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  1. Telling people about reducing network load while in reality things are getting worse after patching is representing exactly what, on your low threshold? Quality assurance? Lol! We have rubber-banding back in the game, hell yeah. Sooo awesome! The only thing that prevents me from starting to rage again and again is my age and my life in combination with friggin' 15 years of BI gaming experience. Now, go on with your babbling,Sir!
  2. hoot

    World Cup 2014

    Iirc, the Germans defeated Argentina in a penalty shootout - was it '06? However, i'm pretty sure their (bay.) psyche can handle that this time. There is only one team known to be the one and only penalty losers of all the world, but that team is already at home - scnr. So, all doors open for both teams :)
  3. hoot

    World Cup 2014

    Strange match, tbh. I mean it was a semi-final, against Brasil... :eek:
  4. hoot


    /me likes :inlove:
  5. Same here: Anybody noticed that the clouds are moving strangely when flying through the air? They disappear, they appear, they grow or thin out as per vector and speed. It's looking really weird in the air. Being on the ground everything is looking great cloud-wise, but up in the air it's ugly and pretty remarkable!
  6. hoot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Good for you that you did not witnessed the 2006 release. You would probably know what 'unplayable' really means. To be honest, the 2009 release was kind of a better one. I think 'broken release' is a signature feature of BI. Problem is, you can do such things one or two times. A third time may work too (at best, as I may add), but you hardly get the chance for a fourth time. I have no problems if 'delayed' becomes the BI'ssian signature feature, just to make things clear.
  7. hoot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    ^ this. Edit: I've just learned that we get working Steam trading cards at least. And I'm really like....yeaah....
  8. hoot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I've yet to see Gamestar (exempli gratia) giving a bonus for a missing feature of a game that can be considered crucial. No I sense a shitstorm,... at least on their forums.
  9. hoot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Honestly BIS, I'm with you for a while now but this is just another disappointing news on a heavy list of disappointing facts I witnessed since 2001! I guess I'll cancel my support now finally. I'm f**king tired of it, really! Quality over quantity...LOL...Saftladen!
  10. Reminds me of JointsOps - iirc?! It turned your model into a green 'alpha'ed' thingy to make it harder for opponents to id you way too easily at distances were normally the grass isn't rendered. Wasn't there a dynamic viewdistance for scopes in VBS that makes grass appear to be rendered over larger distances? Quite a good idea here.
  11. hoot

    The Giant Alpha Media Thread

    This is where a STEAM preload for the Alpha could come in handy ;)
  12. Valid point indeed. You can only pray to the almighty decision makers, if it is not on the list already ;)
  13. Hi. Don't know for vanilla A3, but in A2 you can deploy weapons with the ACE2 mod already. So if it's not in A3 out of the box, sooner or later someone will mod it in ;)
  14. hoot

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Indeed. One could start reading between the lines...