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  1. This is the script where if you place your flag and if you didnt like the spot, you can pack it up without waiting for an admin to do it for you. Any questions just ask https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ixm5csm7cc00l8/Abandon Flag.pbo?dl=0
  2. Ok cool thanks mate for the info and just out of the box have you got a mission.sqm that you dont mind sharing so i can see on how you did your vehicles, only if possible and thankyou for the help
  3. so where inside the init do you place if(isServer) then {this spawn {_grp = createGroup EAST; [_this] joinsilent _grp}} is this inside the editor of the init or init of your mission.pbo, its so i get it correct and thankyou for your help
  4. And how do you link them in the editor as ive tried this, but not sure if im doing it correcttly
  5. The terminal is aaf whic is to hack the uav or ground, so what do you mean by the fractions
  6. Hey all, im wanting to add the centurion, spartan, and praetorian to the Destroyer (USS Liberty) as working. So this will be running in multiplayer, so when the server does a restart the centurion, spartan, and praetorian will be active from the word go to shoot down roaming helis, vehicles without you even touching them. Ive added the destroyer and centurion, spartan, and praetorian on my cherno map and altis, they both work but you need to hack them for it to be active and this is a pain for flayers to do so if they are far away. Im setting all this with the eden editor, so if i need to put in some code what and where would i place it. So could someone share so light on this please as on what to do.