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  1. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Ok, Looks like AlexVestin's mod "AV IndUs (US Army inspired units)" but I've got it installed already.
  2. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Ok, Got another small problem. When I select "Backpack (empty)" and start to look at the available backpacks, I've got about 6 backpacks that are blank. One of the backpacks is named, Backpack OCP and it's kit name is AV_Kitbag_OCP. Does that mean I'm missing a mod? Or is it something else?
  3. GD Mast

    Advanced Ballistics (WIP)

    Hi Ruthberg, Trying your mod for the first time here. There's a "Lea" folder in your download, where does that go exactly? I've started playing ArmA 3 again, after a long hiatus and my mind has forgot a lot. I do have Loadout Editor installed correctly and working. Thanks,
  4. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Thanks for your answer.
  5. GD Mast

    LEA - Loadout Editor for ArmA 3

    Just installed this for ArmA 3. Can I still use it for ArmA 2 CO? I ask this because it installed over my LEA for ArmA 2.
  6. Hi kju, Pastebin is not working for me, I even downloaded the app and tried to do a copy and paste. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Just signed up with Pastebin.com and downloaded the file. Anything special I need to know about Pastebin?
  8. Found a minor spelling error at the expansions page. Industries is missing the "r".
  9. I'm getting this message. Addon 'AiA_CharacterItems' requires addon 'AiA_BaseConfig_F' I looked into the folder and it's there. Then when I activate the AiA HQ pack, I get this error. Addon 'AiA_InfantryModelReplacement_BAF_With_massis_UKSpecialForces_and_Craigs_UKPack' requires addon 'ARC_Units'
  10. Looking great Heripai! Glad to see your still working on this.
  11. GD Mast

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    Thanks for the update Delta Hawk. :cool:
  12. Lol... omg. :) I never would've believed it. Thanks NightIntruder.
  13. It's the Fiat Military sedan and the Polonez Military sedan. It's the sirens/horns on the roof (on both sides of the strobe) that are facing to the back. Here's the pics. http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/fiatmil_4.jpg http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/polmil_4.jpg