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    30 years US Army Aviation. Qualified on UH-1H, AH-1S/F, OH-58A/C and UH-60A/L. Working future concepts now

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  1. Afghan Air Force
  2. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Hey folks, know there are many waiting for this mod. The very small team working this effort all have very demanding day jobs and families as well. We would love to put this out tomorrow, but the available time to work it just ain't there. It will be a while yet before we can put it on the street. Thanks for the patience.
  3. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    @QuakeIVSorry for the delay on answering. Unfortunately, no. Because Arma VTOL are in the "plane" class of Arma, the AFM does not apply. One of the reasons for the length of time is that we have been working on the flight qualities to give the aircraft the flight qualities that the U.S. Army is asking for with the real aircraft.
  4. yasotay

    [WIP] Pilatus PC-12

    USAir Force AFSOC uses them (U-28). Soit would be a nice addition to the Arma'verse in my opinion.
  5. diesel5187 is current and has offered to test. I flew UH-60 for twenty years so if you need assistance let me know.
  6. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Yes the "V" tail we use is swept differently than those on the V-280 demonstrator. We used the tail section from the graphics and drawings of the V-280 as Bell expected the initial version of the aircraft to look like if fully developed for the military. it is very likely that the final version of the real aircraft will differ from the demonstrator and the version we picked if it is fully developed. As an example, compare the Lockheed/Martin JSF prototype to a USMC F-35C.
  7. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    https://gyazo.com/b2a1e8c3a90dfb41b3c2cf5caf493497 https://gyazo.com/8b43afc68fcda2a756f9da7175eed28f Work continues. Some great work on the textures and shadows and we have formation lights now.
  8. The "door guns" are for the person on the bench. Intent is to give MH6 teams very close in roof top suppression capability. It is a 5.56 mini-mini-gun. That is what the vendor told me.
  9. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    So things are slow, but since everyone wants WIPs... This is the MAV-85 Omaha, Special Operations version of the V-280. It carries up to 12 Operators, and can be loaded with 12 DAGR, 2 Griffin missiles or 2 SDB, or 2 AGM-114. It has a 20mm turret (pilot or co-pilot) and two 7.62 mini-gun at crew stations. The 7.62 mini-gun of the crew are remote operated (CE and gunner) and able to auto-track targeting solutions.
  10. Weight is king! When I flew Alpha's life was great because we did not have a lot of extra stuff and the infantry did not have lots of kit (not to mention I had been flying AH and UH-1). Then we started adding things to the aircraft and it started getting more challenging. Then we got Lima's and we got power back with the 701C. Then I graduated the Army so I cannot speak for the Mike's. I do know (think I posted before) that the MH-60 are running YT706 engines with way more power and they had to add extra steel to the roof of the aircraft for the increased torque and power. The whole ITEP engine program is to get a new engine that will give the H-60 and H-64 more power and fuel efficiency. Some real trivia for you; helicopters, like people, tend to gain weight as they get older. The average is about 100lbs a year.
  11. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    That is an early artwork from BI for the Blackfish that came out with Apex DLC.
  12. I am putting this here as an FYI. NOT as an argument for/against filters. They filters were designed due to the extremely fine dust particles of Astan and parts of Iraq and thier bad effects on the engine compressor and cumbustor turbine blades. They do reduce the wear and tear on the 701 engines. The bad new is that like any filter, they slow the airflow into the engine and thus reduce the power available. The filters in question are optimized for the desert environment. They are not used in other environments. But since Arma does not worry about this sort of thing, it is trivia. I am just excited we are getting closer to seeing the hard work come to fruition. Oh yeah thet weigh a lot too.
  13. Diesel! Great to see you here! Hope all is well. I'm still hangin' at the schoolhouse. As an old Hawk driver I am really excited to see this level of detail in Arma helos.
  14. yasotay

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a note to say we are still around. We are closing in on an alpha so we can get some game testing done. But it is sloooow. RL continues to interfer.
  15. Agree with gatordev that UH80 is good for start point. Since the MH-60L & M are using the YT-706(?) engine vice T-701 with higher hp that should be okay. Still, all the extra weight and drag mitigate against the extra power. Soooo... no one should complain about extra power.