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  1. Here's another two mirrors: http://armed-assault.de/downloads/cwr-cold-war-rearmed-public-beta.html
  2. anders^on

    where to buy german version online

    The German release seems firm at this point. They wouldn't have confirmed it last week, otherwise.
  3. anders^on

    ARMA 2 In-game HD Video released

    Impressive trailer, and thanks for the feedback ohara Armed-Assault.de Trailer Stream Armed-Assault.de Trailer Download Two more mirrors from Germany
  4. anders^on

    Bug tracker down?

    We backed up all of our files on a seperate harddrive and on a seperate backup server, we have older backups on other servers and we handed out phpMyAdmin access to all our hosted websites for personal backups, including the BTS. On the other hand we're just not able to prepare for freak occurrences like this one. Once the provider wipes both our servers and our backup space, we're esentially out of options. Maybe boecke has his own backup, or maybe we still have one of our own somewhere. We'll come to that when we're sure that our drives are really a lost cause.
  5. anders^on

    Bug tracker down?

    BIS is not involved in the bug tracker. We had backups of our own, but it seems the host deleted those as well. You can plan ahead for disk failure, file corruption and hacking .. but a renegade booking system is not something we had factored in. At this point we're trying to get our hands on the harddrives and perform data rescue, but as I said .. they haven't exactly been cooperative so far. @El nino Foxhound Thank you for the offer. Sadly, right now only the ISP can help us.
  6. anders^on

    Bug tracker down?

    A certain German ISP wiped our harddrives and re-rented our servers, without prior warning or even a reason. Apparently the booking system was faulty .. we lost all data and are currently working with (read: against) the support people to patch the whole mess up. This proves to be difficult because that particular ISP doesn't even keep a copy of our contract with them. We have some older backups, but as long as we don't get our hardware back, these are of no use to us.
  7. anders^on

    Bug Tracker offline?

    We had to move the bugtracker to a new server, the harddrive on the old one broke. For all I know there was no data loss. You should be able to reach the tracker in the next couple of hours, depending on your ISP (the domain points to a new location, updates take a while). Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. anders^on

    Public Beta Patch 1.07.5154

    The joy of "community" sites. They're usually more interested in showing fancy download pages with ads telling you not to hotlink than actually serving up the file. What's with the passive aggessive tone? We serve the files, which creates hosting bills, which leads us to ads or donations. That's the same with all websites. Call me a hypocrite, but showing ads seems like a better deal than requiring registration or hotlinking to other sites (.. which are then talked down on as "community" sites).
  9. anders^on

    Public Beta Patch 1.07.5154

    Check the first post for several working (and hopefully fast) mirrors.
  10. anders^on

    Public Beta Patch 1.07.5154

    Morphicon announced that another patch will be available in a few hours (4 hours, at the time of writing). It boasts a massive changelog and 290MB file size. It will update all the different versions of the game, including the US release. The update process is most likely similiar to the previous public beta: It won't touch your files, just create a "beta" directory. A new server is apparently included. Update #2: Download the Patch Update: Read the final changelog View the (German) announcement
  11. anders^on

    US Demo Released

    Behold .. BIS and Atari released another demo version of Armed Assault, this time for the upcoming release in the US. Can't tell you much about the contents though, only that it contains a total of 6 missions and a reduced mission editor. No word on the new jet or any other exclusives .. there hasn't even been an official announcement for all we know. Read more and download
  12. anders^on

    Suggestion for Better Server Performance and AI

    .. add a multicore CPU to that and you could actually make use of it with the server software by running the AI server on one core and the dedicated server on another. I think that would be the main advantage for most people. On the other hand you probably can't just rip out the AI routines like that and give them their own dedicated app.
  13. anders^on

    Traffic usage

    If you're planning to host a 10 slot coop server for your friends or clan mates then 20GB might just be sufficient. "Never" might have been too blunt, my apologies. However my personal understanding of an ArmA server is somewhat larger in size. When we talk about hosting a game most people will have in mind 20-30 players, and so do I. To my understanding a server will always use a certain amount of bandwitdh per player, at least with default settings. How exactly can there be different "outcomes", apart from size and popularity? Also I am not assuming in any way, I stated what my log files told me, based on the premises I mentioned above.
  14. anders^on

    Demo Dedicated Server

    Placebo said earlier that the new demo exe is not a real standalone server so it still needs a working graphics card (unlike the server for the full version). You might want to update DirectX to the latest October release and restart the demo server for a couple of times. Interestingly the latter helped on our box. No idea why
  15. anders^on

    Traffic usage

    Never. A reasonably well visited Coop server with VON and an average of 20 players that stay on for 5 hours a day (I say again: reasonably popular) uses around 250GB/month. Make that 200GB without VON and 300GB if you tune the settings for higher-than-default bandwidth. In our case (server.armed-assault.de:41910) a very well visited Coop server used ~200GB in just two weeks (no VON). I based my estimations on that and on a post by Suma (?) who said that bandwidth per player is 32kb/s with VON enabled (16kb/s in either direction). A CTI server on the other hand might well use up to 1TB/month if it's popular (which probably won't be the case, given the current instability of the server and the massive desync that often occurs). I suggest you look out for a dedicated server with >250GB/month traffic included if you're planning to host a popular public server in the long run.