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  1. Hey guys, I have a question about the fire. I do not find a good solution to change the position of the fire. in the memory-lod the action-point is indicated, but unfortunately the fire burns on the ground and is therefore hardly visible. Is there a simple possibility?
  2. The RwG Addon "Basebuilding Exile" is now available. Steam Community Link This contains new objects and structures for the Exilemod. So far only wood elements are available and their upgraded versions. These can be crafted as frames, placed as usual in Exile and can then be upgraded with the Wood Planks Upgrade Kit (needs a hammer) and with the Exile Fortification Upgrade Kit reinforced with metal. Item-List Features/Contains - A big gate for transporters. - Different door variants. - An elevator that can lift vehicles and people. - More snappoints - Compatible with Exile objects - 3 Custom/Shadow Lods, different texture resolutions, View Geometry and Phys Geometry - Items Electric Engine, Box Of Nails, Wood Planks Upgrade-Kit, Furnace Kit, Anvil Kit, Workbench Kit - and much more Exile Vanilla If you want to use the objects without frames, you don't need to change anything in the config. Use recipes which create a full wall. CustomCodes Old (Only WoodPlanks-Upgrade) New El'Rabito-WIP (WoodPlank-Upgrade + MetalGrid-Upgrade) If you want to use this variant, then use the attached recipes and customcodes. To upgrade a frame, you will need the Wood Planks Upgrade Kit and a Hammer. Update 1.01 Update 1.01a Update 1.0.2 CraftingRecipes vers.2 CfgInteractionModels WARNING This mod is still under development. There may be errors, which are not intended by the creator. Please report bugs in the Discord "Bugs" Channel If you use Enhanced Movement, write the objects of the RwG Addon in the blacklist, otherwise locked doors can be opened by everyone. The elevator does not write coordinates of players and vehicles in the database. So move/drive before log-out. This mod is an extension for the Exilemod and therefore not functional without it. This mod may not be modified and reuploaded without the permission of the creator. This violate the Steam EULA 6D. Reuploads will be removed without warning via DMCA Notice.
  3. https://web.archive.org/web/20180507003835/http://www.exilemod.com/topic/23549-malden-barracks-no-loot-solved/ I heard this moron RaVeN103 has a solution. xD
  4. Update 1.0.2 23th October 2019 add RwG_Wood_Window_Grid_Static - RwG_Wood_Window_Grid_Kit RwG_ReInforced_Window_Grid_Static RwG_Palisade_Straight_Static RwG_Palisade_Straight_Podest_Static new cfgconstruction-array add items RwG_Item_MetalGrid_Upgrade RwG_Item_Blowtorch RwG_Palisade_Kit fixed fix some snappoints some item-interactions CustomCodes to upgrade grids and reinforced Crafting Recipes vers. 2
  5. there are still two minor flaws in moving reinforced floors, but I will not upload that today
  6. Update 1.01a 20th October 2019 add items RwG_Item_Bench_Vise RwG_Item_Wooden_Beams fixed workbench issue CraftingRecipes vers.1 CfgInteractionModels
  7. ok, i think i found the mistake. both workbenchs have the same cfgconstruction-class as "Workbench" We fixed the bug, i will release an update soon. Thanks
  8. Crafting RwG-Parts?
  9. Well, dodged a bullet.😁
  10. I try to put the mod on a playable condition (hopefully version 1.01^^). Additional content and various changes will take longer.
  11. then you have to do that ^^
  12. did you insert the customcode?
  13. Update 1.01 20th October 2019 ReInforced Doorway has shadow-lod 0 and view geometry ReInforced Doors have shadow-lod 0, phys geometry and view geometry ReInforced Gates have shadow-lod 0 fixed some cfgConstruction-issues some doors and windows did not have exileRequiresSimulation entry - fixed add RwG_Container_Locker_Blue_Static/RwG_Container_Locker_Blue_Static (maximumload 700) add RwG_Item_Box_M_Kit/RwG_Container_Box_M_Static (maximumload 500) add RwG_Overhead_Light_Kit/RwG_Construction_Overhead_Light_Static To make the lamp dependent on the generator, use this Custom Code by El'Rabito Exile-Base-light-overhaulExile-Base-light-overhaul
  14. yes sorry, I fixed it. I will upload the update today.
  15. yes, the simplest option would be to use the selection custom_paint in your script, then all custom lods will be painted
  16. Hey guys, As some of you know, I worked on a base-building mod some time ago. Unfortunately I could not continue it, due to temporal reasons. But now I have time again and can continue the project. =D Since Exile provides a good template for building bases, I'd like to add more objects and features. samples https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkFWymOwJXV3hL8NhMmZsAda7MY_5Q?e=rShMeM Further models in progress - double gate - elevator - metal grids - furnace - anvil - ... So I have a few questions, because my script skills are limited. I would like to insert build-points and remove the limited number of placeable objects. example wall - 4 points floor - 4 points half wall - 2 points campfire - 1 point if the server-owner now says, at base-level 1 there are 50 build points, so only a maximum of 12 walls / floors can be placed or 50 campfires or 25 half walls or 6 floors and 6 walls. Does anyone how to change the database entries and can rewrite scripts accordingly? I think that this method prevents the ill-considered placement of large objects and everyone has to think carefully about what his base should look like. the second question would be if someone agreed to sacrifice his test server?😅 Yes, I could do it myself, but I would be happy about independent test persons and thus remove any remaining errors in time. And if someone has ideas, I would like to implement them. I will offer several versions - only replacement (Exile) and new objects - standalone + completely new objects + build-points + blueprints + .... I hope there are a few who want to join the project so that the Mod Exile continues to grow his community. Cheers
  17. RaVeN103

    Base Building 2.0

    only 4 files need to be inserted into the customcodes. If you have already changed these, you only have to insert a few codeblocks. the objects can be used as an addition to exile, so no changes are necessary. or there will be a database script that exchanges the exile objects. So Very Easy for everyone 😉
  18. RaVeN103

    Base Building 2.0

    The project is ready soon... at least for wood and reinforced😅 some specification Exile-Wood-Constructions were exchanged more snappoints were added (example "Below Wall") Textures have been redesigned 3 custom lods per model (example Wood_Wall - LOD0: 770 Faces, LOD1: 224 Faces, LOD2: 80Faces) 3-4 Shadow LODs per model (example Wood_Wall - LOD0: 680Faces, LOD1: 376Faces, LOD2: 120Faces, LOD3: 12Faces) Add View Geometry so that the ai do not see you😉 Add Phys Geometry for better collisions with other "phys geometry objects" (like vehicles) different _co-texture resolutions for the custom lods (LOD0: 2048, LOD1: 1024, LOD2:512), _nohq (LOD0: 2048, LOD1: 1024, LOD2:512), _smdi (LOD0: 1024, LOD1: 512, LOD2:0), _as(LOD0: 1024, LOD1: 512, LOD2:0), Custom_Paint Selection for Base Painting (Like SM or DonkeyPUNCH) You can choose (as server-owner) if you, like in exile, place a complete wall or start with the frame, fill it with wood-planks and then upgrade with the "Fortification Upgrade" Windows can only be opened from the inside, it does not need a codelock Some doors have small windows that can be opened from the inside, independently of the codelock Doors or gates have doorknobs/doorhandles which are animated a bigger gate for cargo trucks add an elevator add a furnace add a anvil add a workbench for craft metal-parts And more features that I already forgot😂
  19. RaVeN103

    Base Building 2.0

    yes, unfortunately, arma has problems to updating the position of the player and the vehicles, but we are already working on a script that makes it possible.😉
  20. RaVeN103

    Base Building 2.0

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1490002981&searchtext=rwg only for testserver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bugs, suggestions or questions use the channel on my Discord server (RwG Addon Basebuilding). https://discord.gg/KRNXkk