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  1. Obviously haven't seen everything yet, but if you guys haven't included suits, for CIA spooks that would be a huge missed opportunity. Also (almost certainly too late for this), but an updated Arma 2 SUV for the same purpose would fit very well.
  2. Ever since 1.92 I've been having regular crashes on my computer. I haven't played on this computer for about a month, so it could be something else, I'm not sure. Happens when both running the GM dlc, and vanilla with no mods. This happened a few time when I tried to run the new campaign, and it got to the "12 Hours Earlier" screen, then it happened when I tried to join a vanilla KOTH server, and it also happened in the virtual arsenal. I have validated the files and also completely reinstalled the game. Game ran completely fine before. Specs: i7-8750H GTX-1050 Ti 8GB RAM. I'm not sure how to attach a crash report so, I'll just link it from Google Drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bWOuGzR3e915IqnQ_84lbjHwYrawDRJT (if I'm not allowed to do this I'll remove it).
  3. Nice to hear you've taken the feedback on the other points, but it would be nice if you add a few more maps at some point, for example using some of the new vehicles (in the two non-apex maps the only new vehicles are the Rhino and the AT Offroad). Perhaps a Sofia map, Athira, Chalkeia and La Trinite to name a few suitable locations. I'm not sure how much work it takes to add new maps so this might be asking for too much, but one more would be nice. Overall really happy with this and I hope it stays popular.
  4. Yes, I see them there if you filter them, but these are Official Bohemia servers and should surely be on the Official Servers tab, so it will increase the number of people playing on them, otherwise I fear this mode may die quite soon. Also I have a couple of other critiques, which I think you should listen to because I can see the people who know about this mode getting tired of it. First is the team killing, it's really bad. In almost every match, one guy will decide to be hilarious and fire a launcher at the whole team during the briefing phase, or gun everyone down with a machine gun. There either needs to be respawns during setup time, invulnerability during setup/in base and ways to permanently punish people for ruining other people's experiences. Also, when it comes to vote kicking in a game mode like this, it should only need the required number of people on their team, not on the entire server, because it is highly unlikely the whole server will vote kick, when they are only causing one team problems. Second as I mentioned previously Global mic should be disabled, because there's always someone spamming down the mic, or someone accidentally talking in the wrong channel. It's fine for people to type, but there is absolutely no need for global voice chat. Also, with the servers being only found on the internet tab, there's only ever one server which runs the same two maps over and over again. This is going to get really boring, but there should be a few more maps and if there are, put them in the rotation (at least 5, with some smaller and bigger ones). Also on the current maps the balance doesn't seem to be the best, for example on the Chapoi map Opfor get an APC, when no other team gets anything like it and some of the vehicles used are strange (no Marshall for Blufor on the Syrta map? etc.) Finally in my experience Dynamic Groups don't seem to work, but that may be intentional.
  5. Don't see them anywhere
  6. I would recommend adding the vanguard servers to the Official Servers tab to get more traffic to the game mode, it's already getting a reasonable amount of players with people searching for it, but I doubt this will be sustainable when I imagine quite a few people don't know about it. Also I think global channel should have mic muted by default, as it gets quite annoying hearing people accidentally talking in the wrong channel.
  7. By that do you mean overclocking my current CPU and then getting 16gb of DDR4 3000?
  8. So I'm thinking of upgrading my PC soon and I need a recommendation. My current specs are at the bottom. I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU which will probably require me upgrading my motherboard. Doing some research I found that the i7 7700k and 8700k seem like solid processors for Arma. Is the increased price of the 8th gen worth it or should I just go for the 7700k or is there another option that will be better. I currently have (motherboard), will I need to upgrade this for the 7700k and for the 8700k what would be a good value motherboard. I also have 8gb of DDR() ram, and want to upgrade this because when I have task manager open while playing Arma it's consistently >90% usage. Is 16gb necessary, and would it be better to get a new 16gb of better ram or just an extra 8gb and is ddr4 worth it? Finally if someone has a price scale for how much this upgrade will cost will be much appreciated.
  9. Tshi

    Arma 3 Complete Events Theory

    I've never seen that idea before, but thinking about it, it makes a lot of sense. I always thought that seeing CTRG at Maxwell was the precursor for them doing something dodgy to kick this off, but this idea seems more reasonable. A couple of small points which would show a little more of the story: The major can also survive if you protect him and I'd go with that one being "canon". It would have also been nice to talk about the events during the invasion of Altis, even though they aren't too essential to the story. The corresponding stories of Win, Stepping Stone, Steel Pegasus and the new Altis Requim give some nice details about what was going on in the conflict. Also, it would be nice to know a little of what came of Altis after the war, many soldiers were sent to camps on Almyra and peace talks went down involving NATO, FIA, AAF, CSAT, (probably UN) high ups and others. The de-mining operation and ongoing IDAP efforts were also important after the war. Also you could explain: by mentioning the events of Stepping Stone and how operations were delayed by the CSAT presence on Malden, though the lack of parity between different branches (Chinese and North African forces) show some of CSAT's weakness. Also some of the characters in the Apex Protocol aren't really mentioned. I can't really remember any of their names but you could mention that the NATO task force is led by that Australian guy, the CTRG major and perhaps a few of the Raider guys. Overall I would say that your coverage of the start was slightly better, but to be fair you have more to work with. Other than that, that was a really well made, concise presentation of the story and who knows, maybe my points would just bloat it up too much.
  10. I bought this game ages ago and didn't think to buy the digital deluxe and only bought apex as itself when it came out. For various reasons having a high quality version of the maps to use for planning stuff out etc. would be very useful and I can't find a way to get them without searching online and downloading them off some dodgy website. Apparently you used to be able to upgrade in the steam store https://support.bohemia.net/arma-3/activation/96 however I see this nowhere anymore, perhaps I'm blind? If anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Tshi

    Drawing straight lines on maps

    Yeh just realised I was on dev branch when I tested this out, apologies for not making that clear I didn't think to check.
  12. Tshi

    Drawing straight lines on maps

    This thread seems to be long dead, but I was looking for this and figured it out for anyone who stumbles across this. You press control, shift and left click to draw a straight line and just control and left click for a line that follows your cursor. This is in vanilla by the way. Edit: this was done in the dev branch before tanks, so if you read this before then then you probably won't have this available.
  13. So at the moment there are a couple of roadblocks and bases available as well as the normal squads and fire teams for each faction. However, in the Eden editor, you are able to put down a certain collection of units, props or both and save that for later use. It would be great if these compositions could be used in the Zeus Editor as well as being able to create new ones that can be saved from Zeus. I doubt this would be too much work as it is essentially already in the game, but just not transferred and would be very useful for "Zeusing".