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    Hello there! I'm Hugo, 24, Graphic Designer in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil. :)

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  1. hugodm9

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks for the update! Time to fly the MiG-29S :D
  2. So guys, i'm using FIR pilot&crew pack + ace3. Everything is working but I want to remove the goggles effects from the pilots visor (when it's open). I know I can remove the effect for every eyewear in the game using this: class ACE_Settings { class ace_goggles_effects { value = 0; typeName = "SCALAR"; force = 1; }; There's a way to remove the goggles effects only for certain eyewears?
  3. FIR Pilot&Crew Pack, FIR F-15 Eagle, Direone relax and no combat poses
  4. I'm trying to spawn some fixed wings using MCC console, but they always spawn on the ground. Is there a way to spawn them already flying? edit1: my objective is to spawn them in the current zone
  5. VSM, RHS, Massi weapons pack (for the goggles), CUP Terrains, direone static animations
  6. hugodm9

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Nvm, fixed it :)
  7. Thanks for sharing this!
  8. Thanks for sharing this script!
  9. hugodm9


    Hey, do you have plans to create replacements packs for apex factions?
  10. Is there a way to spawn vehicles without cargo items? I know the commands but i don't know where i place them in the script. :(
  11. So shay, in the next update the medical system will be fully compatible with the AI? They can revive others? Most of the time i play with a small group, so we use AI to fill the squad. Ace don't have support for medical AI, so MCC would be my way to go! :) Oh, and is there a way to use RHS units instead of vanilla ones in the campaign? I'm building soldiers from the "sleeping area" but they are vanilla ones.
  12. hugodm9

    Heros Survive

    Hey, great work! This mod is amazing for more realism in missions. Thank you for this! :D