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  1. Hesch momentan eifach kai luscht zum modde oder ischs Projekt gstorbe?

  2. Hello HD läppi,

    happy birthday to u and all the best for u!

    Best regards


  3. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi @eggbeast is listed and will be fixt in the next version , thx for report. :)
  4. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi all For the Crew Officer`s; Belt added. for all Crew`s the Neck part edited, new Sign on Chest. klick pic for hi-res
  5. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi all i have made a small Video for our Leopard2 beta v1.01 Info`s for the actual beta status can find in our Forum: http://www.switzerland-mod.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=323 new for the beta v 1.01 - orig. Leopard2 Engine Sound big thx to TangoRomeo for the Sound
  6. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi It is the A1 U.S helmet, slightly modified. But yes, he follows the new kevlar helmet. In the new version it is still somewhat Improved. On the whole, are aware of the U.S. helmet and the Swiss helmet are very similar.
  7. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi @bensdale thx:) As you can see in the picture above is the part around the hips, (for me not any more acceptable) So we started to edit the models themselves. The middle part is made with all models new, depending on the type soldiers with new harness and many small changes in the model and textures. klick pic for hi-res
  8. superbe, cant wait for this map :)
  9. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    a bit progress with our Swiss Infantry. (VEHICLE CREW) WIP klick pic for hi-res
  10. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi all @thx GD Mast :) -------------------- schroeder is working at the new Swiss Infantry vor A2. regards HD_Läppli
  11. Sharpe's Rifles Mod

    Wouu, pretty cool stuff here. 'll keep this in mind....:)
  12. Just great! :cool: thx for this RKSL
  13. Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    Hi all @Miller thx for News:) ---------------------------------------------- Hi all Since I have a new member in the SWM team; "schroeder", is now working at the Swiss infantry for ARMA2. For the official RC1 release of Leo2, there will also be the matching Swiss crew. klick pic for hi-res regards HD_Laeppli
  14. cool :) I did not know that the Irishmen have Mowag piranhas.