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  1. There won't be any update, sorry. We've lost almost all interest in ArmA 2 for various reasons I am not going to elaborate here. However, someone released some kind of "BW-Compilation" which includes config updates for BWMod. Just use this one and you'll be fine. Just don't expect any BWMod release until ArmA is in a much better shape ;)
  2. How is an ATI Radeon X300 up to date? It's from 2004!
  3. I was wondering if you guys had any insight on when a new (non-beta) release of Teamspeak including that NOFMOD-thingy will be available? I've seen from your repository the a new version of ACRE has already been finished for quite some time now, and since our last coop gaming night fell victim to many TS crashes, I'm waiting for the new versions of both ACRE and TS3. :)
  4. During our last coopevent we had some very bad problems with ACRE, it constantly crashed for 75% of the players. Bugtracker Ticket was already made: ticket Also, the headset position feature is great, however it is reset to default after respawn for every radio. Looking forward to a new version, which will hopefully be around soon. ;) Cheers, TeRp //edith: oh, a volume setting for the 343 would be nice, too. I couldn't find one and it is really loud, I can't hear anything else as soon as someone starts transmitting over it.
  5. TeRp

    Command to chek server load?

  6. Well there'll be some update some time. But at the moment, nobody is really that into ArmA anymore.
  7. TeRp

    How to enjoy ArmAII to the fullest

    Play Dragon Rising for 5 minutes, then fire up ArmA.
  8. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/this
  9. Thanks T_D, but it didn't work either. Since I still have no clue what is going wrong ingame (no rpt errors, no nothing), I have removed the animation. It's no the best solution, but the only working solution so far. ;)
  10. Thanks for the help, but that didn't help. I've fiddled with the model.cfg a lot, tried different animation types (e.g. rotation and rotationZ) and even different selection names for both the axis and the animated selection of all kinds... Still, I have no idea as to why it doesn't work. I guess I'll have to remove the animation completely.
  11. Hey lads. I've run into some trouble with animations on one of our personal weapons, the P2A1 flare gun: I'm trying to implement a reload animation for the weapon, and it's working fine in o2, but not ingame. First a screenshot from o2, the animation is working just fine in o2/bulldozer: http://img843.imageshack.us/img843/8717/funzend.jpg However, ingame the animation is screwed up: http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/7923/55232582.jpg As you can see, the barrel moves upwards, detaching itself from the weapon. I have absolutely no idea why that happens... Here's the model config: http://pastebin.com/0rJybQDs If tried different solutions (different names for selection and the animation, and so on), but didn't have any success. So, if anyone has any idea what's wrong or if I have to do something special with weapon animations, please let me know. Thanks in advance, TeRp
  12. We've done that already, and we've added a little "Bw" as prefix to all our vehicle classes so they can easily be distinguished from any other vehicle class (e.g. BIS or mods). The smoke screens were made by our team. I'm in contact to Xeno almost each day, but he hasn't asked about the smoke screens yet. Well, partly. All upcoming weapons are build to be as modular as possible. That way, there will be a lot of variants in the upcoming releases, and since we already had the RSA-S it's not that much work to copy & paste it on the G3A3. ;)
  13. Dont miss the this time, please.It's just annoying, just like the bushes that make your character jump...
  14. We had a little game yesterday evening and after like an hour helping all the guys to get it running we had an awesome game thanks to your addon. Keep up the good work!