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    So you didn't know im hogansheroes from the exilemod

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  1. rgscriven

    changing to 64bit

    Thanks to DutchPriide for helping me setup 64 bit, so much happy and ty so much mate
  2. rgscriven

    Exile Anomaly Pack by Alias

    it was a little over the top but fun in some cases
  3. rgscriven

    Exile Anomaly Pack by Alias

    i removed it anyway it started to be annoying
  4. Add me on discord bro i can help your with loadingscreen and 64 bit if u need help https://discord.gg/cUFWFQy


    1. rgscriven


      im rgscriven in discord


  5. rgscriven

    Fulcrum Mission System (FuMS)

    same issue here
  6. This adds the icons to right of your screen like from Arma 2 days, its drag and drop or add. Keep in-mind that you cant use the status bar also its either 1 or the other. Credits go-to who every made it as i cant remember who had created it. Ive added an image to the githud so you can see. https://github.com/rgscriven/StatusIcons
  7. rgscriven

    Fulcrum Mission System (FuMS)

    has anyone got a working fums that they could upload please.
  8. As the topic reads, how do you change from 32 to 64 bit on the server as been running 32 since 2015 and now getting alot of memory loss. What will i need as my test server now i put 64 bit on it so what stuff do i need to make work.
  9. rgscriven

    Loading Screen Image

    ive tried the mod on my test server with my own custom loadscreen and stuff and all it did was go back to the default one from the mod so i dont know whats happening
  10. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    as ive tried using serverside @GOMAircraftLoadout the one you made ad dont seem to work or am i doing something wrong
  11. rgscriven

    [Release] GOM - Vehicle Tuning V1.01

    did you make it as serverside
  12. rgscriven

    Exile Anomaly Pack by Alias

    For this when you collect the loot box say put in your vic, go to the trader place to sell and when you sell the whole crate the smoke is still where you placed the crate at the traders. So question is how to remove the smoke from the crate even at the mission.
  13. rgscriven

    Teleport Script

    ive got it working, also just a teleport one i made working
  14. Has anyone got a working teleport script with all the stuff needed for exile and a how to with codes please