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  1. marseille77

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Hello everyone, First I must gratulate Wolle for the convert of CWR to ArmA 3. For a long time I don't play Arma because I had other things to do.
  2. marseille77

    German Weapon Pack for A3

    Yes I'm still alive. I had made a little break because my system for A3 was too bad. Updates will coming
  3. marseille77

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Thanks for your replies. In the last year I had some problems with my computer and so I could'nt do working on my mods. After six years of ArmA 3 I prefer still ArmA 2. I have the third game but I don`t like it. The last updates of that game is too confused for me. Some addons were converted to A3 (German Weapon Pack) and it was planned to convert the historic Bundeswehr (West German Army) as well. I don´t know if this very in the public interest. Many players want modern armies to play. Today I show you some pics of my last vehicles in ArmA 2 operation Arrowhead that I had converted and calibrate at the time FlakPz M42G Duster (an US-AA-SPG used in West-Germany from 1958 - 1979, in 1976 phased out and replaced by the famous Gepard) KPz M48A2C (US-Tank used in West Germany along M47 from 1956 - 1991), upgraded in own version with Leopard 1 gun as KPz M48A2GA2 in 1978 Both tanks are made by Cubus. I have converted the models and change some parts to reduce the mass of polygones that was to big for the game. Further I made new textures bsed on his ones.
  4. marseille77

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Today I uploaded part two of the West German Retro pack - Vehicle Pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/jdm3fsi3rfqjb5k/KPFS Bw Retro Veh 1.5.7z?dl=0 Thats new... 1.5 - xml stringtables in english, french, german and russian - added: IFV HS-30 (1959 - 1979) - fixed: geo lod of SPz 11-2, CC2 Cargo The IFV HS-30 Type 12-3 was the first infantry fighting vehicle for the mechanized troops of West Germany. It was introduced in 1959 as a infantry fighting vehicle into the Bundeswehr for the Panzergrenadiere (Mechanized Infantry). He was developed by a French engineer in Paris for the Swiss company Hispano Suiza, but this firm had no experience in tank construction. It was built in Germany by Hanomag-Henschel, the first motor by Leyland. The vehicle has been teething since the beginning and has been replaced since 1971 by the IFV Marder. His armament consisted of a 20mm machine gun and an MG3 as well as later additional smoke launcher. Have fun
  5. marseille77

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Now it's time to divide... I have decide (after the early Bundeswehr Pack was really big) to divide it in two parts (Infantry and vehicles). Today I release the first updated part "Infantry" https://www.dropbox.com/s/jzv6cqwbem1pfve/KPFS Bw 1956 1.5.7z?dl=0 Following things were made (v.1.5) - divided men and vehicles in two addons - added: early paratroopers til 1959 - added: soldier in felt-crab uniforms between 1960-65 - added: pilots - better historical insignas - xml stringtables in english, french, german and russian The second part will come soon. I just complete the HS-30 interior.
  6. marseille77

    German Misc Pack released

    Do have the KPFS_UI.pbo inside...? ...and I don't see a KPFS_BGS_cfg.pbo in your list
  7. I had this problem when I 7zip the DLC.exe and copy the Addon folder in the game folder directly. I couldn't install my old DLC version. After I download the newest version of PMC and BAF, I don't have this problem. But now my ACR DLC key has experied. The DLC installer won't access my key anymore. I'm very confused :(. I haven't the steam versions by the way I've tried to copy ACR folder from my notebook installation but now showed the same error message like in the first post
  8. marseille77

    Bundeswehr 1985 Addon

    This last weekend I had to finished the phased out objects pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/pbetl0jb2xezkml/BW85 Obj Pack 1.0.rar?dl=0 Content - Tents (small/long/medical/single) - Ammo/Weapons Boxes - Computer - Fire Range Mat - Targets - Road bloc/pole - Medical Box
  9. marseille77

    Bundeswehr 1985 Addon

    ...and the Basic Pack 1.3 following https://www.dropbox.com/s/aswdz81mxhc909b/Bw85 pack 1.3.rar?dl=0 - Tank crew (black modern beret) - LLR soldier with G11 - G11 added - PPK added - objects shared in an extra addon
  10. marseille77

    Bundeswehr 1985 Addon

    Today i release the next update of the... BW85 Vehicle pack 1.3 changes - new: MAN 630 L2AE - new: VW Iltis (olive/camo) - new: dashboard and damage textures - fixed: glass textures
  11. marseille77

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Today a new addon premiere - NVA soldiers in UTV suit In 1986 the East Germans developed a new field uniform that was influences by the experiences of the Soviets in Afghanistan. The suit was called UTV (Uniformtrageversuch = uniform wearing trial). The camo was the same but the items has new functions and colors. Many items (belt and hooks) were designed after US uniform items. The field cap was similar to the new soviet cap. Only some parts like the cap or the crewman suit were introduced in 1989. The soldiers in this pack are equiped with the WieGer STG940 system that was also planned as replacement for the MPi-74. Download Needed: KPFS UI File, German Weapon Pack 1 (v1.96) The vehicles was taken by the KPFS P85 camo pack. The new camo (VZA = Verzerrungsanstrich) was also part of the update process between 1986 and 1990.
  12. marseille77

    German Assault Addons - Army

    Updates September/October German Weapon Pack 1 (v1.96) https://www.dropbox.com/s/d1u29icxzamlnwt/German%20Weapons%201%20v1.96.rar?dl=0 - Fixed: Grenades, Mines - Fixed: monster arms (AG40) - Fixed: FIM43 sound - Fixed: mag names - Fixed: G11 mag pulls back - Fixed: G36LLM01 laser - Fixed: scopes and optics - Added: WieGer STG940 series German Civil Pack (v1.8) https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsxqnruzp4wxzlx/German%20Civil%20Pack%201.8.rar?dl=0 - added: DKW Munga - added: Unimog - added: more VW van colors - added: overall woodlanders, private guard, hunters - changed: vehicles before 1990 with country patch - changed: file and editor structure - fixed: textures, models
  13. marseille77

    German Misc Pack released

    :) A new file was uploaded for future updates. This control file contains codes for former German states to reduce the chaos in the editor https://www.dropbox.com/s/ukrxqjf07cfn111/KPFS%20UI%201.0.rar?dl=0
  14. marseille77

    German Weapons Pack by Marseille77

    After some bug reporting in a german A2 forum I overworked the German Weapon Pack 1 Download V1.95 Changelog Added: P38SD Added: G36A1/LLM01 Added: G36A1/AG40-2 Added: G38/LLM01 Fixed: AT/AA Launchers Fixed: G38/G27 sound, optic Fixed: G36 modes, optic Fixed: G1 old flags Fixed: P22X sound, mag Fixed: weapon hand positions Fixed: better descriptions Fixed: csv to xml changed: compact ammo box structure (now under Ammo->M77...)
  15. marseille77

    German Weapons Pack by Marseille77

    Yes, I do. But I hate the new A3 editor. I ported my half weapons for a year ago. It's not so much inside (permission probs). Another port was the Sahrani Army (Sahrani Rearmed 3) or my German Camo Soldiers for A3. ????