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  1. findIf and disableMapIndicators are in the RC.
  2. And the following causes also an error: [1,2,3,4,5] # {_x mod 2 == 0} "Test" # [2,2] Both work fine with select
  3. Confirmed. Takes ages on Altis now while Tanoa is fine :(
  4. [ENG-GoogleTranslator]Hello Xeno, since Gun 2 I've always been a big fan of your Domination missions. When I found these for Arma3 with compatibility for the CUP I was surprised and very happy. But after playing, I realized that the CUP's characteristic weapons were not released, thinking about it I looked for information and made a version of "i_weapons.sqf" including the weapons according to rank (similar to weapons available by default). I also added some uniforms, vests, helmets and more remarkable items. If you want to check I'll be attaching the file to this message.

    I'm sorry for the bad English, I'm from Brazil.

    [PT-BR]Olá Xeno, desde o arma 2 sempre fui um grande fã das suas missões Domination. Ao encontrar estas para o Arma3 com compatibilidade para o CUP fiquei surpreso e muito feliz. Porém após jogar(ranked) percebi que as armas características do CUP não eram liberadas, pensando nisso procurei por informações e fiz uma versão do "i_weapons.sqf" incluindo as armas conforme o rank(similar as armas disponíveis por padrão). também adicionei algumas fardas, vests, capacetes e itens mais notáveis. Se você quiser verificar estarei anexando o arquivo à esta mensagem.

    me desculpa pelo péssimo inglês, sou do Brazil.

  5. Funny, that's not true at all. The mission which was used for the competition had no third party code in it anymore and was completely changed and optimized for the sub optimal product called A3. Anyway, you still don't have permission to release or modify the mission! I simply don't want to see anything I've made being used in A3. That's what I've asked you multiple times and you still refuse to follow that reuqest. Edit: I'm too ill (for months already) for this kind of bullshit. Please just follow my request! Xeno
  6. Multiplayer not in playable state

    I've asked for removal because players were getting kicked by Battleye because of a mission script which fills locally only on clients created ammo boxes with addMagazineCargo (Battleye: addMagazineCargo Count Restriction). Once Battleye ini files are redone I'm fine. And as you can see already on both servers is now running Wasteland (I don't have a problem with Wasteland), so no AI involved (which was the main purpose of this thread). Xeno
  7. Multiplayer not in playable state

    How about you BI guys set up a public server yourself with missions where you think they are well MP optimized? (Though I would not limit it to "well optimized" MP missions but also others so probably it would also result in some tools for content makers to find out why a mission runs bad). By setting up a server yourself you could add whatever debug/log output is needed, test changes, etc, etc. It would be much more effective than telling server owners to deliver some data which might not be usefull at all because they are quite limited in what they can do (just think about RPT files filled with engine (error) messages in MP...). And honestly, it's not up to server owners or content makers to find out what's going wrong inside the engine (how will you find out anyway without proper tools). Otherwise it'll take much too long as MP currently is quite a mess ( ).So bascially like you do for dayz. Xeno
  8. Arma 3 Headless Client

    Exactly what I'm talking about (though it doesn't matter if steam is offline or online as you can connect with multiple normal game clients, just not with a HC which worked fine some months ago). Xeno
  9. Arma 3 Headless Client

    I'm talking about loopback mode and battleyelicence is set to 1 in the HC profile/cfg since the parameter exists... :) Xeno
  10. Arma 3 Headless Client

    David, what's the reason that you can connect with multiple normal clients in LAN loopback mode on a dedicated server on the same machine but not with a headless client? The HC gets kicked immediately (and that's already happening for quite some time now...). I see no reason why mutliple normal clients work but not a HC. Xeno

    @DayGlow Yep, let's call people childish if you don't know the reason behind it, way to go. The only people who are childish are those who don't respect the rights of others. Beside that, the community was able to download missions (in case of MP missions they are even still downloaded automatically from the server) in the past 12 years. And those options are still available and won't go away. So nothing lost. Xeno

    The Steam license is quite clear: I have already let someone remove one workshop entry because it used scripts I've made (though not through Steam but PM) because I don't want anything I've made beeing uploaded to Steam Workshop. Xeno
  13. I don't think so, Fuzzy Bandit. And the mission he is playing is my IP, no matter what you think. The concept and the name are not, but the rest :) And if the license says no commercial usage then it is simply not allowed to make any money from it, no matter how. Anyway, the whole situation is not acceptable anymore. Some people really think they can make a quick buck by simply ignoring the rules and licenses (and it's not only about people who make free content but BIS has the same problem). The problem is that most of those youtubers have no idea that they use custom made content when recording a MP session. Another thing is, when somebody already uploads a video to youtube without monetizing it youtube/google makes money from advertising anyway but the original creator of the content gets nothing (again, this is already a problem BIS has themself). It's not about making money, it's about respect (I know, something which almost does not exist anymore in this world). If people provide something for free made in their spare time wasting hundreds/thousands of hours and they explicity don't want any form of commercial usage, then simply respect it and don't try to make money from it. Or, be at least fair enough and ask. But most of them don't care about it at all and simply push the record button and that's why I'm so pissed. Xeno
  14. I'm not going to argue with you. I'll inform Youtube now as I'm the IP holder of the mission. It's time something happens. Xeno