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  1. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    It's not the behaviour of my script. Greetz
  2. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Mostly everything is possible. But both working with a damage EH - so its only possible by comparing both EH's to one. You cant work with more then one damage EH at the same time. regards btw: what a stupid mod in my opinion... you falling down to the ground, crouch unconcious out of a burning wrack and start walking around happy half a minute later?!
  3. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Hey, random help screams are simply possible. There is already a functionm implemented: [_unit] call AIS_Effects_fnc_helpScream; You can add this to an existing loop. (for example in fn_bleeding.sqf) I dind't implement it cause some people dont like this help screams. Med-eqip didnt spawn by AI's cause in my opinion its a ambient thing for the medic himself to see some medic stuff while "working". But AI doesnt need ambient. ;) greeets
  4. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Hey, did you play with modded units? Dont tested with actual version. But at the moment i have build up the scripts a fall from round about 5 metres broke your legs with a random chance. After the second fall from the same altitude you go in unconscious mode. Maybe you can make a short video which is showing your circumstances. regards
  5. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Everything can be changed. But there are also some reasons why the script handle some things like it does. I cant help you to change the hole system. If you want to do it, fine. But you have also to know HOW to do it by your own. :P regards
  6. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    It's not directly possible to prevent this behaviour. But you can block the keys which are need to crawl around. (wasd) The function to block keys is already inside and active while a player is uncoscious. You simply have to to add the right keyCode or action name. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/inputAction/actions https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes regards
  7. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Very special. I am sure you are able to do it by your own. ;) Im very corious about your project, sounds interesting. Good luck! regards
  8. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Strange line spoted and fixed! Thx. :)
  9. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    The FAK consumption is not handled by the AIS Revive. Its normal vanilla content. If you want to stop it you have to find a ssolution by your own or find an exisiting solution. (maybe someone else before you had made a similar script) regards
  10. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    @nomadd To prevent that a unit get damage during unconcious mode you have to set up a lot of things in the handledamage script. Their is already a protector-delay of 6 seconds for some design reasons set. Medics have already a multiplier for every action. (150%) You want to stop the FAK consum for regular soldiers but want also a medic with special perks - there is a opposition in your design idea. :) @Jnr4817 No body removal is included in AIS. (exclude the example file) @listerofsmee Open the file AIS/System/fn_unconcsiousRemote.sqf and change line 38 to the following code: if (AIS_SHOW_UNC_MARKERS && {side _unit isEqualTo playerSide}) then { Thanks for draw my attention to this issue - had changed it in my own version and will be standard for upcoming versions. regards
  11. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Hello, the H-button is not the same. You can press the H button to make a shoud out that other players around hear you. If no player is a around (but AI) the AI get the command to help/heal you. But dont press it if your body is in enemys fire line. (otherwise AI will run blind into the enemys fire) Normal healing order get to the medic first (if present). If medic is not present the script system is searching for the closest next group member. regrads
  12. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Hello, you will find the answer of your question in the documentation. regards
  13. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    Set up your own variable. Enter the fn_revive.sqf (same path as above) and put in a counter (or something similar) somewhere between the lines 56 till 89. This code will only be fired if a successfull revive was finished. There are many ways how you can store the revive actions. (i recomment some thing like this) _revives = _healer getVariable ["myPrivateReviveCounter", 0]; _healer setVariable ["myPrivateReviveCounter", _revives + 1, false]; regards
  14. A3 Wounding System (AIS by Psycho)

    No, its not possible at the moment. This will need some changes in a lot of scripts. (to implement it well) If you want to change it by your own for your mission: (quick and dirty) open the file AIS/System/fn_allowRevive.sqf and add there an exclusion. regards