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  1. KidDynamite

    German Armed Forces Mod

    And why zur Hölle a NVA Boat? It is nice that you still work on this Projekt, but please explain a little bit about the Story behind GAF...
  2. Thank you very much. Testing now...
  3. KidDynamite

    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    Great News! WWII ist always good to play :)
  4. KidDynamite

    German Armed Forces Mod

    Nice to see. I hope we will have a release with no problems before ...
  5. KidDynamite

    Celle 2

    I have enough. It's great. It was just an personel reaction of missing my home-village.
  6. KidDynamite

    Celle 2

    Outstanding work! But... where ist the Village "Sülze" north of "Eversen" :(
  7. KidDynamite

    Celle 2

    Just great! Will there be railway sidings? Like in Beckedorf in real? http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o293/kiddynamite_2007/MilitaerBilder/Marder%201A3%20Bhf%20Beckedorf%20251111/IMG_2882.jpg
  8. KidDynamite

    US Army (OCP)

    Hi, these Units are really great! Really nice would be a release without the ISAF and the 82. Patch, so you could use them better in other szenaries. Greetz
  9. KidDynamite

    Celle 2

    Yes! And do not forget the recreational vehicle's with the red hearts at the B-3 ^^
  10. KidDynamite

    Celle 2

    And the other ~65 Biogas Plants around Celle Area ;) If the Map is locatet in the late summer time, you just need to place 2,5m high Maize fields all over the map ...
  11. KidDynamite

    Celle 2

    I live there in real, just love it! Can't wait to play there virtually :)
  12. KidDynamite

    German Forces next Generation

    :confused: in a conventional conflict, it is also necessary to kill the enemy over long distances with 1 or 2 shot, think about the "norddeutsche Tiefebene". the compounds make's the 5.56 mm often useless, that's right. But a German brick wall would do the same :p --- CUT --- What kind of MG-4 will you build? Hopefully with an RSA-S over the ZF? A Version with an ACOG as you can see in this Doku? Will you build the 2 Versions of the G28 that the BW will use? http://img210.imageshack.us/img210/2033/hk8m.jpg Greetz, Kid.
  13. KidDynamite

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    @Jarhead: will you in the future take an eye on the german vehicles? i think the Leo, Marder and so on need some more "dampf", you know what i mean. LDGbzOfm8xI
  14. Totally agree! Without the MP part I would not play this game, and I know many that feel the same way. There are many MP Community's out there, and this Community's "live" the game more, then any SP Dude can. Please BIS, take an Eye on it!