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  1. -CHLUCKi

    If i buy Alpha ARMA 3 on the website...

    As I heard from steam users, ArmA 2 over steam is only in English. I can't confirm it because I don't use steam. (I just know it from German gamers) I don't see reasons why steam should handle it different with ArmA III. But maybe anyone get some statement from BiS about it.
  2. Because of the st_bunnyhop thing...had thought that this could be because of you do bunnyhop twice. SMK have it's own bunnyhop feature integrated. Both mods activate the hopping with the same command.
  3. Since one of the last versions, think since 1.60, I get often wrong CD key error when connecting on a server with massive mods in use. If I try again on same server quickly I don't get this message and it works well. I think the loading process takes to long or the CD key aboard process will comes to early. My machine is not the best one...so I think it's to slow to initiate this full stuff in short time. I have ArmA 2, ArmA 2 OA and BAF. I don't know if it can have to do sth with that ArmA checks 3 CD keys while connecting :confused: Maybe set the CD key check to a later point or sth like that could solve :o
  4. -CHLUCKi


    hope you had fun...and many thanks :bounce3:
  5. hehe...I would say thats a kind of stumbling. hadn't you learned: don't run on stairs ;)
  6. yes, uploading and use in public events of such symbols is forbidden from out of germany by law. But why you think the Maus falls under this law...the tank itself couldn't be the problem and the deadhead on the picture looks far away from the deadheads what was uses in ww2. (but why a deadhead on a tank...as I know there never was such signs on tanks)
  7. no...on tanks were no swatiskas...I think topas talked about the iron cross...in ww2 wehrmacht uses balken crosses on tanks edit: ups...take to long to write my answer :P
  8. with ARMA2_OA_Build_81921 the animations are working well. ACE didn't make any problems for me...actual version. Played with last beta, too. This addon makes really fun. Thank you guys. After some time of playing the controls are getting over like the one from ArmA. Because understanding problems of Andy Mcnab and maybe other people...it's right writing in other language than English is forbidden here, but you can say what's your native language and maybe one who can translate send you a translation per PM.
  9. -CHLUCKi

    They better have female soldiers...

    To bring women in a wargame is a hot iron...out of German sight. If it get part of the game to kill women it could be possible that ArmA 3 gets a USK of 18 and not of 16 like ArmA 2. That means that it isn't allowed to make advertisements or gaming magazines aren't allowed to report about the game in common magazines. Just in magazines for adult....haha...adult gaming magazine. I don't think that BIS will risk the potential of German market just for women who aren't really much in duty...think that the roles you are playing in ArmA is the one of Special Forces or other fighting units. But in the community are some women who playing ArmA...but I would say it's nearly the same ratio as in military duty (I take medical service out)
  10. it's not really stupid AI, it's just night and SD weapon...it works as it should. If you see a bug it' a ArmA 2 OA bug...but if AI would killing you at night with SD...I think you would cry, too do you have a squadxml for your profile. with activated I had problems, too. without I could join server fast. It looks like the old arma bug...in some way the arma stop sending the datas to the other or sth like this.
  11. is there somewhere a bikey for CSJ? I just found the UNS_.bikey. but the UNS_.bikey seemed not working
  12. No steam, because Autoupdate funktion: -crashed some other modded games of me (delete mods I installed to games) -can delete savegames for "working" in ArmA like missions editor you have to sit in front of a internet connection (steam says it isn't so, but mostly I'm not at internet steam will recheck logindatas)
  13. -CHLUCKi

    Veni Vidi Vici Mod (Romans and Barbarians)

    :eek: WOW your video is looking great...:292: