into a mod version, not just a script version
  15. This is the script where if you place your flag and if you didnt like the spot, you can pack it up without waiting for an admin to do it for you. Any questions just ask https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ixm5csm7cc00l8/Abandon Flag.pbo?dl=0