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  1. Thanks, I'll look into this sometime.
  2. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    Thanks, I'll get working on that.
  3. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    Yeah I don't know what's up with Steam. I guess if more people report it they may look into it. I know I reported it, but thanks for the heads up...
  4. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    Yeah me too. I kept inside mostly so I didn't have to worry too much, self-isolated without catching it either.
  5. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    I'm doing okay so far. Things have settled down in my life and whatnot so I'm happy. As far as modding goes though I haven't come up with anything to do. Kinda taking a break (a long one no doubt) from modding as I got most of what I wanted done. Now I just have to deal with the inane task of reporting people who can't get off their own butt and do their own mods themselves. Life treating you okay?
  6. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    Thanks it's been reported. In between people stealing my work from my DeviantART page and this... Thanks man, I appreciate the heads up.
  7. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    I don't have any good models of an M60 (I have an M60E4 and that''s it) to do the MG on one side, and minigun on the other. I was planning on doing some sort of a futuristic machinegun but that fell by the wayside when I sort of put away the modding time. As for a Mast Mounted Sight no for two reasons: One I don't use ACE on my mod so there's no conceivable way to make it work (unless there is a demand for it, which you're the only person asking) unless there are mods that allow firing missiles behind cover. And I don't think I can have two sights (one mast mounted and one chin) so I'm going to say no to that as well.
  8. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    I haven't modded in a long time honestly, kinda out of it. What kind of modifications?
  9. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    New Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rAGypoNq7rX7VOF8_tglwkmplvf7dnCd/view?usp=sharing EricJ Weapons Pack RC96 - Removed a sound file that wasn't the proper format for the game. - Fixed a .rpt error concerning A3 sounds
  10. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    New Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hsF6PqGfvfdjgncgQkNdjqZOCqz038zZ/view?usp=sharing UH-60 Pack A3 RC43 - Thanks to a comment on the Steam page, possibly fixed the loadout bug with the helos. Now you don't have to change out the loadout in order for the Dynamic Pylons to work.
  11. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    ADuke's UH-1Y Venom RC10 - Fixed seating bug (hopefully) New Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14jz8dexIhLMYmbqPK5-pFkxqDz8QsdjW/view?usp=sharing
  12. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    I'm not a dev so I can't help you. Maybe there is something wrong with a mod that you installed, but I can't help you.
  13. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    What scope mod? I don't get any errors from my mods so you lost me...
  14. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// New Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FevHVB9iGsI8LsxArMH80zRKd4GvkWfQ/view?usp=sharing ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// UH-60 A3 RC42 - Removed an error message from the loading screens - Possibly got the tail elevator to move. After tests it doesn't seem to move much but is correct with the model.cfg entry
  15. EricJ

    EricJ Release thread

    There's nothing more I can do about the bullet resistance as it's been addressed before. It's just how Arma handles bullet impacts that's beyond my control.